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Tumo-Int 20A Intelligent Solar Charging Controller (PWM) $0.59 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Was looking for a cheap solar controller with prime and found this, probably a pricing error as these normally go for around $20. It is a PWM so only good for casual use.

$0.49 units with expedited prime delivery gone. Updated link to $0.59 units - no free express delivery with prime(thanks @ntb)

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  • Another Amazon Voucher anyone?

    • This is not sold by Amazon au. Maybe not easy for a voucher

      • Was 'Fulfilled by Amazon' before it went OOS.

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    What does it do?

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      A solar charge controller takes power input from solar panels and converts the voltage to one more useful (e.g. to 5V USB ports or 12V or 24V to charge deep cycle batteries).

  • 200w only?

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    Looks like sold out.

  • Order 2 with 2 different accounts. Expecting 10$ each.

  • Got two one for 50c one for 60c.

  • Is anyone actually going to use them if they arrive or just wanting credit?

  • Not sure what it does but ordered one for 59c

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    What did I just buy?

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    Free delivery for the 59c ones as well, ordered two, not sure why.

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    Looks like the price has been changed back to $25.

  • Got one for 59c before it went up to $25. Order confirmed at 59c

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    Forgot Cashback…

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      Reported to the mods.

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    damn too slow

  • Don’t think there’s more

  • This looks like a solar controller for a solar light, it charges the battery to and when the sun sets uses the battery to turn on the light.

    it charges car battery lead acid and lithium

    I would not use it to charge a lithium battery if you do not know the charging voltages as they are different for different types of lithium batteries

    It is also pwm so not very efficient vs mppt

    also there is a chance it may damage your batteries

    looks like this one on youtube


  • Ordered one. Now hoping the order doesn't get fulfilled because I don't know what to do with this damn thing!

    • Buy a solar panel and a battery and you got yourself a camping light

    • Shipped

  • Bugger, too slow. Could have actually used one of these (if they really get sent).
    Have a 10A one but can't handle the output of a larger solar panel I have.

  • Someone I know ordered 2 and the seller has requested them to cancel. 0.59 ones.

    • Same here, but they were sent as soon as this morning so there was no way to cancel.

  • Dear xxxxxx,
    Hello, sorry, the order came too suddenly, we have no stock, and we can't produce it for the time being. I hope you can cancel the order, sorry.

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    Both my 59c ones have been shipped bought directly from Tumo-Int

    Not sure what to do with them lol

  • Mine has been cancelled, I have complained to Amazon by email.

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    I have received a $10 credit from Amazon as compensation. Well worth the 59c.

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    I ordered two. One for 0.59c the other for 0.49c
    The 0.49c one was delivered today. :-)
    The 0.59c one was requested to be cancelled. I hope I get the $10 credit.

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    I just got my 49 cent unit delivered today