[QLD] Gold Coast City Council - 2 Free Trees Per Household


Residents can collect two free trees per household from Coombabah Nursery on Thursdays between the hours of 7.30am and 2pm on the dates below. You will need to provide proof of name and address with either a recent rates notice or drivers licence.

January – 10, 17, 24, 31
February – 7, 14, 21, 28
March – 7, 14, 21, 28
April – 4, 11, 18
May – 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

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    Does anyone know what exact plants there are to choose from?


      The City provides a selection of native trees and shrubs for rate payers. The selection of species vary throughout the year and are dependent on availability. Typically, they range in size from tubestock to 200 millimetre pots.

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      As others have said, they'll most likely be natives. I'll be at work but my old man is going tomorrow. I'll ask him what's there.


    Is this available to Renters?

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    While your there have a walk around the Coombabah Lakelands park if you want to see a few wild koalas.

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      Better still, pop into the AWL and spend some time with the cats and dogs waiting to be adopted. Perhaps even take one home.


        Great idea! These animal shelters put down 90 dogs per month! Just rescued one ourselves, well worth it!


    Free timber I guess?


    Thanks OP
    Just let all my friends on the GC know.


    One needs to produce rates notice to claim their two trees.


    Just an FYI if you go to almost any community event (I've been to a few over the past 6 months) council are usually handing out trees. No ID required.

    The last one I got was a lemon myrtle. It smells delicious!


      Interesting. What kind of events are we talking? And where do you hear about them?

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        I usually hear about them from my local councillor. He is on Facebook and is relatively active (Peter Young). The previous councillor used to do monthly newsletters.

        But in any case find out who your local councillor is and see how they communicate with their electorate and subscribe.

        Just realised I didn't answer one of your questions

        The events differ, but like nerang picnic in the park, Guanaba rural fire brigade day (they had wildlife exhibit at that one where you could hold a crocodile or snake) for free. They once did it at a movie under the stars night (haven't seen them at that since though).

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    Eligible persons must dig out and remove their own tree from the development site Tom Tate just sold off.


      So much hate for Tom, I realise he is a politician so my expectations aren't high but I think he does an OK job. If people are anti development I don't know why they are on the Gold Coast.

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        He is a corrupt piece of 💩. He's like Donald Trump. Should be in jail.

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          He is a corrupt piece of 💩. He's like Donald Trump. Should be in jail.

          Then provide your proof to the CCC and get him put away.

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            @tryagain: I did quite a bit of research on crime in my uni days.

            Some reason nothing sticks on the Gold Coast. Unless you are super retarded and it's in people's faces via media they eventually have to get charged and depending on how important you are too.

            It's been a bit of a hotspot for scams (betting software / seo etc) and corruption. I know someone who was unwittingly employed in a scam by a former BRW rich lister and for some reason they were able to operate quietly until the heat got too hot and then closed down.

            I felt it was a case of, hey we have scammed a shit load of people, made millions, but we are pushing it too far and better get the fudge out before some person with half a brain figures it out and we go to jail.

            There was 100% proof that this was a scam yet nothing happened even with disgruntled clients. This place had 30 staff at its peak with about 3 at the end. The higher ups knew but the robots doing the sales and office work were none the wiser. Heck, they even issued cease and desist letters for those who challenged them. Illegally recorded phone conversations.

            The same ABN, different scams over the years with different business names. Preyed on people's lack of technical knowledge and bank balances. Really took people on a financial ride.

            If you knew where to look you could clearly find a metric shit ton of evidence online. Heck, there was even a UK tv expose, Stock market deregistered due to cooked books on a previous scam yet Mr. BRW got out just in time and blamed his successor.

            It truly is a shady place for shady people. There is no willingness from any side to dig and find evidence, no whistle-blowers either. Been a few ABC reports on GC and development, watch them and tell me what you think about Mr Tate.

            I think the pro development is somewhat partly responsible for fostering bad things and bad people on the GC. People just want to get rich and they dont care about the moral or ethical impacts on people.

            If you think this place is hunky dory with no corruption you have your head in the sand.

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              @wooldogs: Tom Tate doesn't take donations from anyone for election costs, I was chatting to someone from a business semi-connected to the development industry and he was saying that Tom won't even let people pay for his cup of coffee when catching up with people, does that make him perfect, no, but you have offered little to back up the claim that he is corrupt and should be in jail.


                @tryagain: It's not just political donations. He is good at that when at the CCC he always had to make a point about that. Clearly deflecting as politicians do.


                You maybe able to place your head in the sand and say he is not corrupt, no evidence. But when there is a shitton of different accusations you surely you would have to think something is up.

                I am in the building industry too and there are a lot of assumptions, gossip and straight up BS circulating. I'm glad that him paying for coffee makes him not corrupt.

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        I'd say a lot of the anti development people are long term residents who were here back in the quiet days. I'm one of them. Been on the GC for over 30 years. The amount of development is insane in that time, I miss the quieter days. I don't see why I need to move when it's everyone who has come since that is pro development and cementing over all the parks and open spaces and sub dividing into oblivion.

        Anyway. I probably won't be around much longer anyway. Intend to move away. Like I said above. Tooo busy these days and it is an unstoppable force.

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          People who were around 30 years before you arrived probably were probably saying similar things 30 years ago when you came, most people seem to be pro their development but then want to shut the gates. Plenty of nice quiet places up and down the coast to move too, I'm not anti-development and could enjoy some of the smaller towns but also like that I can get work, go to uni and have close access most things here on the GC.

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          Endless growth is a truly hideous concept that has taken root in Australia, and is driven mostly by what is effectively open borders immigration (200,000 people per year). The only way to stop the uglification of our communities is to stop the planes, to close our borders to migrants and refugees. Everything would stabilize then.

          These free tree schemes are a joke. For every tree people plant, another 2 get cut down.

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