expired Bose QuietComfort 35 II $348 Delivered @ VideoPro eBay


This is an alternative of the sony wh-1000xm3.

Listed price $435 with 20% off ends to $348.

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    Just asked at DJ’s in Perth if they would price match and the closest they will get is $388

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    Patiently waiting for Amazon to beat the price


    I am just wandering between this and Sony 1000xm3, don’t know which one to choose. Ozbargainer says Sony is better, but a lot of tech review marked Bose higher scores, and Bose is more comfortable.

    I have tried both and found Bose has some pressure to my ears (someone says it is ANC) while Sony doesn’t which is weird because Sony has ANC too, people saying it might give some headache for long time use. But on the other hand, Sony’s physical pressure is higher than Bose and tighter, and I do have a big head…….


      The reality is they're so close that it's down to personal preference and indivdual head size/ear feel etc. I prefer the Sony personally too but it's entirely up to you.

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      The one point where the Bose beats Sony is the built in microphone. Sony's for voice calls are muffled and hard to hear. Whereas the Bose are crisp and clear.


      You can't go wrong with the Bose.I am glad I bought it off amazon at this price. now i use mine every day.


      Depends on if you want to use on multiple devices.. If so, the Bose.


      I've just bought the QC35's and I was tossing up between these two as well.

      From reviews, the gist I've gotten is:

      • Sony's have slightly better audio quality and slightly better noise cancelling
      • Bose are lighter and comfier

      From this I chose the Bose because I'd like them to be as comfy as possible.


    I bought these before Xmas for about $500. Worth every cent! They're amazing. I listen to podcasts, music or books at work all day and these headphones are the greatest thing in my workday!

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    went to Bose store in Sydney and got the price match($348). You just need to show the ebay page printout after applying code.

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