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Coles 2/1: CCs $1.60, Spam $2.45, 24x Frantelle $6, Brut $3.15, 50% Swisse, 4x Connoisseur Sticks $4.20, 1000 Flybuys Select GCs


An early look at the first Coles catalogue for 2019. Starts Jan 2. Happy New Year to you all. Enjoy :)

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    Thanks op

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    I always get excited when Froot Loops are on sale. Tried the Brekky Heroes Fruity Hoops to ease the cravings and it's up there in the grossest stuff I've tried.

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      Fruit Loops have 38% sugar.

      • +19

        Oh but I have it with strawberry milk.

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        Also used to find the blue colouring turned my poo almost bright green. TMI?

        • They took away the blue froot loops years ago. I voted for that.

    • -5

      I always get excited when Froot Loops are on sale.

      That could be the saddest hing I ever read. Are you a pensioner?

      • +1

        If you can't find happiness in the small things in life then perhaps it's you?

        • -1

          You're right, it might be me, but when they talk about happiness in the small things it usually refers to things like a smile from your wife, or a kiss from your child. Froot Loops not so much.

          • @Wardaddy: That’s discrimination, what did a pensioner ever do to you. Next you will be attacking those who drink water out of a plastic bottle 😏 so fruit loopy of you.

            • @RockyRaccoon: I keep forgetting how many people on here sure bereft of a sense of humour.

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    Spam is half price, perfect!
    For my dog…

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      So is sausage and bacon. Care for some Spam, bacon, sausage and Spam?

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        Bacon is life. No further comment needed.

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        I am a traditionalist so would prefer Spam, Sausage, Spam, Spam, Spam, Bacon, Spam, Tomato and Spam.

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          Spam Lite is tastier fried up than the traditional Spam IMO…

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      Your dog is of course a connoisseur.

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        Packed on 26/04/2016.

        Just how long have you been using the same picture?

        • +2

          Maybe since late May 2016.

    • I thought people use Spam to make sushi?

        • spam. being low quality meat …..there are many things on supermarket shelves called ham, and they are just ground up and compressed pork, sometimes even in roll form and sold in thin slices as ham at the deli counter, close inspection of ingredients often doesn’t quote leg or shoulder ham, just pork product.

          pig is one of those animals where very little goes to waste in regards to human consumption.

          haven’t had it since i was a kid, fried up with beans or eggs when going camping, i should try a can again.

          • @garage sale: World health organisation has processed meats listed as carcinogenic, you would be stupid consume those types of meats like those, ie bacon, ham, spam etc.

    • RSPCA might need to be informed that you are feeding your dog spam!

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    Thanks for the preview TA :)

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    Geez you've gone to some effort to photograph the whole catalog ! GREAT job !

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    Thanks so much for posting catalogues early TA, helps with my grocery planning. My place and the houses around me don't receive any catalogues for some reason, so being able to access it early is a great bonus :)

  • Cool looks like Hot cross buns are out too… awesome. :-)

  • Used to have 2000pts ($10) for $100 Coles Master, now only 1000pts, can't even offset the $5.95 fee…

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    The Ultimate Kids and Ultimate Teens gift cards are there with 1000 points for a $50 purchase.

  • 2/1

    Why would you pay double price?

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    Thanks for the early look at the catalogue TA & a Happy New Year to you & yours.🎆🎇

  • Need to stock up on some Brut!

    • Need to feel manly hey?

  • can i buy 1 ultimate teen card and 1 ultimate kids card and receive 2,000 points? thanks

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      1 card per flybuys account. If each adult in your family has a separate flybuys account (not a shared card) you can have one for each account.

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        thanks mate

  • is nsw included in this

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    Omg I’m so happy. Basmati rice is half price I’m running so low.

    • Do you know how often it goes on sale? If it's rare, I might stock up

  • I just got my new Coles catalogue for Qld and noticed the Frantelle water is $8.75 instead of $6. Must be different prices in different states. l will have a look at other prices and see if the differ as well.

    • Same, wondering if this VIC catalogue also applies for NSW, because we just had almost all soft drinks for the past 2 weeks at $1.25ea, and now catalogue says 2 for $3…

      But anyways, A Happy New Year to you and your family TightArse!

    • Yes there is variation on drink prices in different states. Coca-cola for example is cheaper in some than others.

    • The bottle deposit thingy in some states would contribute to price differences I assume? …

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    Any for woolies or do we have to wait til 5pm

  • @tightarse is your catolgue for NSW? Frantelle water is $8.75 in my Qld catologue that has identical items.Now that QLD has 10cent bottle refund they have put 24pk up by $2.40, what the other 35 cents is has got me stumped!

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