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Kogan DC Pedestal Fan $89 with Free Shipping @ Kogan


Been this price before but I missed it and the previous deal expired, hope this helps someone else.

Previous deal

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  • +2 votes

    WWS 10%off kogan giftcards make it even cheaper


    Great fan. Went up $30 but now back st $89.


    Thanks bruv

  • +2 votes

    OP perhaps amend title to pedestal not pedistal.

  • +14 votes

    Bought this the other week. I'm a light sleeper, spouse is a year round fan fan. This one is impressively quiet compared to other models. Very pleased with purchase.

  • +2 votes

    I just picked mine up today from Australia Post from the last deal, and used it for the first time. Amaze-balls.

  • +2 votes

    How does this compare to the Bunnings dc fan ?



      I suspect they don’t compare well to this fan.

      I’ve been using mine for a week and it’s pretty damn good, as others say.

      • -4 votes

        Why not buy the Bunnings fan so you can review and compare it to the Kogan fan?

        • +1 vote

          Coz I don’t want two fans.

          So why did I buy the Koagn one you ask? Coz the reviews have been amazing first time around, back in early 2018 iirc. Even people who had issues 1st time around said they bought another fan last deal coz it’s so good.

          So I decided that a critic with a issue loves it enough to buy more, it’s probably really good.
          And now I have one and I have to say I agree it’s really good.

    • +1 vote

      In the other thread people do provide some feedback. Seems to be some mixed comments about build quality, Kogan one is meant to be better but others stated this to be not true, the Kogan one has more speed settings and the fan cover clips on differently, apparently. I bought the Bunnings one a few days ago as I missed out on the Kogan $89 deal. I love the Bunnings fan. First, it uses about 6 watts on speed setting of 3. My other standard fan used 30 watts. On a speed setting of 1 the fan is silent. Speed 2 and higher you can hear the fan, especially towards the top end it is loud. I use the fan for white noise when sleeping, so a speed setting of 3 gives of just enough noise that I am used to and using only 6 watts is important as I run the fan every day and for at least 8 hours a day. I got a bit peeved when I missed out on the Kogan deal but honestly I don't care. Loving this fan and I don't miss the other speed settings/features as clearly this does what I need.


      The arlec fan looks and feels cheaper than the kogan IMHO. I've seen it set up in store, although I didn't see it run.


      Discussed last time round here.

  • +1 vote

    Purchased this a few weeks ago. Rate it highly. Sturdy and good speed. Worth the price difference to my $49 Goldair fans from HN.

  • +1 vote

    Bought last deal very happy. Hubby loves remote and very quiet on silent setting.


    Purchased in the last deal - very happy so far. Definitely reccomend.


    Whats the difference between this and a $12 Bunnings fan?


    How is this compared with the vornado 660?

  • +4 votes

    My only gripe with the Kogan fan is that it doesn't remember the fan speed that you last used when turning the fan back on. It resets to the default speed of 10.

    The Kambrook dc fan, by contrast, does remeber the speed.

    Both fans switch off after 12 hours if no user input has been made which is also a minor bugbear.

    • +1 vote

      This, and the super bright display… I got some window tint and tinted the instrument panel, which helped - but it's still quite bright.

      You can turn the display off by holding down the power button for 2-3 seconds, but you can't do this with the remote. And every time you modify the speed setting with the remote, the display turns back on - which means you need to go back to the fan and turn the light off - making the remote pointless.

      I'm quite picky about light though.

    • +2 votes


      Lack of remembering the fan speed is exactly why I returned my Kogan and ended up getting the Kambrook one. Was annoying having to set the correct speed every time I turned it on. Blue display looked a bit tacky too IMHO.

      I like the styling of the Kambrook better and I think the quality of the fan is a touch higher, but you pay for it and it likely will never go down to $89..


    Got two of these. Really quiet and powerful. Really Quite Powerful. Great remote and many useful functions.


    Got one to replace my $12 Click fan, hope its more powerful!


    got mine last deal, also have cheap one ($12) from bunnings few weeks before. Kogan's vs Bunning (Kogan/Bunning), speed- 26 vs 3 , quieter in low speed vs louder in all speed, low speed has lower air flow, high speed has higher air flow vs 3 speed in the middle, remote and sleep timer vs no remote no sleep timer, better build quality vs cheaper quality.

    For me, 26 speed is a biggest winner. The lowest speed feel so natural light wind and so quiet, the highest speed as loud as the bunnings cheap fan but it blow much more air. If the all above doesn't matter to you, then the cheap bunnings one will do.

    Edit: The LED light will turn off by itself


    Whats average shipping time to sydney metro?

    • +1 vote

      I dunno about Sydney, but here in Melbourne I got it in 2 days.

    • +2 votes

      About a week. 3 days if you're lucky.

      I ordered on Wed night, shipped out Thu, processed at Auspost/Startrack Vic on Fri, out for delivery in Syd on Mon and delivered 9pm that day. Estimate from Auspost was Wed.

      Obviously it'll take longer if you order now because Christmas/New Year.

  • +7 votes

    For anyone who is after a cheaper version of this, with a few less features, no bright lights and more appealing design (IMHO) the $59 kogan DC fan is great. Also with free shipping https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-standard-dc-motor-pedesta...

    Have been using mine for a week - super quiet and pushes good amount of air. Only downside is the loud BEEP whenever you press a button, even the button to turn off the beeps to enter 'silent' mode -sigh-

    • +3 votes



      Whats the quality like on the 59$ DC fan? It sounds like the 89$ dc fan is of decent great quality.

      How would you rate the quality of your one after a week of use please. Thank you

    • +1 vote

      Only downside is the loud BEEP whenever you press a button, even the button to turn off the beeps to enter 'silent' mode -sigh-

      LOL…..Oh dear.

      Easy fix though, just open the unit up and disable the piezo speaker. It will void your warranty of course (although they'd never check it in the case of a warranty claim) but it will save your sanity, especially if you're using it at night.

      How to de-beep your appliance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNZ-w5XYVZ8

      I like the minimalist design of the fan, reminds me of the Xiaomi. A shame it's only 4 speed.


    Thanks Op. We bought one from the previous deal. Liked the fan so we just bought another one!


    I don't understand, why not get this one for $10 more? : https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-clearcool-tower-fan/


    Anyone know if shipster still works with kogan? not working at checkout at the moment


    Mine doesn't stand straight or feel particularly sturdy. It has a slight lean and the top fan section is loose from the lower pedastel section. Maybe I did something wrong during assembly?

    It occasionally creaks during use if the oscillation is turned on.

    Fan has very little up and down adjustment but has large oscillation range.

    The remote battery door was very, very difficult to open. Ended up brute forcing it without breaking it.

    Other than occasional creaking on the three lowest settings the fan is silent. The lowest setting moves almost no air though. Higher settings has low level noise with good air movement and you can crank it up to jet engine setting 40. Or use "AI" which seems to just be jet engine. I tend to use 3 or 4.

    It's a pretty cheap and nasty fan however it is silent.

    I feel it's more than likely false economy to buy these fans rather than spend twice or three times as much on a commercial grade product that lasts 20 years but that's just a guess.


      The remote door is very easy to open. If you found it hard, you are not using it properly.

      The base is actually very sturdy I also have it on carpet and it passes the baby earthquake test, my one year old shakes the thing and it doesn’t collapse ( I was so worried it would), better than the old fan we had which did fall.

      So I suspect you may have done something wrong during assembly as you mentioned.


    The remote battery door is pretty easy to open if you pull the bottom left corner. My fan stand on the carpet without any problem or any creaking sound. don't know if your fan is faulty or assembly problem though.


    It's been this price since Dec 2017 (if not earlier). Goes up to $119 then down to this price quite regularly.
    Looks like a decent product and I'm thinking of getting it, but is it really a deal?


    Do you guys generally add extra warranty cover on this fan? Cheers



      Your credit card might offer it.

      The ACL definitely does.


        Mine is a debit card. What is ACL?
        I mean extend one year warranty to 3 years. Or one year is enough? Cheers

        • +1 vote

          Australian Consumer Law, which offers guarantees independent of any warranty.

          There's no explicit time period but it goes by how long you can "reasonably" expect the product to last.


            @elusive: Thank you! But what if the fan is broken after the first year (which is Logan offers one year warranty cover), can I still claim any warranty like repair, replacent after the product warranty expire?? (Dont know how warranty works~~) many thanks!

            • +1 vote

              @MFCAUS: No. Because the consumer guarantees are explicitly not a manufacturer warranty.

              See https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-rights-guarantees...

              If it comes to it, if you try to make a warranty claim, you will be rightfully rejected because your warranty period ended. But if the product is not of "acceptable quality", which is a subjective term taking into account how much it cost and what is normally expected for that type of product, you can claim a remedy under consumer guarantees as set out in ACL. Which has nothing to do with the warranty.

              Just to reinforce that point: "warranty" and "consumer guarantee" are different things. A warranty is often provided by the manufacturer (and entirely optional), while consumer guarantees are required by Australian law (and enforced against the retailer, not the manufacturer).

              Now, whether Kogan accepts the claim and cooperates, or argues and you end up having to give up or take legal action, is uncertain. And, again, whether this fan can be expected to last longer than a year is entirely subjective and you would have to argue that case.

              If you are lucky, some retailers will just accept claims under ACL to save themselves the trouble. If you are unlucky, well, you'll need to put in more effort and time.

              Consumer guarantees are a safety net. That doesn't mean they are necessarily easy to enforce.

  • +2 votes

    Didn't receive my fan from last deal. Kogan support is hopeless. Emailed and no response and where is Kogan number?

    • +1 vote

      Another reason to use PayPal. Filing a PayPal complaint often gets businesses far more engaged than just a simple support email.

      Of course doesn't help that you are fanless with a heatwave approaching.


      Kogan don't have a number to call for customer support, don't have live chat and can only be contacted by email. I don't have a problem with email if it is answered promptly. But each time I emailed Kogan, they would take a few days to reply. A different person would reply and that person don't follow the email trail to understand the problem fully. So I ended up rewriting what the problem was and it is really frustrating.

  • +1 vote

    It has been exactly 3 weeks that I received the incomplete fan and filed a paypal complaint. I have yet to receive a replacement unit.