This was posted 8 months 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Castrol Magnatec Engine Oil -10W-40 5 Litre $19.29 (Save 55%) @ Supercheap Auto


Ozbargain's favourite oil is back on sale for under $20. Good price for some quality oil. Doesn't seem to be any limit on purchases. A few other good deals that I'll post below:

Castrol Magnatec Stop Start Engine Oil - 10W-30 5 Litre - $20.59 55% off
Chemtech CT18 Superwash - 20 Litre - $62.50 50% off
SCA Socket Set - 1 / 2 inch Drive, Metal Tin, 41 Piece - $49.99 55% off This would be a back up set I'd put in the car for emergencies rather than an everyday use type set.


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    thanks OP. really need engine oil. replaced mine yesterday and only have 3L in the car now.


    How is it compare to full synthetic oil? Thanks

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      most modern cars require fully synthetic oil (that is, the manufacturer recommend it, and using the incorrect oil would void warranty for related parts).

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    FYI not full synthetic.

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    Where's the Castrol Edge deals at!


    Change it your self or ??

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      no point buying it unless you change yourself or your car burns or leaks oil and you have to top up between changes. the service fee you'll be charged anywhere will include consumables. depending on your car an oil change can be pretty easy and may not even require jacking up the car to get to the filter. outside of warranty period for a car there is no real reason not to do your own services.

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      You can often take it to your mechanic and they will use it if your not confident in changing your own oil. Saves you a little bit of cash as they usually charge more for their oil. As long as they are approved, your warranty will remain in tact.

      But do remember their is more to servicing then changing oil which are listed in your service book. They will include at some point:

      • Changing cabin/oil/air filter
      • Checking brakes for wear
      • Checking all lights/signals work
      • checking all fluid levels
      • checking tyre pressure and wear

      • many other misc items at larger intervals such as spark plugs, belts, gaskets, etc.

      If your not confident you can do all the above, take it to your mechanic.


        Great reply.

        There's a lot a mechanic can diagnose before it becomes a major issue such as,

        Corrosion and/or sludge in the radiator, murky oil (both may indicate coolant/oil cross contamination or HG failures), excess metal on sump magnets if fitted especially on the gearbox and diff, worn bushes, worn CVs and unijoints, brake caliper seal cracking necessitating caliper or drum piston rebuilds, cracking or split shaft seals, worn harmonic balancer or multi weight flywheels, oil residue on airconditioning pipe seals, powdery residue anywhere along the coolant paths and so much more the typical home mechanic won't pick up.

        If you're interested in doing your own servicing, start with the minor service intervals and have the major service done by a qualified mechanic, preferably away from a stealership since they're usually robbing you blind. As you build your experience, start doing a couple of bigger jobs. You'll have that day when you cost yourself a lot of money from a mistake, but once you've learned what you did wrong, it's really unlikely you'll make the same mistake again.

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      One should learn to change the oil in their car. Save a heap! A simple oil/oil filter, air filter and coolant is not hard to do and worth doing yourself everytime.

      I change my oil/oil filter every 7k klms.


        Basically, making sure you check things like air filters, etc.

        If you get the oil on sale and have say two in the shed and (in my case) stock up on oil filters you're looking at sub $60 oil changes. (depends on your car).

        Obviously the first time you'll need to buy tools if you don't have them, so you won't save anything but every other time you are typically halving your cost.

        As for major services, I'd still suggest to get those done via a mechanic. Such as timing belts, things like leaks (unless it's easy) can be a big job. But if you do your own services, learn how to check your brake pads and brake fluid/power steering fluid, even just the level so you know you aren't going to kill anything.

        If in doubt, ask your mechanic when you are getting a major service done, I imagine that they'd be happy to show you. Otherwise the internet is your resource


    Personally would not use CT18 as a Car wash.
    Known to affect paintwork.
    Good as a degreaser.


      Humm… I better looks this up. Had been using CT18 for last couple washes


      I know a few ppl who use this religiously and swear by it. I personally haven't used it but know if it was prone to doing this they wouldn't be using it at all.


    Hold your horses. Isn't Castrol Edge the ozbargain oil of choice?


    Website says limit 2/customer btw


      The limit of 2 is for each sale, you can just order many lots of 2 bottles by click and collect then go in and pick them all up together.
      This way you get the 2.1% Cashback Rewards too.


        was actually thinking that would work anyway.. Sent a password reset for my account nearly 2hrs ago… Still awaiting email…

        prolly just checkout without logging in…


        All done, ordered 4x Magnatec + 12x cans of Degreaser for $20…


    I would love to read a good review of these cheap socket/ratchet kits quality and durability compared to Snap On and other premium marketed brands. What percentage of the metal is Chinesium if any etc.

    They sure feel cheaper but I've got a few of these sets and none have broken yet, even though the ratchet and sockets feel much cheaper.


    This is strictly a personal choice, but i used this in my engine and didnt like it what so ever. Had a few rough starts and noises (mainly on startup, where this should be perfect for, made for). So i dumped the oil immediately and went back to using 'valvoline engine armour 10w-40' and haven't heard those noises since. I love the valvoline engine armour and use it in all 3 cars and i don't think i'll ever swap oil brands. However, it is more than double the price of this oil. Has anybody else had problems with 'magnatec'??

    Merged from 60% off Castrol Magnatec Engine Oil 10W-40 5 Litre $19.29 Free Click & Collect @ SuperCheap Auto
    Go to Deal

    Found this when looking for oil, it's a damn good price for decent oil. Deal expires tomorrow, I've used 'click and collect to make sure I don't miss the good price, get some now for your next car service!


      Can it be used instead of Penrite HPR 10 10W-50 in a 2000 CE Lancer?


        Brand doesn't matter with compatibility, I used 10-40W oil on my 2008 Lancer, as that was what the owner manual said to use. Would imagine a 2000 model would be the same, check your manual if you have it, or double check when picking the oil up with the store clerk, they have guides by the oil section that tell you.


          Is Magnatec Semi-synthetic? The Penrite mentioned above is fully synthetic that I use regularly, I wonder if that might cause any trouble.


            @UncommonName: Like a lot of guys, I legit never read manuals or guides. The only exception I've learnt to have is the owner manual for cars I own. They are actually very useful. Really recommend opening up the maintenance section in yours, it will put you at ease, will answer your questions exactly.

            Just as a side note, my lawn mower takes both synthetic, and semi-synthetic. Don't notice a difference with either.


              @JakeyJooJoo: If the car calls for semi synthetic use that, if it doesn't don't.

              If in doubt use full synthetic. It won't hurt, as for different oils.

              It doesn't really matter, but for things like Euro/Turbo/Supercharged/Modified cars I'd be making sure that you get the recommended oil.

              Why you ask? Oils have additives and this can change the way that it cleans and reacts with the motor. The saying that "all oil is the same" is wrong in this day and age. For a basic car like a Hyandai Excel, yes it won't care.

              For reference my B5 A4 1.8T (270k) calls for 5-30, but I run 5-40 as it's an older engine. The manual/documentation suggests semi synthetic, but you'd have to be a moron to run semi synthetic in it.

              As for on topic of this, I ran this in my Audi 80 V6 and it was great. Apparently they love it according to my local wrecker/mechanic.


      for decent oil.

      Sorry, but I've never seen a good wear report after using Magnatec.
      And worse, it stains everything golden so assessing a problem is all the more hard to spot.
      Not a fan at all.

      That said, I'm always happy to be educated!
      Can you link some examples of it being a decent oil?
      Even if you don't have UOA's I'll take simple wear reports or long term use bearing clearance measurements.


      This is only PART (SEMI) synethetic. Not recommended for most modern cars.

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