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Xiaomi Mi 300Mbps WiFi Amplifier 2 Wireless Network Repeater for US$5.50/ AU$7.79 Delivered @ Gazechimp


WiFi Range Extender, WIFI Repeater 2 Amplifier Universal Wi-Fi Extender 300Mbps 802.11n Wireless WIFI Extende Signal For Xiaomi.
Built-in 2 antenna, transmission rate could up to 300Mbps Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier has 180° rotation USB interface, easy to find best direction to place.
WiFi Amplifier Xiaomi could be compatible with most routers, it is easy to set up and pair, 180° rotation USB interface, easy to find best direction to place.
WiFi Extender Xiaomi could support multi-level cascade (Or multiple connections at the same level), unlimited number of specific. But too much cascade will seriously affect the speed.


Material: Plastic
Size: 120x28x9mm
Color: White
Connection Steps:
1. The premise is you need to ensure the router have been connected with network and you could use it.
2. Then put amplifier insert usb port of the router, there are 2 situation, see as below pls:
if you use Xiaomi Router, you need to insert Xiaomi Amplifier into router a few minutes waiting indication light to be changed into blue and kept flashing.
If you use router with other brands or your router doesnt have usb ports, you could insert amplifier in any product with usb ports,
3.Next download official Xiaomi app named "MI Home" from app store, please process it according to the indication formed and connect between amplifier and router.
Likewise, so far you only need to wait the indication light to be turned into blue and kept flashing, then all is done.

Package Includes:

1 Piece WiFi Amplifier

1. AU price can't be shown on checkout page,but you can still pay with AU when you use paypal or bank transfer and your default currency is AU.
2. If you can not find the xiaomi W-IFI repeater 2 device on your App, please change you locate into Mainland or other.
3. Please use 2.4G, do not open 5G, make sure the SSID is total English, WiFi password encryption method required for WPA / WPA2, wifi signal should not be hided, please check the network settings. Wifi name should be total English.

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