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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 i5/8GB/128GB $1088 ($938 with AmEx Offer) @ Domayne


Microsoft Surface Pro 6
i5 8th gen
MicroSD slot
No USBC unfortunately

Was going for $1195 a few days ago at JB HiFi

Been looking for one for a while, very nice screen, 8th gen quad core and very good battery life - good travel device

Not the best price on its own but with the Amex Domayne cashback looks to be the lowest price to date

Doesn’t include the optional keyboard

Original Amex Offer

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    Isn't your maths off? The Amex deal is $150?

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      he need surface to run the calculator and do the math :D

  • Your maths is a bit off there.. comes to $988 with Amex with single card (Spend $750 get $150 credit)

    • Oops fixed

      • Yeah my typo as well is incorrect lol- $938 is right

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    How come minus 150 comes to $738?

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    That's not mathematics… that's mathemagics.

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    Not the best price on its own but with the Amex Domayne cashback looks to be the lowest price to date

    Do we really need separate deals for every Domayne product that requires the cashback to be a good deal?

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      Similar to all the ebay deals that use the same code.

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        The ebay deals are typically open to everyone, these deals are essentially targeted for Amex holders only.

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          Safe to say 99% of ozbargainers have an amex or close to that…

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          Most people can get an Amex card though.

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    • what's wrong with that. it makes people buy stuff that they never thought about buying before they saw the post on ozbargain.

      • They already know what store the cashback applies on..

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          what you are forgetting is that some people, myself included, often look at posts like this and make an impulse purchase to take advantage of the offer. saves the hassle of looking through Domayne website trawling through what is a decent price with the offer.

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      I personally would buy this even without the cashback because it seems to be the best price around atm, so am thankful for the post

  • Good price, paid $1,088 at JB HiFi yesterday.

    • Did that include the keyboard?

  • Thanks OP. Thoughts on this vs the Dell XPS 13 deal?

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      Get this if you want light, powerful + don't type a lot. XPS13 has bigger screen and better keyboard but heavier as it is a full laptop. This is more like a hybrid (tablet that is powerful as a laptop). Good luck.

      • Is 8gb ram sufficient?

        • Depends on what you do with it. In most cases yes.

    • Pretty much same specs; Surface has the better screen but is more of a powerful tablet than a laptop.
      XPS13 is a premium laptop and better alrounder for most + the ability to upgrade the SSD later on is probably worth something

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    Good price but remember you will need to buy a keyboard too. That alone costs an extra $200-250. Pen is another $150, then Microsoft office and suddenly you're paying $1500 for an i5 and 128GB. If you just need a laptop, there are better options out there

    • Don’t really need a pen.. they can drop the price of the keyboard to $170

      We just got ours from Harvey

  • https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/store/config/Surface-Laptop-...

    Get this if you want a laptop which works out cheaper than the above for the base set.

  • Good one. The surface pro is definitely a game changer. Have both a laptop and surface pro and whenever I'm looking for a computer I pick up the surface pro 9/10 times since I installed MS office on it

    • -1

      its too small and fiddly. not comfortable for long usage. using on your lap or bed is a constant balancing game and still nowhere near ipad for tablet use.

      • I have a 4th gen iPad from work a few years ago. Never was a big fan of it due to its limitations. If all you do is view news and browse on ozbargain then sure it does the job

  • Great price even without the Amex discount.

  • Is this the right balance of specs, between ram of 8gb, storage of 128gb, processor of i5?

    • Only you can answer that for yourself.
      Do YOU need more storage?

      • I… I dont know you've put me on the spot

    • Best value Surface but remember the SSD is not upgradable - reviews say around 50-70GB of free space is available by default and the only way to add storage is via microSD (eg $30 for 128GB) or an external USB drive.

      The 256GB model has a faster SSD but you’re paying quite a premium over this one

      Most users will find the i5 and 8GB plenty for years to come

  • They also have listed an M3 4GB as a 6th Gen, is it possible this listing is actually a 5th Gen?

    • I’ve seen overseas reviews mentioning the Pro 6 coming with an m3 CPU but can’t see it on the Microsoft AU site or Wiki

  • I'd heard of Domayne but for some reason I assumed they were a furniture shop.

    I'm very curious to know if my fellow Surface Pro owners ever use it detached from the keyboard cover (touch screen only)? Because I never have. Once you include the cost of the $200 keyboard cover, it becomes as expensive or more expensive than an equivalently specced laptop (and I'm using it exclusively like a laptop) which will have longer battery life and more ports, and sits on your lap more comfortably.

    • When I had the SP3 I would only use it detached; can’t remember the last time I used the type cover keyboard.
      Having said that, I also had a proper laptop and mainly used the surface for movies and travel or sitting on the couch

    • I have the type cover for my SP3 also but i have been using it exclusively as a tablet and its great for consuming content and browsing the web gets the job done, if i want speedy access since it just sits besides the bed table nowadays and easy to grab and use while lying down.

      • I hate the on screen keyboard for Windows.

        You can't swipe with it, and typing is slow on a touch screen without suggestions.

        I don't think full Windows is a good touch screen OS.

        • Yes that is a downside of the touch typing experience I've learnt to adapt with the shortcomings (onscreen k/b doesnt show up automatically) so its just really about typing as little as possible.

  • How about the M3 4gb 128 BUNDLE (keyboard included) @ $797

    Qualifying for the amex over $750 deal -$150 equals $647 (plus $9.95 delivery to Brisbane)

    I currently use a Pro4 i5 6300U 2.4ghz 4gb and have no performance issues with usage - can i expect to notice any difference with this M3?

    • The m3 model looks to be a 7th gen; around 21% slower than your current CPU. Resale likely would be poor as well as the i5/7 models are sought after.
      Low price but you’d might prefer the Surface Go if not looking for power; atleast you have a sky lake CPU which is really not bad (and has hardware x265 decoding for watching downloaded movies if that matters)

    • I think that's too expensive for something that gimped.

      can i expect to notice any difference with this M3?

      Yes. It throttles all the time. I have one in my Galaxy Tabpro S which has 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD.

  • Quick question- if I buy surface book 2 and pay by two Amex card will I get $300 back?

  • Type Cover, Surface Pen, and Surface Arc Mouse each sold separately!!!

  • Just Wish they'd give more space than the measly 128 GB baseline already lol

    200$ to get more space, biggest reason i havent upgraded from my Surface 3

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