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Galax GeForce RTX 2080 EX 8GB Graphics Card $1039 Pickup or + Delivery @ Umart


Good price for this card, you may still be eligible for Battlefield V bundle via this link

Performance may be similar to gtx 1080ti but likely to improve further with driver updates plus you can get benefit of the new architecture e.g. ray tracing, dlss.

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  • Good price. Got an Aorus model myself.

  • Hard to find any info on how the Galax stacks up against the others. They're all pretty similar in benchmarks though, so I guess just go with whatever's cheapest?

    • Better brands may be a little quieter, performance would be very negligible. It's generally never worth paying the extra anyway. You could argue warranties too, if they are different.

    • here is small benchmark i could find.

      • Legend. Looks to be the lesser of the cards, but not really significantly enough to throw it out of contention.

        • That's not the same GPU. This is the EX (1-click OC), not the EX OC.

          The power limit may be lower as well. This is MSRP for this card.

          • @jasswolf: I believe the card in benchmark is not an EXOC or EX(single click oc), it is OC variant with boost clock only slightly higher than EX (in oc mode). MSRP… if you mean initial price, according to pricehipster, it is $1099. Refer to this database to check each card based on boost clock.

            • @matabuntu: That database (and Galax's website) shows that it's either an EX or an EXOC, and it's labelled EX by the retailer, with a price that matches.

              Safe to say it's a dual fan card with the non-A variant of the 2080. I'll grant you I was off on the pricing, but it's a pretty basic discount compared to pricing in US eBay sales at the moment.

  • Could always buy it, then if the cooler doesn't work setup an open loop for the GPU, and maybe do the CPU at the same time, nothing fancy just some soft tubes and a 240rad for the GPU maybe a 280/360/420 if doing both.

  • what does EX mean?

    • Their tuning software is named Xtreme Tuner, some sites mentioned EXOC as Extreme Overclocked, therefore I believe EX simply means EXtreme.

    • wtf????

      'no the drivers wont increase performance'

      Do I need to show you each and every Nvidia driver update that increases performance?

      DLSS seems quite good so far…

      • Drivers optimise the way games interact with the hardware, thats not increasing the performance of the video card, if you get 100 fps today with a title that they've already done their driver optimisation pass on, that game is still going to run at 100 fps.

        DLSS is a joke, find any implementation of it receiving praise from an UNASSOCIATED, UNPAID source.

        • You must have been the popular one at the Christmas table.

          Stop being so technical, game performance has improved significantly already in titles, including the first RTX title in BF5.

          In a few years time this will be notably better than the 1080ti, easily.

          Seen enough reputable Youtube channels suggesting DLSS is quite a great feature… so yeah.

        • Simply not true. Driver updates have historically brought performs improvements across the board. No guarantees of course, as no one can know the future.

          These cards also use less power than the ti's.

  • I picked up a Gigabyte 2070 Windforce for $630 from computer alliance on boxing day. Got lucky