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BIGW $350 Samsung H200 Full HD Camcorder Very Good Deal, Save $234 Cheapest FULL HD Camcorder


I just find BIGW has Samsung H200 Full HD Camcorder for sale at only $350(save $234).
Very good Full HD Camcorder with cheapest price and good brand.

I find many products' price in BIGW have reduced, anyone known what happen?
It's BiGW change their market style?

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    miao he,

    It is cheap and a good price, but not $234 cheaper.
    This is sold for $409 at Camera Warehouse.



      my mistake.
      I just find BIGW said "save $234" and copy to here.

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        Hey Miao, I didn't mean to say "save $234" was wrong. I just replied to your question to point out that BIGW has not actually reduced the price by a very large margin.


          Are you serious? That is 40% off the price.



          I think you have misunderstood.

          The OP asked whether BigW has changed its marketing style based on the "save $234".
          I merely pointed out that this unit could be had for $60 more elsewhere, therefore, BigW hasn't reduced the price by a sufficient margin to be considered a change of marketing style.

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          Surm - the OP is asking whether BigW has changed marketing style and thus decided to start offering decent prices.

          A $60 discount below normal market price is a significant discount. It seems that they are being pretty aggressive lately with TVs, Consoles and other electronic goodies, so I think they have changed their style to a degree.

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        You were correct in quoting that. It is reduced $234 from their previous price. It is not your responsibility to research every business in the world to find cheaper prices than big Ws previous price. Surm is wrong


    Lol, I bought a 38 dollar HD camcorder with hdmi output/usb output a few months ago. I hardly use it recording HD since it uses too much of the memory card too quickly. BTW, it was from chickenfeed. And it's been working perfectly ever since, even though it's a no-brand. XD


      what? where?! looking for a camera and cbf paying so much if im only going to use it once in a blue moon. does it actually work and not fail though? very skeptical of no-branded stuff.. typically stuff up after a few goes or very very low quality video


        It records 720p high definition in widescreen and it can be directly connected to a lcd for HD video WITHOUT any grains. I have used it to record lectures around 10 metres away, and the text from the mpg files are crisp and clear—as readable as the lecture p.p. Has not failed ever, when it runs out of the memory card it ACTUALLY saves the video recording—I use it daily. It came with a usb link cable, a hdmi cable for the tele, an hdmi to analogue cable, pouch, wrist strap, has a 2.4" screen, and it lasts for 3 hours recording HD on average, or hmm about 4 ish hours recording in 'D1' (perhaps WVGA). And it doesnt look cheap, its shiny and glossy piano black. Heres the link for the same camcorder, but for 5mp, not the 8mp(my one), and note that one doesnt feature HD recording—I think they just used the same shell but different internal specs. http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/p/otek-7-in1-digital-video-cam... The place I bought it was called Chickenfeed. Their website is: http://www.chickenfeed.com.au/ and they are very friendly, and will allow returns if you don't like the item you bought. XD


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