[Free] 10% Happier App - Free Bundle with 413 Sessions - 12h of Meditation Content via NYU Partnership


[2nd update]: You can get a whole free year from this deal here

[Update]: Two additional links added at the end of the post

Hi all,

For those who don't know 10% Happier is one of the more matured mindfulness/meditation apps on iOS / Android. I know that a true OzBargainer has already got the free for life Aware app; however, more options and freebies are always good.

The app 10% Happier itself is free download but to access all content it requires a subscription ($21/mth). However, New York University partners with them to give out a free package of content - containing around 413 Meditation sessions lasting the duration of 12 hours. Many of these are quite good.

The app itself also have around 44 other free sessions so all together you will get ~ 457 free sessions together.

Just download the app (iOS link, Android link) then set up an account. After that go to this link and click on the GET THE FREE BUNDLE button. It will add the free bundle in for you.

Enjoy everyone.


I've found two more free links adding additional courses for the app:
Men’s Health & 10% Happier: https://www.10percenthappier.com/menshealth. This gives you an extra 28 sessions.
Meditation For Fidgety Skeptics Book: https://www.10percenthappier.com/access. This gives you an extra 20 sessions.

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    I'm intrigued… but wondering how 413 sessions fit in to 720 minutes? Averaging 1m 44s per session. It takes that long for me to get comfortable and ready to meditate.


    Thanks! will give it a go

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    Only 10% happier? That's not a bargain, at least 50% happier according to ozbargain standards

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      Yeah, but this is 10% happier body-wise with no minimum spend. Hard to come by these days.

      Might also come with an extra 1% happiness cashback.

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    Fantastic, thank you! Your instructions worked and the starter pack has a range of meditations.


    Cheers…om om om

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    $140/yearly subscription
    $600/lifetime subscription

    feel my stress rising already


    If you're interested in these guided meditation apps, I'd also recommend Simple Habit (some free meditations, monthly subscription for more), Calm (same as before), and Stop, Breathe & Think (many free meditations, a few paid ones).

    10% Happier is similar to all those books like "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***", which can also be useful.

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    Another mindfulness app & website which may be useful to some of you is Smiling Mind, which can be accessed via web, or via their app, available for both Android & Apple devices. Best of all, this one's totally FREE too!


    Thank you, I read this book and wanted to check out his app but it was a bit pricey, this is perfect, thanks OP


    Thanks for adding those extra links OP!

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