Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts $39 Each + Delivery | 3 Shirts for $119.95 Delivered with $10 Code


Seems like good deal and when combined with $10 discount code CTAU22 ($100 Min Spend) to reduce the delivery cost.

Or Use BUTTONS/POLOFREE code for Free POLO Shirts ( $100 Min Spend) - Thanks to conservative

Only 1 code at a time will work.

There are many nice shirts on sale for $39. Usually cost $79 each.

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Charles Tyrwhitt
Charles Tyrwhitt



    IF you want, the promo code "Buttons" will give you a free polo shirt after you spend $100.

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    Any 3 for 99 codes!!?

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    We have been spoiled in the past with the 3 for $99 delivered deals.

    This is 3 for $119 plus $13 delivery
    Making it
    3 for $132 minus $10= 122 delivered

    Still $23 more expensive than what we are used to :)

    Ok if you are in a hurry
    Excellent if 3 for $99 is in the past

    Edit: you now get a polo for $23 :)


      minor correction ;-)

      3 ($39) for $117 Plus $12.95 delivered - $10 = $119.95 delivered / $129.95 Delivered with Free Polo Shirt


    Says it’ll take up to 3 weeks to arrive but I’ve only ordered 3 to check if they’re too warm, can’t decide if I should order more or wait it out to see what they’re like.


      Imo they are pretty thick, haven't given any a real run in summer but they may be problematic


        you can get different weights. I always go for light-weight now which is fine for summer. I have a couple of ones heavier than that, not sure what the weight is, but i can't wear them in summer.


    Are the shirts free to return? I can't seem to find the answer clearly on their website and I'm not sure my sizing. Kinda want to buy a heap of shirts and return the ones that don't fit.

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      Yes. done that before (ordered heaps and returned but a few to work out size). Very straight forward & easy.
      You get full amount back (assuming free shipping when you ordered).

      Full details: - Return of Goods.
      "(d) Return of the Product is free of charge as long as it is sent from an address within Australia."

      Essentially you keep the box, and send it back in that.


        Hi gabtug, when did you last return your shirts? I ordered a shirt in December but was hit with a return handling fee of $7.95.

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