Free Personalised Video Message From Santa [Free Sign Up/Account Required] @ Portable North Pole


My Christmas obsessed wife (she put up our tree in late October), stumbled upon this website which allows you to create personalised video messages from Santa (names and photos). 3 videos are free for a limited time (scroll to the bottom). Usually $11 each or something I think she said?

You can watch some trailers to get a feel of what you'll get. If you know someone named Lily, you're sorted!

Wife made a bunch of videos for a few people (even one for our daughter for next Xmas). Not for Phuong though, Santa doesn't have that name in his database (naughty Santa).

3 year old daughter was amazed Santa knew her name and was talking to her… Then went back to Paw Patrol.

Probably best to use a throwaway email address or something.

Bit of fun for the holidays.

Merry Christmas!

Edit: Apparently you can use to download your videos for free. Credit to crayner

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