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[PS4 / XB1] Battlefield V $39, Forza Horizon 4 $39, The Crew 2 $19 @ Target


Just received the new target catalogue and seen this, good price considering all dlc maps are free.

Full catalogue. Starts online Christmas day & in store Boxing Day.

Thanks to trippyfoo for spotting Forza at the same price

Battlefield V $39. Also available at JB Hi-Fi & Big W
Forza Horizon 4 $39
The Crew 2 $19

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Target Australia

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  • Good price yes game not so, considering only 2/3 complete after the last update im pretty bored of it already still plenty of bugs that haven't been fixed and plenty of new ones since the patch probably their worst realease of a game so far !

  • jesus christ this just came out… what a flop… good for those that want it waited!

  • post a shot of the catalogue please

  • Don't forget Forza Horizon 4 as well for the same price.
    Bummer no sale on Xbox Live.

    Bring on the other stores . :)

  • I'll never pay more than $50 for a new release game again

  • Battlefield is all about political correctness last a few instalments. waste.

  • +12 votes

    i miss the old battlefield games, everything Battlefield 3 and before were the best. In the older games you can do whatever you want straight out of the box. All the new battlefields became overly complex and designed more around pro gamers and gamers with alot of time on their hand. Also them adding ridiculous politically correct elements to appease a non-existant customer base who cares about this stuff.

    As a result their sales are very poor, servers empty just after 1 month. I would maybe pick this up after it's $25 or below which will be soon

    • Oh man i remember the criticism BF3 got when it launched since it was competing heavily with Modern Warfare 3, it still came out as a great game but anything after (4, Hardline, 1 & 5) have been kinda meh, quitting after 3 weeks

    • Servers always have an extensive queue besides maybe 2 or 3

      • I noticed this on PC, which is why I just stopped bothering to play it. They don't have enough servers in our region.

    • i refuse to buy this game due to the politically correct BS and their revision of history. EA and DICE need to learn

      • Hmm… since when being politically correct is a BS? Ah! wait! Since Trumpet & Brexit happened I guess.

      • What PC nonsense are you talking about? Are you referring to the gender & nationality options in multi player? I'd rather think they were trying to tap into the Fortnite & PUG market. There's a single player episode (soon?) where you play as zee zermans!

      • It's just a game…

    • Game has been out for a month. Last time I checked all the servers (30 or so) were full with queues of 10+ people.

    • Gave up on BF and COD ages ago, they leech off their customer base and do not innovate.

    • Agree, and BF1 is full of very annoying PC cut scenes. It's like taking a mouthful of something you want to spit out.
      Will not buy BF5.

    • What are you talking about?? Battlefield has become less complicated and more casual with each release since BF3, in the last couple of days they just made BF V even easier for casuals.
      And the servers are not empty on PC (even BF3 which is 7 years old is populated) the only ones that are empty are Star Wars battlefront ones which use the horrible matchmaking and BF Hardline (which doesn't work on Windows 10)
      I agree the politically correct elements are very prominent now.

    • PC elements = female characters

      Can't believe people are upset about these things.

  • I wouldn’t even play this game if it were free. The devs are utterly incompetent and the publisher doesn’t value the customer other than sucking them dry of any spare money they have. EA said if I don’t like it that I shouldn’t buy it… so I didn’t.

    • Triggered from a EA Executive :) Having fun playing this game so $39 for 2 years worth of entertainment, sounds like a bargain to me.

      • I’m happy you are having fun with the game. I merely posted my perspective. I am in no way “triggered”, I just don’t think they value their dedicated customer base. Think about this, if they tossed aside many of their fans for ideological reasons. Then you best enjoy your temporary spot in their good books, soon you too will be next. It merely shows they do not want to give their customer what they want… TTK changes are a good example of this. No one wanted them, people wanted TTD changes/improvements such as better hit notifications or better sound when being shot/hit. Instead you got what no one wanted and the game is suffering as a result.

        • lol. You are making all this fuss for TTK which came last week and Devs listened to community and reverted it today.
          Again feedback from a person who has not played it….

          • @Gaggy: They did not totally revert it. There is two playlists now, one it’s the old TTK and another with the new TTK values. That just goes to show they do not fully listen to ththe community, they still think they know better than their customers. In addition, this causes a new problem where you have an inconsistent game where in one playlist you have fast TTK and slow TTK in the other playlist. If anything, they made it worse with this latest update because if you don’t pay attention you’re going to be confused at how consistent weapons feel.

            • @KARMAAA: Good that you are taking lot of insights of the game even when you have decided not to even buy and play it. Hate at next level.
              Good on ya to read Reddit and other blogs and shit around portraying you know enough.
              Sorry to say, but love to your comments here shows how much credibility your comments have.

              • @Gaggy: You really think I care about what people on OzBargain think? Half the people here are casual gamers anyway, so their opinion is less informed than mine 90% of the time. This is just another case. Oh well enjoy your horrible Battlefield game. People will return to the series when they release a game made for the fans, that has all the content at launch and a game that does not denigrate the role and real stories of men in WW2, by replacing them with a Norwegian girl.

                There is a reason this game has a 2.5 user score on metacritic and most of the complaints are about the lack of content and bad gameplay compared to previous iterations in the series. This game also has 50% less retail sales than BF1, despite BF1 also featuring women and black soldiers, so it's not women or blacks being included being the problem. BF1 was one of the best selling games of this console generation, so this completely nullifies any BS that you may bring up about gamers being sexist or racist. Sorry that I have to present facts on OzFeelings but the facts are the facts, the game is hot garbage. They just so happened to mess up almost everything from the marketing, to the gameplay, to the PR/reception to players concerns.

            • @KARMAAA: 😂 They are reverting it back to the launch TTK & are cutting the second play list. Best Battlefield in some time, everyone bitches about EA but Activision release a reskinned game every year with the same micro transactions & paid dlc effectively doubling the game price yet receive no hate.

              • @thehoz78: At least when people paid for DLC there was an incentive for EA and DICE to make a decent product. Now there is no incentive. The "DLC" you are getting is just the missing content that they intended to include in the game from the start. If anything you paid for an early access version of Battlefield V.

    • Totally agree they rushed this game whilst totally disregarding their fans

      • Well yeah perhaps, but that doesn't make his down-vote reason (which you upvoted) valid according to the site policy here lol

        • It is valid. The product is defective compared to old Battlefield games.

          • @KARMAAA: How can a product be defective compared to something else?
            You might no enjoy the game, you might prefer another game, but that doesn't make this a bad deal.
            I hate Halo 5, I think Halo 3 is better, but that doesn't make Halo 5 defective lol.

    • You haven't bought it and judging it is bad?

  • what's so bad about the game? I'm enjoying the multi on Xbox. Good atmosphere etc.

    Am I missing something?

    • They put females in WWII. Literally unplayable… /s
      Im enjoying the game so far. Im just waiting for a few new maps and maybe new game modes.

      • What's the point of a theme if you don't use it fully/properly? I didn't like how Dice used WW1 either. Everyone didn't use full autos and prototypes…

    • Generally, some people feel that DICE was pushed by EA to release the game early. Some parts of the game were unavailable at launch (a number of them are now available) - lack of content basically. I suspect the game suffered from being reviewed around the same time as RDR2 and Fallout 76.

    • I love playing it as well. There are 15+ servers on PC (all full) mostly on the weekends. I am sure it will polish. People whinned about BF3, and 4 and now love them. Last patch was not great, but hope to get more updates.
      Great price I would say .

      • I mean 15~ servers sound pathetic for a newly released AAA title considering it's the second most popular shooter series.

        • It is more around 30 last I saw and most were 64 player games and had a queue
          This is Australia only

    • How's the experience on Xbox? I enjoyed battlefield 1 on PC and I got a K/D ratio of 1.7, recently I bought a Xbox and got battlefield 1, but pretty much unplayable on controller for me, got raped every multi game…

  • Nearly max rank already, super fun with mates despite me normally carrying them lol
    Dont mind new TTK either, most that are complaining probably havent played it
    Grain of salt as always

  • Just want to let you know guys this ain’t worth a dollar, its just utter piece of garbage, you if you are seeking for a good online fun well give it a try but for a singleplay go play mario cart its much better than this.

    • everyone buy Titanfall 2 if you're looking for a good shooter.

    • The BFV campaign on the hardest difficulty was actually really fun, the first half of the Nordlys chapter felt like a slower paced Wolfenstein sneaking about a facility.

      That difficulty level greatly elevated the whole single player game for me.

  • This is a great game. Not sure why there is so much negativity in here. I've spent a lot of time in most the battlefields. This one is great. Disclaimer: I didn't enjoy Battlefield 1.


    What is the return policy regarding games? If I don't like the game/doesn't run properly? Can i get my money back?

    • Not at target, it if the price match at ebames you can take advantage of their 7? Day satisfaction guarantee

    • But from Amazon when they price match. They'll take it back/refund if unhappy with game

  • I agree, this game was snoring. Might be my last battlefield.

  • The crash and burn of cod and bf has been a long time coming but it's time for them to go away and clear the floor.

    • Don't forget Halo, too.
      Though Titanfall and Destiny had rather short lifespans.

      Meanwhile other milked franchises are dying or dead; NFS, Driver, Metro, Fallout, Metal gear, Silent Hill, Chronotrigger, Sims, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Mass Effect, Guitar Hero etc etc.

      Not to mention the annual FIFA, NBA, DBZ, etc etc.

      I would've added Assassin's Creed and Resident Evil, but Biohazard was surprisingly fresh and Origins wasn't that bad and Oddysee is looking really good.

  • Insurgency- Sandstorm

    Get this game, thank me later. BF and COD will not get a single cent from me going forward, Battlefield 1 and CODww2 were the last straw.

    Disclaimer- a little buggy but so much fun and cheaper too.

    • Lol. Many people who have played and mostly who havent played are ranting about bugs in BFV.
      Why will they digest bug in this game?

  • Might get Crew 2

    • It should be a FREE game, with IAP like mobile. Though, I must admire the detail they've put into the Continental US, and the physics/graphics are decent.

      Though I wonder if there will be customisation like the first-game, and maybe even more like NFS Carbon/Underground 2.

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