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Last Minute Travel Club - 1 Year Membership for Free (Usually US $50) (through iOS and Android Apps)


According to Professor Snape in the comments, you don’t even need to download the app, you can do it directly on the website :)

Original post:
Hi guys, this is just like a previous deal which I think never expired (I posted it back in February).

Basically it’s one year free of Last Minute Travel Club (usually $50.00).

To sign up, follow these steps:

1.- Download the app first:
Link for iOS https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/last-minute-travel-deals/id7...
Link for Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tgs.system...

2.- Once in the app, sign up. It’s free.

3.- Once you have signed up and logged in, check the menu on the top left and select “Join the Club”. It will take you to the LMT Club website.

4.- Sign up. Fill the form with your details and then apply promo code “APPFREECLUB” at the top, it will not require a credit card or anything, it will say it is $0 and sign you up immediately.

5.- Voila! Use it to get your discounts.

Some of the discounts are really good, just make sure to compare with other travel agencies first. But for example, I used this to get tickets to the Warner Bros Studio Tour in LA for less than $53 USD, by far the cheapest option I could find (the next on was with Working Advantage through my ISIC card for $57, tickets on the WB website are $65).
I’ve also used it for car rentals and hotels.

Hope you get some good use out of it, I have for sure :)

Have an awesome 2019, full of discounts and savings!!!

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  • +8

    Wouldn't have even bothered trying this, but such a great write up I definitely will!

  • +4

    Thanks! Didn't even need to use the App.

    • +3

      Thanks for the heads up!

      I’ll update the deal with this info.

    • Good job

    • On the website it requires a credit card. On the app, I'm getting "unexpected error — try again in a few minutes".

      • Done in the right order it is easy on website and doesn't require credit card details. After sign up click join, then tick agree to T&C box, and lastly apply coupon APPFREECLUB.

  • +1

    Thanks mate. Have registered. My wife's 30th b'day is up in 2019. I hope this comes in handy to book a great trip!

  • +16

    Lol was going to sign up when I realised I had lifetime membership still from a 2015 deal :)

    • +9

      Lol, same with me, but I still tried with an alternative email to check if it still works and share with the OzBargain community :)

    • Ditto lol

    • Yeah, lifetime member too but not sure which OzBargain deal it came from lol.

  • +1

    Thanks op

  • Hhmmm. Not working for me…

    • What does it say? Does it give you an error?

    • It wasn't working for me either but it wanted me to accept the terms and conditions first before applying the code.

  • +1

    Was looking for a place to put in the coupon code turned out I am already a life time member… presumably from precious promotion

    • +2

      me too, nfi how that happened

      • +2

        Perhaps your cousin who's a Nigerian prince really did have a massive fortunate to share but since you didn't give him your credit card details he only left you with this life time membership?

  • Crap app in terms of user interface. Currency default is USD. And if you change to AUD it only works for searching hotels but not in flights.

    • +2

      Well, it’s a US app anyway. Same thing happens with the Activities section.

      In saying that, does it make a difference? You can still find good discounts and you can use one of the many credit/debit cards with no extra fees on international purchases (plenty of them have been posted in OzBargain, just look for them).

  • +4

    Read the Google reviews. Doesn't look real flash

    • Yes I found a great deal on a hotel in Prague but this site has terrible reviews on Yelp, Trustpilot and more. So not at all sure what to do?

  • +7

    Pretty average prices. I've tried using this many times but always found cheaper prices elsewhere, especially Agoda

    • Me too. I'd be bitter if I paid.

  • +5

    I just compered it to Skyscanner for Mel - London return and for the same flight/airline it was $170 more expensive! Can't think why they reckon it's worth paying for membership to this as there are sites that do it (better) for free.

    • +4

      I agree. However, sometimes you can find some cheaper deals, and having another option to check for free it’s always good in the interest of saving money :)

  • +5

    Just tried signing-up and didn't even know I already have an existing lifetime club membership since 2015. OZBargain life..:)

  • +2

    Just checked,Price is more expensive than skyscanner.

  • +13

    Be careful, this website has access to your password in plain text.

    • +2

      that's right, i just tried recovering my password and they emailed it back in plain text.

    • +1

      The SSL certificate for the flight booking site is not valid either.

    • Worst part is there's no option to change your password. The password field is disabled (in chrome). :(

  • +4

    I joined about three years ago and for travel in the US I was able to get rates much, much less than all of the other websites. We went to the US again earlier this year and I didn’t use the site once - they were consistently more expensive. I understand the business was sold somewhere along the line.

    • Yeah, just booked Hotel in LA for the trip in Jan a couple of days ago via booking.com, I could of saved $50 (2 nights) if I booked from them …

      Edit: Also checked the hotel booked for DC, could of saved $240 over 5 nights …

      • Yes, you can save loads. They used to have incredible deals. Maybe it varies depending on the area. I did my bookings for LMTC for Washington DC, Niagara, Florida, SanDiego, Tusayan, Vegas and SanFransico on two previous trips - 2015, 2017.
        I used Hotwire a fair bit last time but it was easy to predict the hotels because we did a lot of smaller places in North Western US. I couldn’t find anything good on LMTC in that area.
        The other advantage with them is often the bookings can be cancelled whereas the cheapest rates on the other sites can’t be.

      • Cancel booking.com and book again through here.

        • Booked with non-refundable option :(

  • Anyone booked flights through this lot?
    Came up $70 cheaper than the airline for a LUN-CPT flight I need to take.
    Wondering if the site is more reliable that say mytrip or budgetair or edreams etc

  • Just checked for Singapore. Prices are nothing special. Only 2 attractions available too. I've uninstalled the app since.

    • +1

      I find it’s only good for the US.

      • I got a free subscription last year. Most deals about USA destination and not even cheap in many cases.

        Good to try!!!
        I have deleted my account now.

    • Hong Kong is 3% off… jump on it

  • +1

    Will there ever be an affordable way to escape the island?

    Canada or America would be nice but I'll settle for England seeing as it's so close to all the other countries.

    England is a fly over state right?

  • +4

    That's a real crap app. hard to use and nothing cheap IMO… uninstalling…

  • can i ask. after joining this , what is the status of your member details. mine says club.
    but it has lifetime membership?

  • +1

    Traveled overseas last year, any offer that was actually cheaper than hotel websites was not able to be redeemed (hotel have to approve the deal)

    I wouldn't bother

  • +1

    Did a 5-6 searches and all were more expensive than hotels.com.

  • +1

    I had a basic membership and I applied the promo code .. all worked ..thanks OP

  • Signed up - had a look and looks decent. I think once you learn how to use it a bit then it would be great for finding some sweet deals. Not sure how often i'll use it, but maybe next time I go away i'll jump on and see if I can find some attractions on the cheap.

  • +1

    Thank heaps for this! Just booked the Venetian in Vegas for $145 a night! Everywhere else has it listed for $500pn. I have everything crossed it isnt an error or scam!!

    • +1

      Just spent the last 4 nights at The Venetian for a similar price. You can also add a $50 per night resort fee + $20 per night taxes to your $145.

      It’s an upmarket hotel in a great position on the The Strip so still a good deal.

    • A way to get around the resort fees is to book an Air Bnb that's in the hotels - we did that with Vdara and saved $50+ a night not paying the resort fee and valet parking

  • +1

    Hmm I signed up in 2014 with some free code it seems like I have a lifetime membership?

    Status: Club
    Member Since: August 8, 2014
    Membership Expiration Date: Lifetime
    Membership Fee: $0

    • Same with mine, for the club,

    • +3

      Same. Tried to sign up with code under a new email, says promo no longer valid.

      Saw your comment, thought I would try my old email, presto! Lifetime member.

  • +1

    Promo code is no longer valid

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