[XB1] Titanfall 2 $5, PUBG $10 @ Target



Huge fan of Titanfall 1, still try to play it! Hate Titanfall 2 but for 5 bucks can't complain. There were around 4 left at Target northland (Vic)

Notable mentions,

PUBG $10 (A few left)

Didn't see any PS4 Titanfall 2's.

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    Huge fan of Titanfall 1
    Hate Titanfall 2

    That's a rare take.

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      Indeed. Awesome SP campaign, and the MP is solid and very slick. All the added DLC maps packs and game modes are free, too.


      Nope, I'm with the OP on this one. SP TF2 was fun but MP sucked, at least in comparison to TF1.

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    Out of curiosity, what do you hate about Titanfall 2?

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      The fact Titanfall 2 can still be played long after their servers have been shut down? o.O

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      Was very vocal and passionate about Titanfall back in the day, I have over 1500 matches in TF1. It has its problems but at its core it is one hell of a game, the balance of Titans and Pilots was near perfect, I would probably write an essay here but not at home atm so probably won't post too much. I would have redireced you to the Titanfall forums where I left tons of feedback when the beta for TF2 came out and I wasn't the only one, tons of hardcore TF1 players were ripping into Respawn and they removed us all.

      But in general terms TF2 is a joke to me, the Titans are made of cardboard and you can't change weapons on them… They dumbed the game down and removed what made Titanfall, Titanfall. Sure the graphics are awesome and the depth of field looks sick. Like the hover ability too.

      Titanfall 1 wasn't played by many, and the skill curve is incredibly steep on it. I think a combination of things went wrong with the game that ultimately lead to its decline in numbers but I don't believe the game itself was the main reason.

      I'll probably get tons of hate for this but whatever, I'm over Titanfall 2, personally the greatest disappointment for me in my gaming life.

      For what it may be worth, not tying to brag but before the typical "get good kid" crap starts, my Kd on TF1 is 3+, I have hundreds of screenshots of having 20+ kills with 0 to 3 deaths and 5+ Titan kills. I'm just way too obsessed with TF1. And I don't use that auto aim joke of a pistol or the overpowered Arc Canon. Straight up Carbine with cloak and machine gun on the Titan with deployable shield and not the noob smoke. Also never touch burn cards.


    I doubt this would be the case but any chance PUBG on PS4 is the same price?

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    Pubg is $10 but I tried in on game pass. Waiting for 15mins for a game twice. Then I uninstalled it.

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      Oceanic servers are dead, everyone plays North America now FYI


      Yeah don't bother with OC servers right now. Everyone is playing on NA.

      The game is slower paced than games like COD or BF so the extra ping is (mostly) tolerable.

      Apparently they're tweaking the matchmaking soon (region based) so hopefully that'll get the local servers going again.

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        Apparently they're tweaking the matchmaking soon (region based) so hopefully that'll get the local servers going again.

        They've been saying that for near on 6 months now. I've just given up, BFV is pretty fun currently and hopefully firestorm (BR mode of sorts) is good when it drops.


          Yep, this is the right choice.

          Pubg might be slow to start, but when you're in a firefight you need the low ping. But the hackers that I've seen stopped me playing.

          I'm talking snap firing, tracking players behind walls and shooting the wall, the works.

          Their hack detection does not catch them all, and when you spend 30 minutes getting loot to be killed by someone who shoots you before you see them results in broken keyboards


            @itshammer: I'm on Xbox so hackers aren't really a problem however I think I came across a radar hacker for the first time last night…

            I was crouched in a corner of a house out of sight exchanging loot with my mate when we heard a car coming.

            We both agreed not to bother engaging so stayed hidden and kept going with the swapsies.

            We then heard the car pull up outside and a few seconds later a grenade came through the window and landed in our lap….

            Many WTFs were exchanged….

            I later googled Xbox PUBG hacks and found the radar thing.

            It had to be that… We weren't anywhere exposed and they certainly didn't see us enter…

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    Titanfall 2 was great. Heaps better then the first


    TF1 and TF2 were awesome. Huge Titanfall fan I hope the devs can keep doing what they're doing and don't get crushed by EA.

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    That Stardew Valley is also 10, Portal knights is 10 Super Lucky's is also 10 as well as Halo Wars 2.

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    Both TF are great. PUBG is junk.


    anyone successfully traded a xb1 game for its pc counterpart?


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    Titanfall 2 has one of my favourite single player campaigns ever. I don't play multiplayer at all and got it a few months ago on a whim because it was on sale in Origin for around $10.

    I didn't get around to installing it until the xmas holidays but once I did my god was I impressed. Hell I don't even really like fps games but I couldn't put this down.

    Well worth the $5 asking price.


    Pubg was free a little while ago, I tried to play and I waited ages for it to connect, I went back to call of duty black ops which connected perfectly. For $5 its worth the risk but definitely not $40. Titanfall is not bad and still has a few people online.

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    I actually really like Titanfall 2. A lot!

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    Titan Fall 2 PS4 is still marked at $15

    Other discounts included

    Battlezone VR $10
    Farpoint VR $10

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    Gotta agree titan fall 2 campaign is really good shooter. The sound design is first class also.


    it is a travesty that tf2 is priced this low. That game is easily worth 100 dollars.

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