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NetGear Arlo Pro (2 Cameras) Smart Home Security $329.10 Delivered ($314.10 with eBay Plus) @ Computer Alliance eBay


Use the 10% off code PRIZE by no later than the 28/12/2018 (or before stock runs out) to get the Netgear Arlo Pro with 2 cameras for $329.10 delivered (or $314.10 with eBay plus) from Computer Alliance's eBay store.

Original PRIZE 10% off Site-wide eBay Post .

Note, this is the Arlo Pro, not the Arlo Pro 2 (720p vs 1080p video quality and 24/7 recording capabilities being two of the biggest upgrades for the newer version). Computer Alliance are also selling the Arlo Pro 2 but for $699 listed price on their eBay store (which is the same as JB Hi-Fi currently) so watch out for that listing and don't let it confuse you.

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    is that the older model?

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    Arlo Pro also captures in 1080p

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    Bought 1080 Arlo pro 2 from good guys ebay from earlier post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/427697 for around 440


    How does these Arlo compare to Swann system that records back to hard drive in 1080p?

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    I have Arlo Pro 2 with 3 x 1080p cameras and 2 x 720p cameras.
    Let me say that the 720p are usless
    the 1080p arent much better.

    Not overly happy with the set but is better than my swann shite. Always charging. and always flat at the wrong time.

    FYI as a thief seeing these $200 plus cameras up outside a house or business. I would steal these cameras. and they are designed to be taken. So easy to remove even if you have screw kits. Better score than breaking in and stealing something inside


      Honestly, even 1080P is damn useless nowadays given the asking price of these kits, compared to what is available within the CCTV industry.

      2K'ish camera's have been around for quite some time with 4K now replacing them. Arlo's are priced for those looking for convenience over quality/cost.