Do You Think Zapals Should Be Banned?

I purchased item from Zapals on October 2018. Zapals charged my credit card (for some reason I used my credit card, usually I use my pal pal for my preferred payment). Until the deadlines I do not received my order. I emailed them (already a week and I have not received any respond) what worse. Somebody just used my credit card around $2,000. They did transaction at England. Lewisham. I cancel my card. Do report and I do not to pay the fraud. I did some little investigation. I checked all my transaction in the past. The only transaction that charge in England (GB) is zapals. And if you check at oz bargain. The address of Zapals is in England GB Lewisham and the reps last seen on oz bargain is on 29th November 2018. The fraud was happened on 21st November 2018
Please discuss if you have similar experience

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    Not very good England mate.


    I have a headache

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    TLDR i think Zapals leaked my credit card number, they didnt send my order either

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    At least you didn't lose anything. Yeh it's frustrating, but move on. Merry christmas


    **** Zapals.

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    That's not even close to conclusive proof Zapal's is behind this, you're going to need more proof than that.

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      Of course there is no conclusive proof. But since the only transaction from GB is Zapals and 4 fraud transaction In GBP and from the same suburb Lewisham.. It is too much coincidence.. Plus I do not received my order and no reply from them more than a week.. If anybody will continue buying from them is fine. I am just sharing my bad experience.. Cheers


      Even when you do, it's hard to prove it.

      I have a 28 Degrees Card which I hardly use and my CBA card. A few years ago I went to vietnam and booked a variety of hotels and booked rooms through Agoda with both my 28 Degrees and my CBA card (I can't remember why I did it like this). The only other place I used the 28 Degrees card was in a tailor in Hoi An.

      Shortly after arriving home (3 weeks or so) both my CBA and my 28 Degrees cards are compromised within a day of it happening. In one instance, flights in South Africa were booked using the 28 Degrees card. South African Airlines called me up letting me know the payment was reversed and if I wanted to pay another way. I hung up on the person, googled their phone number can called them back. The same lady answered. We got chatting and it turns out they gave my phone number (which is how she called me) as part of the booking.

      It clearly wasn't the tailor who compromised the card as they never had my phone number and my CBA card was also compromised.

      The ONLY place I had ever used both cards was with Agoda. The only place which I used my 28 Degrees Card AND my phone number was with Agoda. So I emailed them with the story, provided screenshots etc. I just wanted to alert them of a possible compromise (I doubt Agoda would have done it themselves). They were quite dismissive and basically said they hadn't been compromised.

      I mean the other answer could be that I was compromised on several occassions and it was all a big coincidence but it seems unlikely.

      As a result, I stopped using Agoda. Who knows if they really found anything and patched it.


      Yes it is their website it seems legit but it does not mean the people behind Zapals is trustworthy.. My opinion though.. I am glad it is already passed. I only lost $13 in total. Got the lesson..


        The customer's credit card details is encrypted. It's unlikely that Zapals may intercept the transmission between the customer and the gateway in those few seconds it takes to debit the credit card.


          You'd think so, but I reckon you'd be wrong.

          I have once in my life used a credit card online (outside of PayPal). This happened to be with DWI (I still use them, just not with credit card) to buy camera equipment.

          I don't believe for a second that it was a coincidence that $20,000 was spent on my CC in the UK at camera stores a few days after this transaction. I only ended up about 50c out of pocket from the whole ordeal but the time and effort of getting things fixed, cancelling card, updating card with AU billers (Elect, Phone, Gas, etc) was more than enough hassle to make it my last time!

          Sure, this could be a coincidence, but holy f*** that's one hell of a coincidence.

          I've had a CC for about 25 years. I've had fraud on a CC once in my life, coincidentally ..(I think not).. a few days after my first and only online transaction using a credit card at a non Australian company.


          If I can't use PayPal I'll go elsewhere.

          Don't get me wrong, I hate PayPal, but they are the best option for online purchases.


    Where did you find the address of Zapals?


      At oz bargain website. If you search zapals you will find zapals details including address, special offer and etc

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    Zapals reputation of late seems to have gone to total shite according to this…

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    OP-you should have a poll, with options of :
    (1) Yes
    (2) No
    (3) There is not enough information to make a decison


    DEFINITELY !! See my recent comment here:

    Since yesterday, instead of them acknowledging my enquiries and simply telling me the status of my order and any expected delay times, they have closed my order and are sending me a refund :/

    These idiots are completely hopeless and waste so many peoples time and efforts. They have wrecked one of my Christmas presents for my sister by their ignoring my multiple emails and live chat requests. MORONS !!

    Ban the F#@kwits !!


    Your English is horrible, OP. Please proof read before you hit the post button.

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    Yes. Definitely!

    I'm still waiting on an order from 2 months ago. They're ignoring my messages.

    It really is like winning the lottery if you actually get what you paid for.


    I've been waiting over 2 months for my order, eventually had to file a complaint with Paypal to get my refund as they kept saying "just wait another week". Thank god for Paypal….


    YES, bargains or anything should not be allowed on this site

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      …theyre scammers. my first order was fulfilled and all subsequent 4 orders have not arrived and now i have to chase up refunds

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    Yes ban them, too many stories of woe.


    yes ban them. zapals are untrustworthy…so many items not received by so many ozbargainers


    4 out of 5 items delivered

    i think they deliver the first item you buy and screw you for the rest of your purchases

    Merged from Zapals - Missing Orders & Poor Customer Support…time to ban them from Ozbargain?

    …every recent zapals deal thats getting posted is getting heavily negged as so many member have had similar experiences of items never being sent despite being charged for them & then to top it all off abysmal customer service/support when contacting them in regards to missing & defective items

    feel free to list your missing orders in this thread…perhaps the mods will see that its time for to ban zapals deals from ozbargain, due to ongoing issues experienced by a majority of users that have ordered items from around october/november last year not to mention theyre history of bad trading practices…

    my experience of zapals…

    4x non delivered items:
    1001547243 11/7/18 A$1.19 Complete
    20PCs Magic Cleaning Eraser Sponge Multifunction Scrubber Foam Pads - 10 x 6 x 2 cm

    1001543249 11/5/18 A$2.24 Complete
    3PCs 8-LED USB Night Light - Random Color

    1001510369 10/17/18 A$1.33 Complete
    5Pcs USB LED Light Smart Touch Control Mini Flashlight

    1001565746 11/17/18 A$1.33 Complete
    10pcs Self Adhesive Reusable Hook and Loop Cable Tie Wrap with Plastic Buckle - Random Color

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    Anyone received any order from Zapals since October/November last year? My last 2 orders were not delivered, wondering if they did a runner?


      wondering if they did a runner?

      no idea…but the zapals reps stopped posting and havent been seen here since around then as well?

      zapals ยป user profile


        Thanks for the info. I guess I will stop buying from them for now. I have raised a Paypal dispute for my 2 items, although it has been more than 60 days since I paid for them, but I will see what happens. It's a pity if they did do a runner.


    I have 2 separate orders that are more than a month old and still processing for items in stock


      Contact their helpdesk and they will give you a refund. I contacted them about 6 items that have not been shipped. They asked me if I wanted a refund as it would be a long wait for them to be shipped.

      They are sleo refunding me for a number of items I never received.


    You gave Zapals your CC details????


    how can I get the money refunded in case of non-delivery as I ordered from my bank debit card instead of paypal. Is there any way of getting my money back? Can I contact the bank ?

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