Goot RX-711AS Soldering Station $199 @ Jaycar Electronics


Goot RX-711AS solder station is a high end soldering station with adjustable temperature with stable temperature and anti static safe.

The control panel includes the digital temperature display panel, a rotary temperature control, calibration control and a display changeover switch to display either the desired or actual tip temperature. The panel is secured behind a darkened see-through cover which prevents accidental temperature changes but can be easily accessed when required.

  • Safety approval number QASTE4930.
  • 230-240VAC supply voltage
  • 24VAC output voltage
  • 65 Watt capacity heater
  • 200 - 480°C temperature range
  • ±3°C temperature hysteresis
  • 1.1Mtr iron cable
  • 1.3Mtr mains cable
  • 0.5mm tip supplied

Those who are into soldering knows Goot and their quality. I haven't bought one from Jaycar, since I already own a Weller Solder Station, but thought this is a very good price for someone looking to upgrade from their solder iron.

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