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4G Japan Travel SIM Cards $10 off (Unlimited Data on 3G) Free Shipping + Bonus 4G Data @ NorthSIM


Hi Guys,

We've got 200 Japan Travel SIM cards to go with all the recent cheap Japan flights.

We think that $19.95 is the best price ever on OzBargain for a 7 day Japan SIM card. We've done our research and believe we're currently offering the lowest price in Australia.

Our SIM cards use the Softbank 4G LTE network and can be bought for 7/14/21 days, meaning you don't need to bring 3-4 SIM cards and swap them out. It's just 1 SIM card for 7, 14 or 21 days. The SIM cards come in a Triple Cut SIM which will have standard, micro and nano sizes. APN settings are usually not required - however if you run into trouble we've put up guides on our site.

All our SIM cards come with, a SIM card sleeve and SIM ejector tool. Activation is a matter of plugging in your SIM card once you land. No personal identifiable information is held on these SIMs so you can dispose of freely. Our SIM cards will still work even if you go over your daily allowance (albeit at slower speeds), meaning you won't be stranded in the middle of nowhere without data.

Prepaid Japan Travel SIM Card

  • Increased data allowance from 300mb to 500mb per day
  • Unlimited 3G data afterwards (OK for browsing OzBargain type websites)
  • $10 off all orders
  • Cheaper than the SIM cards from vending machines or BIC/Yodabashi Camera in Japan
  • Free Regular Post via Australia Post for all orders
  • Ships from Sydney
Days Inclusions Network Price
7 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day (resets every 24 hours) 4G Softbank Network 7 Days - $19.95
14 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day (resets every 24 hours) 4G Softbank Network 14 Days - $29.95
21 500mb 4G LTE Data Per Day (resets every 24 hours) 4G Softbank Network 21 Days - $39.95

This offer is for SIM cards which have an expiry date of 20/02/2019.

Make sure to take a look at our SIM guides before you fly out!

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  • +1

    Happy to take any questions anyone has.

    • Hi Tony

      I'm traveling early January. When will you have Japan sim again?


      • Hi Tony
        I bought two 14 days Japan sims from you, my daughter’s one doesn’t work, she has iPhone 6s, I have iPhone 6s Plus, could you help? We followed instructions to configure the setting but still not working.

  • Hi, is the 3g speed similar to Oz?

    • +1

      3G speed is at 128kbps - we've used it for Google Maps and Reddit/Ozbargain.
      It would not be ideal for things like YouTube or Snapchat

  • Thanks, purchased 2 sims.

    • Thanks errorius!

  • +1

    Would of been good if it didn't have a 60 day activation period.

    • +1

      Hi Shyguy - when are you heading out? We'll have a deal before you fly.

      • I fly out earl mid April 2019

        • +1

          Shyguy - April 2019 is OK.

          Drop me a PM with your order number and I'll put an extension on your card for activation before April 25.

  • Any Sims for use in Vietnam ?

    • We can do Vietnam, but I haven't tested them personally.

      Vietnam is also a bit more pricier - we can do 14 days for $31.95 (our cost).
      500mb/day same inclusions as our Japan SIM.
      Drop me a PM if you're keen and I'll put in a manual order for you.

      • Thanks

  • How do I get the $10 off on the order? Any coupon code I should apply?

    • Hi Jsurya,

      The coupon code is NSOZBJAPAN - you can apply it to your cart before checkout.

      • Thanks. I purchased two sims. I presume mobile numbers and activation instructions will be in the manual. If not, please advise.


  • Still think B mobile is still better value. No fixed data per day to worry about.

    • +1

      Hi Rosst,

      B-mobile SIMs are a great option.
      The strengths of our product compared with B-mobile 21 days SIM are:

      • Delivered to your door for $39.95 (Compared to pickup at Airport for 3480 Yen/$41.91 AUD)
      • You have your SIM card before you land (Some flights land after PO closes, meaning you'll need to get it delivered to your hotel/ABnB)
      • Data per day can be a good thing (You won't get cutoff if you go over)
      • 21 days @ 500mb per day is 10.5gb (roughly 2x more than B-Mobile)

      Feel free to give us a go.

  • I've travelling from may 15. Would it be possible to activate it then?

    • Hi bargin424, May is a bit too far out for us at the moment.
      Drop me a PM around April, and we'll run the same deal for you.

      • Can I hold you to that also? I'm off on the 11/05

        • Absolutely, we'll have a deal for all the May travelers closer to the date.

          [email protected]

  • try to check out with paypal, but why
    "Departure Date is a required field.
    Return Date is a required field."

    And I can not find anywhere to put in the dates.

    • tried on Edge and Chrome, same problem.

      • Hi couger,

        It should be on the bottom of the checkout. Give incognito mode on Chrome a go.

        Feel free to PM me if you're still having issues.

        • finally put the order through,have to manually input all my details before check out through paypal.

          • @couger: Apologies for the inconvenience couger - PM me your order number.

        • Same issue here! Do I need to create an account?

          • @sc7: Hi sc7,

            Yes - please try and create an account.
            Feel free to PM me if you're still having issues.

            [email protected]

            • @northsim-au: Please fix it. Would be impossible to place an order if I didn't read the comments here.

              • @yanhaot: @yanhaot, we're really sorry that the checkout is a pain! I'm going to get my DEVs to resolve this.

                • @northsim-au: All good. Placed an order using Microsoft Edge. Google Chrome doesn't work apparently.

  • is softbank internet better than docomo?

    • Hi lbsyc,

      I rekon they're about the same. Unless you're travelling to the super remote areas of Japan, either will work fine.

  • Flying out 13th Feb 2019. Any chance you could extend activation date?

    • Hi,

      Yep - no worries. PM me with your order number and we'll get it done.

  • Flying out on 7th Feb 2019. Any chance you could extend the activation date?

    • Hi,

      Yep - no worries. PM me with your order number and we'll get it done.

  • Am I able to use a mobile hotspot to share data with my partner?

    • Yep, Mobile Hotspot is OK.

  • Thank you for the orders guys, all of them will be sent out tomorrow.
    Those who ordered Express Post, we'll be sending you an email with Tracking References as soon as it's lodged with Australia Post.

  • How to put in departure date and return date.

    A bit annoy

    • Hi leexm101,

      The dates can be input at the very bottom of the checkout form.
      Try using incognito mode on Chrome if you can't see the fields.
      Feel free to PM me if you're still having issues.

      [email protected]

  • +2


    Some customers have made an order with 2 or more SIM cards but the coupon only applies once in the checkout.
    Feel free to PM me with your order number and I will process a refund for the difference.

    [email protected]

  • Can I put in two separate orders to get $10 off for each?

  • I'm also flying out in Feb. Can I send you my order number for an extended activation date as well?

  • +1

    Nevermind figured it out!

  • Folks - all orders including and before #864 have been packed and will be sent out tomorrow.

    Thank you guys for all the support!

    [email protected]

  • Hi, looking to buy 5x14 day sims, looks like coupon code only takes $10 off total order.

    any chance it can take $50 off total order for 5 sims so I won't need to make 5 separate orders?

  • I'm going to be in Japan from Dec 20 to Jan 20 … any chance of getting 2 x 31 day SIM Cards?

    Also, if they don't have phone numbers associated with them, do you have any trouble with WhatsApp and/or Viber?

    • Hi Jolt,

      Unfortunately our cards have maximum term of 30 days. It's just a day short of 31 days!

      I think I might have a solution for you though. Can you please shoot me an email via out contact form?

      [email protected]

  • Hi Tony - i fly out on May the 11th 2019, any chance of an extented activation date ?

    • Hi Zitor007,

      We'll have a deal for customers flying out in May around March next year! Watch this space.

      [email protected]

  • I just bought 2x, hopefully everything will work when we get there

    • Thanks for the support gutenmuach!

  • Folks, all orders up to number 905 have been packed and will be shipped first thing tomorrow morning!
    Express Post orders will have their Tracking Numbers sent as soon as the article is lodged.

    [email protected]

  • Any option for pickup in Sydney? Heading to Japan in a couple of days and not sure if I want to risk delivery.

    • @matthewm4

      Unfortunately not - hopefully we can have you onboard next time.

  • Will the sim card work in Hokkaido?

    And also, if I am going for 10 days but I am buying the 7 days sim card - do I enter the departure date with the date I want to activate the card?

    • Hi Shiningstar,

      Yes the SIM card will cover Hokkaido. PM me with your travel dates.

      [email protected]

  • Thanks for the support! We have SOLD OUT.
    More Japan SIM cards coming shortly!

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