Bittboy Retro Game Handheld, NES/GBC/GB, Save/Load Game Process - US $31.99 / AU $44.36 (20% off) Shipped @ RetroMimi


New BittBoy Retro Video Handheld Allow you to play NES/ GBC/ GB Roms from Micro SD card- No games preloaded inside the device. Take a look at what features it will bring you:

Loads games from MicroSD card
Supports game types: NES/GB/GBC
Save/Load game progress
3.5mm Headphone Jack
Adjustable screen brightness

Video Review on Youtube

The customizing firmware will be released during Feb 2019. It is possible to port the Linux system inside this device. Thus, it will be an open-source handheld. It is said that it will support more emulator games- such as SNES/ GBA and more.

Details on this project

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    Why doesn't it have SNES support out of the box? It's the only thing that's holding me back.


    Amazing to think there’s video out.

    Wonder if I can connect my X-Arcade Tank Stick….


    I'd buy if it had GBA support

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      You will get it once the new firmware is released in Feb 2019.


        Can you confirm this, OP? I'll buy one in a heartbeat if true, as a back up for my Retro Mini…but AFAIK these ones don't have L+R triggers…? Would the turbo buttons be remapped to L+R in GBA or?


          no L+ R should buttons.

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            @Vincent19849: So the turbo buttons are remapped to L+R, or you can play GBA games…but without being able to press L+R? If the latter, the games would be basically unplayable 9 times out of 10.

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              @TheDukeOfNukem: we might make a new one with shoulder buttons "L"+"R". Before that, we will see how people like this system. Stay tuned.

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                @Vincent19849: Somehow I doubt many people will be interested in playing games designed with L+R buttons in mind (and since you mentioned SNES earlier, L+R AND X+Y, so 4 missing buttons) with only A+B, but I wish you well. The OG BittBoy was dope.


                  @TheDukeOfNukem: Wouldn't they map the turbo A+B to X+Y for snes?

                  Edit: I thought I read that L+R were mapped to Start+Select, but I can't find that comment now…


                    @3: Even if they did it that way, you'd not be able to pause, or do any of the Select button functions in games. I can live without pausing, since you'd imagine they'd have a built in menu triggerable by pressing L+R at the same time as most of these consoles do, but you'd have to either live without pressing Select, or map it to something like pressing Select + Start at once to do it, which can be a bit more of an effort and all that. There's no perfect solution, but they could get around it… but even then, you'd have your X+Y buttons working as L+R buttons and a bunch of button combos to remember… at that point, the convenience factor is lost and buying an old DS plus a flashcart would be much easier, and better.


      Pickup a Retro Mini. Can be got cheaper without looking too hard, but here's what it looks like

      Supports GBA, as well as NES, SNES, and Mega Drive (though the latter two aren't the best considering the control setup), and you can use a program called Goomba to convert GB/GBC roms into GBAs complete with custom borders and all, so you can play them too. Great little thing. Only downside would be the smaller screen.


    Seems like a fairly standard price.
    This isn't licensed so it's not worth very much.

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    Soulja Boy!

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    I have a Retro Mini that I love dearly, and an original BittBoy which I also enjoy decently.

    If not for Goomba making GB/GBC games work on the Retro Mini, I'd snap one of these up in a heartbeat. Build quality on the original BittBoy was surprisingly decent, the screen was gorgeous, the speakers were nice and loud, and the battery lasted a good long while. ROM support was honestly all the BittBoy was lacking.

    One thing that annoys me, as an owner of the RM and the BB. The RM can play SNES and Mega Drive games too, but it only has the A+B, L+R buttons, but the BB can only play NES, but has a turbo A+B, which could have been mapped to X+Y potentially.


    Just to any potential buyers

    1. The code works on the actual BittBoy website, though it turns out to the same price.
    2. There is NO WORD ANYWHERE on SNES/GBA implementation ANYWHERE that I can find, other than OP's word.
    3. Even if they do add those games, you'll be working with only A+B, not really ideal.

    Would strongly recommend buying a Retro Mini console if you want GBA, since it has built in L+R buttons.

    If the BittBoy 2.0 does actually end up making it's firmware open source Linux, it's gonna be one cool little portable, but until then, I'd wait and see. That's coming from the owner of two original BittBoys and a Retro Mini.

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      If you are talking about GBA- or you buy this retro handheld is just for GBA, then go for the Revo k101 plus. It is the best retro handheld for GBA in this world. Trust me.

      If you want to play games for NES/ GBC/ GB, then you can consider about the NEW BITTBOY.

      What we will do for this unit:

      1. Customize firmware- to support more emulation games: SNES, GBA and more
      2. we know playing GBA games will require "L+"R". our plan B is to make a new designed handheld- with these two buttons in the future.
      3. For now, we just want to test the market to see how many people love the current system and the customized firmware in Feb.

      Anyway, thanks for your feedback. We will have more news in our FB Group:

      Join in and let us hear your voice.



    Wouldn’t a nds or 3ds runs emulator a better option?


    Hard to justify this price when a moddable new 3ds Xl has been at $99 delivered lately.


      I was considering promoting the 3DSXL over this, but the BitBoy physical format looks like it really lends well to the 3 consoles it emulates. If there are games people really like on those 3 consoles, this looks like it would be better to play on.

      I have the 3DSXL hacked and even though it emulates well it feels to bulky for such simple games.

      I'd like a BitBoy in the Gameboy Advanced shape, with 4 action buttons, 2 shoulder buttons and capable of playing NES, Gameboy, GBC, GBA, SNES, Master System and Mega-Drive games in local multiplayer. Hey, maybe even Neo-Geo, Turbo-Grafx-16, Atari 7800, Game Gear, Atari Lynx.

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        I understand and agree. I have a GB Boy for my game boy and game boy colour games, and it is worth it to me.
        But I have a bunch of old handhelds too.
        If I had to own one handheld, it would be hard to beat a 3ds.

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    2.4" IPS Display screen

    Let me find my binoculars first.

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      I think you meant microscope.


        The screen is really good. Check what people said in this video review:

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          It's smaller than my Nokia N95 8GB (that is 2.8") and i can tell you the screen on that is very small looking now (i still have it). So 2.4" really isn't going to cut it. And the battery also seems very small (750mAh?). Even my Nokia has a 1200mAh battery.

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            @Trishool: It emulates Gameboy, Gameboy Color and NES.

            The screen size of the BitBoy is roughly the same size as the GB and GBC, any larger and you'd see the pixels with greater clarity and the games were designed for that size.
            As for the NES it has a resolution of 256 x 240, which would look terrible on a larger screen, it was designed for larger screens but you sat away from them and they were CRT's that gave a blurring effect. The lower screen on a 3DSXL, which has higher resolution than those consoles is only 3".

            The battery life might be a genuine issue though.


      the original gameboy is only 2.6"

      i imagine this has no ghosting too, which means even though its only 2.4", it will be very clear to see

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