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Japan 4G Travel SIM Cards $10 off ($19.95 for 7 Day Japan Travel SIM Card) Free Shipping @ NorthSIM


Hi Guys,

We've been getting a load of emails and FB messages on when the next deal is - so thank you for your support!

Last deal of the year and same deal as last time for those who missed out $19.95 for a 7 day Japan Travel SIM Card.

Our SIM cards use the Softbank 4G LTE network and can be bought for 7/14/21 days, meaning you don't need to bring 3-4 SIM cards and swap them out. The SIM cards come in a Triple Cut SIM which will have standard, micro and nano sizes. APN settings are usually not required - however if you run into trouble we've put up guides on our site. SIM cards come with data only (no voice).

All our SIM cards come with, a SIM card sleeve and SIM ejector tool. Activation is a matter of plugging in your SIM card once you land. No personal identifiable information is held on these SIMs so you can dispose of freely. Our SIM cards will still work even if you go over your daily allowance (albeit at slower speeds), meaning you won't be stranded in the middle of nowhere without data.

Prepaid Japan Travel SIM Card

  • 500mb per day (resets every 24 hours)
  • 4G Softbank Network
  • Data service only - no voice
  • Unlimited 3G data afterwards (OK for browsing OzBargain/Reddit/Google Maps)
  • Cheaper than the SIM cards from vending machines or BIC/Yodabashi Camera in Japan
  • Free Regular Post via Australia Post for all orders
  • Ships from Sydney
  • Make sure to take a look at our SIM guides before you fly out - https://www.northsim.com/sim-guides/
  • This offer is for SIM cards which have an activation expiry date of 20/02/2019
Days Inclusions Price
7 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day (resets every 24 hours) $19.95
14 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day (resets every 24 hours) $29.95
21 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day (resets every 24 hours) $39.95

Previous deal:

4G Japan Travel SIM Cards $10 off ($19.95 for 7 Day Japan Travel SIM Card) Free Shipping @ NorthSIM
4G Japan Travel SIM Cards $10 off (Unlimited Data on 3G) Free Shipping + Bonus 4G Data @ NorthSIM

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  • Thank you all for the amount of support from the last deal. As always here to help and answer any questions.

    [email protected]

  • Hi op I am not going until May next year. Should I buy the SIM card now?

    • Hi Ahan,

      We'll have more deals in the New Year for those heading out in May.

      [email protected]

  • At Klook, you can get 3GB at 4G data speeds for 8 days at AUD 18.39 (reduced to 200kbps after exceeding 3GB)

    And if you use Promo Code: HOLIDAYSAU for an extra 8% off (Expires: 12 Jan 2019) then you pay only AUD 16.92

    • +1

      Hi Ag1304x

      The klook SIM cards need to be redeemed at an Airport in Japan. You may find that for some travllers picking up at an airport is not a feasible option due to flights landing later in the evening then the pickup hours. On the face of it, the Klook option also does not have 14/21 day options.

      We have 7/14/21 day options, our SIM comes with more data and cards are delivered direct to your door.

      [email protected]

  • Hi op,

    I'm planning on leaving on the 31st of December. If I ordered one today, would I be able to receive the SIM card before I leave? (considering Christmas holidays).


    • Hi jjhs,

      That would be cutting it really close, especially with the upcoming holidays.
      Express Post should be able to make it to you by around Friday next week.
      If you turn on your PMs - I can PM you with a solution if you'd still like to purchase.


      • Hi op,

        Yep, sorry I've turned on my PMs. If you could let me know your solution, that would be much appreciated.

        Thanks !

        • Pm'd

  • When you say the SIM's expire on Feb 20 what does that mean? Can I activate a 21 day SIM on Feb 17 and still use it for 21 days or will it 'die' on Feb 20.

    • +1

      Hi mr fox.

      The expiry date refers to the date which the SIM must be activated by.

      If you activate your SIM card on Feb 17th you will have the full 21 days to use it. It will certainly not
      "die" on Feb 20.

      [email protected]

      • Lovely, thanks.

  • Can you please advise if the Softbank network will work in Niseko?

  • +1

    Using the softbank sim bought from last deal in fukuoka now, so far has been a great experience, 4G service full bar on the p20 pro.

    • thanks for the positive feedback couger!

      Wishing you safe travels and Happy Holidays in Japan.

      [email protected]sim

  • Hi Op,
    Any sim covering Japan and South Korea for 15 days? Thanks

    • Hi fatbo1,

      Yes we can can add South Korea to the SIM card as well. It's and additional $5 to do add it on PM me if you'd like to add it on.


      • Interested in this too, but for two 21 day sims - Have sent you a PM asking for details

  • Hi, if I buy the 21 days sim and activate it at 13/02/2019, will it be activated until 6/3/2019?


    • Hi stoogecake,

      Absolutely, that is exactly how it works!

      Your SIM card will last from 13/02/2019 for 21 days.


  • Hi Folks,

    All SIM card orders packed and are on their way! Express Post orders will get their tracking numbers tomorrow!

    We've also added South Korea to our Japan SIM card. You can select this option by clicking the drop down menu on the Japan SIM card product page.


    [email protected]

  • Hi, am trying to purchase some 14 day SIMS and they are saying out of stock.
    Is this correct?

  • Hi Folk,

    We're all sold out! More SIM cards coming in the New Year!

    [email protected]

    • Hi Tony,

      Do you have rough timeframe for when you'll have more stock? Flying out on 12th


  • Hi Tony, Any new deals coming soon?

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