I Woke up to an Extra $7,000 in My Bank Account

Hey guys, this community has so much knowledge and I thought u could help me out. So I woke up this morning with all this extra cash in my account. The description is vague AF, a few letters and some numbers. I have notified my bank about the transaction. I was wondering if anyone knows what happens if no one claims the money? Thanks y’all.


  • what happens if no one claims the money?

    You get to keep it?… It's likely an incorrect bank transfer.


    If money is incorrectly transferred into your account, you should notify your bank. Your bank will then try to return the money to the sender. You should not spend or withdraw the money transferred into your account by mistake because it is not legally yours and you have to pay it back.


  • cash out and put all on black

    • OP, just in case you take this seriously, I think this would be an immature thing to do and wouldn't help you in the slightest. Putting everything on black could be the difference between having nothing or being $7000 in debt. Which would you prefer?

      So do the right thing and bet it all on red, babyyyyy! Yeeehaaaaa!

      • Live a little, everything on 0. Wildcard bitches!

      • Actually from memory, any recovery effort of the money would have thought be under the laws of restitution, and one defence to payment is claiming the money was lost due to being spent on "enhanced living expenses".

        Gambling is included within the definition of "enhanced living expenses".

        That said, if you end up winning, I'm pretty sure the plaintiff would be able to take both the principal amount of cash, the winnings, and any assets (or part thereof) that it is invested in.

      • Well technically couldn't it be the difference between having an extra $7000 or being $7000 in debt? There is a chance OP could win…

    • …and if you loose … double down and go again!

  • Ooops, I think I mistakenly put it there. Thanks for finding it. The description has some letters and numbers, so you know it's mine. Please deposit $5k in my account, you can keep $2k as a finders fee.

    • That's ridiculous! Don't give it to this man, op!

      The 7k is actually mine. I know because I can tell you that the description consists of a few alphabetic letters and numerical digits. You can deposit $4k into my account and keep the remaining $3k.

      • Damn… caught out! go you halves?

        @ChillBro is the correct owner. Please deposit $4k in their bank within 7 business days to prevent additional account fees.

        Kind regards,


        Incorrect Transfer Division
        Australian Banking Company

        • Both of yous are wrong, if it's truly yours then state those exact letters and numbers on the payee and payers summary description please.

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          • @darkage: What suburb of Melbourne is that?

      • I'm from the Australian Tax Office and you haven't paid tax on all of your earnings. Our records indicate you were paid $7,000 by your employer for underpaying you, but they failed to pay the ATO the PAYE portion. You owe the ATO 30% on that $7,000 which is $2100, however as we have commenced court proceedings against you being the holder of these monies, if you pay a penalty of $2100 in addition to your taxation obligation, we can settle this without you having a criminal record.

  • It happens. My old man's solicitor (profanity) up bank details, ended up putting $1 million for a property purchase in someone else's account.

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    You must've got the bank error chance card. Lucky you.

  • As you notified the bank, it won't end up yours even if not claimed. If I received an amount, I would not tell the bank nor spend it. If they ask you do have to cover it.

  • I would immediately move it to a 'high' interest account with a different bank.
    If you need to repay it, its still available, but the bank can't just take it. In the meantime you can get some benefit.

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    this community has so much knowledge

    I see that the money and your post were misplaced.

  • IAMNAL, however there are penalties associated with spending money that has been incorrectly funded to your bank account, although I am uncertain if any penalties apply to not declaring it or moving it to another account (so perhaps tread cautiously with some of the other suggestions in this thread.

    A missing $7000 won't go unnoticed, so best to report it to your bank at the next opportunity.

  • Don't spend it.

  • You may have to pay it back if you spend it. If you don't have money then the bank may work out a payment plan like $50 or $100 per month.

  • Is it exactly $7,000? Did you buy a property recently and it might be your FHOG being paid or reimbursed to you?

  • Happened to someone I know, but MUCH larger amount. It will just disappear without you doing anything, probably soon.

    • Yep I remember waking up one morning with an extra $2000 in my bank.. Didn't touch it incase something happened. Next day the money disappeared lol.

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    I had this happen about 10 years ago. When I contacted the bank they said it was up to the payer to follow up and they could not provide any further information to me (for privacy reasons).

    Never heard anything more about it.

    After 7 months the money was still there, so I spent it. Happy $10k bonus for me.

    • Omg I hope this happens to me! Yeyyyy

    • Wow, crazy!

    • Had a friend have this happen recently with a much larger sum, I.e. 10s of thousands. They caught up with it eventually and got the money back.

      Think there's some limit on how long they have to recover it, so just sit and pray! Once you've notified your bank that's all you're expected to do.

  • bankwest by any chance? i had a similar thing with one of their higher interest rate accounts, with a condition that you could only put in $500 a month so i set it to auto deposit and forgot about it.

    another condition i wasnt aware of was that they would empty it after a year, and it suddenly appeared in one of my other accounts without any clear description where it came from

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      Which bank is it? I'm opening an account right now.

  • Take it all out redeposit in your home loan… And when asked to pay it back take it back out and give it back… But in the meantime save on some interest on your loan

    Not saying to keep it just give it back if and when they ask.

  • Bank Error in Your Favour, Collect $200 :)

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      Bank Error in Your Favour, Collect $200 $7,000 AUD :)

      Gotta account for inflation, plus the falling value of the Aussie dollar atm.

  • Sorry. My bad. Let me provide you with my Nigerian bank account details so you can return the money to me ;)