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[PS4 / XB1] Battlefield V $39, Forza Horizon 4 $39, The Crew 2 $19 @ Target


Just received the new target catalogue and seen this, good price considering all dlc maps are free.

Full catalogue. Starts online Christmas day & in store Boxing Day.

Thanks to trippyfoo for spotting Forza at the same price

Battlefield V $39. Also available at JB Hi-Fi & Big W
Forza Horizon 4 $39
The Crew 2 $19

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2018

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Target Australia

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  • noooo just got crew 2 like last week or so from ps store for $24.95 :(

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    “If you don’t like it don’t buy it”… im listening

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  • good find. i am about to buy battlefield V to play as i will have 3 weeks off after this Friday. Can also price match with JB and use the $10 off coupon & 5% off jb hifi gift card.

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    Thanks for that OP. Hopefully this doesn't come off as pushy, but do you mind showing the rest of the catalogue and if possible the switch page! PM if you would like.

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    I'd like to buy it but EA told me not to.

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      Well if you're the type of person to be offended by women in ur vidya, then all good by me.

      Please feel free to correct me if I've misunderstood.

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        I just don't like history revisionism to push blatant diversity agenda.

        • You know this is a fictional piece of entertainment media, not a documentary right? I didn't know every gamer had a history degree and was so passionate that they'd actually write-off otherwise great games because they couldn't get past these details.

          Did you also kick up a fuss about the MP18 having a bayonet in Battlefield 1, but it didn't actually in real life?

          Or the fact that in Battlefield 1 there's medics running about with submachine guns? That didn't happen in WW1.

          Shame you're missing out on this entire series just because it isn't a 1:1 representation of real life.

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            @OfTheOverflow: Actually Medics did have firearms in WW1, and it was much much more common than seeing women or african-race people during either war.

            There's realism, then there's exaggeration beyond reasonable. It's fine if it's a work of fiction, but the developers have said on the record multiple times that the game champions diversity because apparently that is the true history. A stark contrast to the likes of Kingdom Come Deliverance.

            Not that I care for this stuff, I barely have time to finish my current catalogue of titles.

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              @Kangal: What DICE (a company in a country without English as their first language) have been doing since BF1 is championing the lesser known conflicts and obviously less populist aspects of both wars. That means presenting stories and scenarios that do challenge the copy-paste settings of WW2 games and blockbuster movies.

              They're not historians rewriting history and trying to convince everyone that every second person on the frontline was a woman.

              They're a Swedish video game developer making a fictional and alternate take on a historical event. With that comes creative licence that I think it's silly to say they're 'abusing'.

  • Thinking of getting The Crew 2. Is there any reason why i shouldnt get it?

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      Best to watch / wait for a review. There are better free to play games, but for $20 or a sale, likely a good bargain game or an idle/casual game IMO.

      Crew 1, was remarkably average and required multiplayer. so … once the multiplayer died, so did the game.

      And, it's a Ubisoft game, so … a ton of the gameplay is derivative and gameplay is mediocre, accompanied by the largest bulls**t trailer video that looks nothing like actual gameplay.

      They are the original "Never Preorder" company. There's a definite Forza Horizon / Burnout Paradise / GTA 5 sandbox feel, without the sense of life that GTA5 or Forza Horizon 3 or 4 has. If you don't have forza, i.e. PS4 players, you won't have a sense of FH3 or FH4, it's generally a lazy driving game in a large sandbox, with occasional events, races and things to chase up every 5 minutes for cash. Progression isn't forced, you chase it.

      Crew 2, is even lazier IMO from what i've seen on the entry and mid-game level. Burnout Paradise, at least has crashes. Crew 2 has boat & plane transformers mode.

      I can't really see the multiplayer working well unless you push yourself into the deeper parts of the gameplay, but in a month's time after christmas, expect the DLC's to change the gameplay up a little bit, or show the dev team's true colours, i.e. how expensive the DLC missions/custom stuff is, will tell you if Crew 2 is doing well or not.

      • i will add, this comparison sums up my feelings pretty well,

        Gamespot sort of hits it on the head with a passing line,

        Forza feels more like it's a fun sandbox racing game where you can do the 'top gear' kind of stunts, i.e. race against a train or helicoptor, regularly drive through fences, trees, etc. and it's got the rewind/oops function which isn't overly punishing for twitchy control/steering failure at high speeds.

        whereas Crew 2 is the Fast & the Furious/Need for Speed style, flashy, substance, with lots of pack races & driving challenges … but it's shallow and while you can pick up and drop yourself anywhere on the US map, it's not engaging, because with that large a sandbox, they have nothing to fill in with except for procedural 'rally point' type races in different modes, i.e. switching from car to boat, or plane or vice versa.

        if you watch 5 minutes of gameplay, you'll either want to play, or watch others playing instead, or not do either. But if you're on xbox, crew 2 is not worth your time. On PS4, you'll have fun.

        Forza Horizon 3, being Australia, and 4 being the UK, both have their advantages;

        Forza Horizon 4 has seasons/weather challenges, where rain/snow affect road conditions & set up different races/challenges for each season. in Rural/country london. Forza Horizon 3, is basically an entire game set as a Queenslander on P Plates. https://youtu.be/xB6TkuN5yEI

        If you want something similar on PS4 … Get Burnout Paradise, even though it's old now. I'm not sure what exists for PS4 on racing/arcade sandbox games. maybe cars 3, burnout paradise remastered or need for speed, (sic).

        it's a niche that i don't think the PS4 has filled yet.

      • crew 2 has PVP now and crash mode too which is a bit like Flatout.

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    I only play games that have empowered lesbian lead characters with transsexual side kicks and the token straight male minor character.

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      That token straight male minor character better be person of non-white colour. Otherwise you're racist

  • Why do people hate Battlefield V so much? Legit question, I'm curious what its issues are.

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      To boil it down: because they hate that women are getting represented in one of their shootbang games, and are veiling it behind complaints of 'historical accuracy' lol.

      Cowards, basically.

      The game has it's problems, it's a DICE game at launch so it's expected. But speaking as a long-time BF player, it's got the best gameplay of the series so far (most will agree).

      • What about the single player campaign? I'm not really into multiplayer games. I've played BF1 campaign - I wasn't a huge fan because I like a long story campaign and BF1 was just a short series of missions. BFV is the same as that isn't it?

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          The meat and bones of the game is multiplayer, and for $40 I'd hesitate to recommend it solely for the single player. I did however really enjoy playing each of the four 'chapters', for lack of a better word, on the hardest difficulty. It felt way more realistic, and stretched the experience out to around 6 hours but YMMV.

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    Angry at Battlefield V because it 'unrealistically' portrays a woman in the war?
    You're literally playing a war game with respawns and killstreaks. How less realistic can you get?

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      I don't think people are mad about that, I think they're mad at EA for trying to rewrite history (basically saying this stuff was common, and the game is rather realistic). They simply showed off their ego.

      If the devs just shutup/not bitten the trolls, or simply said "it's a game, not entirely realistic, and we're trying to make it fun"…then no one would've made a fuss about it.

    • It's not just that, the game is missing quite a few iconic battles/weapons/factions from the WW2, many of the weapons are recycled from BF1.

      If DICE wanted to be woke, don't try and do it using history and period vastly different to modern day.

      They should have done something modern/futuristic, it would have given them the creative freedom to go nuts on women with robotic limbs etc.

      If you want a current WW2 game, get COD:WW2. This game is feels like BF1++.

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    Whole lot of uninformed people around I see.

    I've played close to 100 hours of BF V so far and hit max rank; it's just phenomenal. People seem to be equating the inclusion of women (who you don't even notice in the match because you just shoot whatever doesn't have a name tag above it) caused poor sales, but it's a combination of fallout from the Battlefront 2 controversy, a staggered release which hurt exposure, and it dropping after RDR 2 and without its Battle Royal mode at launch.

    The core game itself is less buggy than 4 & 1 were at launch, and it's already way more fun to play than both. There's not as much content as those games yet, obviously, because they've had years of DLC to improve.

    You're doing yourself a disservice not taking a chance on this game, but if you're the type of idiot who winges about women then quite frankly nobody wants to play with you anyway.

    Please feel free to DM if you'd like any questions answered about the game.

    • +3

      Like I mentioned before, the number 1 complaint for BF V from reviewers (at the time of the review) was lack of contents. Other things mentioned: Squad size reduction. A small number of maps are awesome, but most are ordinary (need more good/great maps). Grand operations seem not as good as operations in BF I. Class balancing, and parts of the game now feel more like Call of Duty, rather than BF. White texts in story mode (when characters are speaking in foreign language) - hard to see. The review I saw about women indicated that it was just a tiny aspect of the game (it was more about that being hyped up, but turned out to be minor).

      The core point of the review I saw was: reviewers felt that EA is pressuring Dice to release a BF game regularly, rather than let Dice have sufficient time to deliver the game it wants.

      Obviously, the timing couldn't be worse. Released right after RDR2, a game arguably have all the resources and time put in (very well polished). Not to mention that EA already pushed back the release date of BF V (was meant to be released before RDR2) - EA share price already took a big dive after that announcement so another delay obviously wouldn't be allowed by EA.

      • All valid complaints, and thanks for taking the time for a good response. I think these are mostly all things that will improve with time; it just annoys me that a lot of people aren't willing to give it a go because what's there is just so much fun (or they're just Gaters, there's heaps of them about).

        EA do deserve scorn for pushing it out the door before it had enough time in the oven, but I feel like people are writing it off way too quickly. They clearly see this game as their first real GaaS attempt and I think that will work wonderfully for the series. People need to look at Siege (my go-to for the last three years) and understand that a lackluster launch doesn't really mean anything if the devs are willing to support the title which DICE have clearly been intending to do.

        • +1

          The game has a good rating overall (averaging around 8/10). Personally, I feel it got impacted by RDR 2 and COD: Black Ops 4 a lot. However, the actual complaint on the single player story issue is very serious to a lot of people. EA / DICE didn't quite understand it, resulting in their initial response making the whole situation a lot worse.

          It's not actually about having women in the game. It's about stories based on real events got changed so much in a really bad way. Significant number of people with family members experienced WWII or studied WWII found EA / DICE very disrespectful. Even a lot of female players feel insulted. There are true stories which can accurately represent women heroes in WWII. Using unrealistic / "fake" stories to promote women rights simply sends the wrong message.

          It is very unfortunate and damage already done. Instead of getting applaud for including a single player campaign (which COD: BO4 and Fallout 76 didn't do), it ended up upsetting a significant portion of people. Even though multi-player is more important for BF V, those people simply refuse to accept such behaviour from EA / DICE.

          • @netsurfer:

            It's not actually about having women in the game. It's about stories based on real events got changed so much in a really bad way. Significant number of people with family members experienced WWII or studied WWII found EA / DICE very disrespectful. Even a lot of female players feel insulted. There are true stories which can accurately represent women heroes in WWII. Using unrealistic / "fake" stories to promote women rights simply sends the wrong message.

            This is pretty much it. They used women as a marketing bludgeon to hit on the heads of critics genuine concerns. And using fake stories instead of the real ones implies female accomplishments and sacrifice in WW2 wasn't good enough. It mocks mens roles in WW2 as well.

  • How do we get this game for the mentioned price? The website still lists it at $55. Sorry for the noob question.

    • In 8 days as mentioned in the title.

  • Any other bargains in the catalogue?

  • Wonder if they would honour this price in store. Will try my luck lol.

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    Really good price for battlefield! I play on pc and servers aren't dead. There's probably as not many servers compared to when I played battlefield 3 but there's still a queue of people waiting to join. Definitely give it a try for this price

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    Im waiting till its $29

  • Wonder they have COD BO4 or WWII on sale.

  • Dont know what yall talking about the new bf5 is Lit.

    problem is its just more of the same o'l battlefield and you have all played them to death.
    Honestly they cant win - Make it the same - everyone hates it - Change it up - everyone hates it.

  • Pretty good price for Forza Horizon 4, might have to finally pick that up and dust off that old xbox one. BFV? meh, even if they payed me I won't play that SJW bs.

    • Pretty pathetic and projecting reason not to pick up an objectively fantastic game but ok

      • Some people vote with their feet and stand by what they believe/against an agenda, even if they may miss out

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          Lol 'agenda'. Some people need perspective.

          • @OfTheOverflow: The figures are showing that's what people are doing, and good on them IMO, need to see more of it

            • @Mrgreenz: It's got everything to do with a lack of content, including the Battle Royal mode, the disaster of last year's Battlefront 2, and the weird staggered release.

              Nothing to do with the general public giving a shit about any supposed 'agenda'.

              Anyone with half a brain knows this.

              But if people want to miss out on the best FPS this year, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it!

              • @OfTheOverflow: By the time you figure out it's got a lack of content you already own it.

                • @Mrgreenz: It's an aspect that's certainly not ignored in reviews. I think it only has one less map than BF1 did at launch, and they already released a free one which is the best BF map in a long time.

                  Personally, I've hit the level cap (which is pretty low) and the friends and I have a blast. I understand if people don't want to buy it for legitimate reasons, it's just so embarrassing that others don't because they have to play with stinky girls (yuck, amiright!)

                  We role as a women-only squad to shit stir lol

                  • @OfTheOverflow: There is a plethora of games with female roles/leads that have had non-existent pushback from men kicking off about their presence. So I wouldn't say that the negative response to female roles could be attributed solely to the fact that men only want to play as men.

                    Then for them to turn round and insult people who call them out on their pandering to a vocal minority just ain't gonna fly with a lot of people. Probably more than they expected.

                    I guess it's a shame if a good game doesn't reach as far as it would've due to politics, I guess that's their choice.

                    • @Mrgreenz: The fact that one DICE employee (who doesn't even work there anymore) told trolls who were throwing a shit-fit about women being in the game that maybe they shouldn't buy it, offends you?

                      I respect them sticking by their creative integrity and intent. Ironically, I thought the right also valued free-speach and creative freedom. How the tables turn when it doesn't suit their agenda.

                      The 'vocal minority' (a very small minority) kicking up a fuss are those whinging about women. The vast majority of consumers don't give a shit, and are instead out off by my aforementioned factors. That's simply the facts.

                      • @OfTheOverflow: I'm not offended, wouldn't matter if I were. The actions of the company in regards to social pandering would reduce the likelihood of me buying it if I were in the market for a FPS.

                        I'm all for freedom of speech and creative freedom, which is what isn't happening here ( from my perspective)

                        In outside force (vocal minority) > complaining about lack of diversity > apparent forced introduction of non-fitting unrealistic roles

                        Hopefully this turns out to be a demonstration of the free market correcting itself and doing so in dollars and cents.

                        I mean check the trailer I find it hard to believe that's a product of SJW-free production.


  • Tells everyone to not buy it until they release more / there's a sale. Complain about empty servers. jackychanwtfface.jpeg

    General gist of the internet.

  • Prices available online now

  • What's the point battlefield V now it's only going to get cheaper 1 year from now it will $10

    • -1

      1 year from now no one will be playing it.

      • Battlefield games have a remarkable attach rate actually. Because they're good-ass games. BFV is the best in years.

        • I don't think I should've been downvoted for that. I couldn't even get a game in BF1 after a half a year…

    • To be fair, EA games puts their year-old games into the EA Access "Vault" subscription.

      They just put Battlefront 2 in the vault recently, so it's likely that by Christmas 2019 it will be less than $10.

  • Amazon price matched now

  • +1

    Great price for BFV you would be mad to pass it up, solid game with years ahead of it.