This was posted 3 years 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Bose QuietComfort 35 II Midnight Blue $348(OOS), Silver $337.44, Black $348 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Update : Silver price dropped to $337.44 - Thanks to urbancartel

Looks like Amazon price matched popular VideoPro deal.
Also get Cashback 6% from Shopback & 5% from Cashrewards.

All 3 colours available at same price. Enjoy :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Do u think they employ someone to pricematch competitors? Or just use camelcamelcamel to align their prices with the best on the market?

    • Probably use an employee, reduce risk of matching price errors.

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        This employee is not that good, on eBay it has been 2 days on that price

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    This or Sony new model?

    • Personal preference, both are really close, look at reviews for yourself and decide based on your own preferences.

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      Sony, never looked back

    • Sony if I can find a silver version!!! Apparently low supply in Aus.
      In black, they look like $10 TDK headphones.

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      I've had both, I'd go with the Sony again.

      • Thanks for posting something useful..

    • It is ALWAYS a subjective choice, and that choice should be be your OWN personal preference.

      1. Test them both in-store (or make an on-line purchase of both if there is a good return policy) and test with your own favourite music choice in store.
      2. Don't compare with the manufacturer's supplied demo. These are usually high-end recordings which are hard to match elsewhere.
      3. Reviews are pointless except for highlighting the benefits and deficiencies of each product. A reviewer's pick is still that same pesky subjective choice.

      While my preference is for the Bose, it is only because these are what I prefer. I have never tried the Sony new model whatever… so obviously I can't compare.

      My previous cans of choice were Sennheisers, however I purchased the Bose for versatility on the go. I still prefer the Sennheisers for long periods of listening as I live in a hot sub-tropical climate.

    • I bought the sony's then tried the bose a few months later for a minute or so. I will have to say, I found the bose noticeable more comfortable than the sony's. But sony's have usb-c…yes, that's what I bought it on.

  • This was a good purchase a year or two ago, but in 2019, you should be buying the Sony WH1000-XM3. Simply better in every way.

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      I had the XM2s just ahead of the Bose, then when the XM3s came out they were a noticeable step above the XM2s in sound quality. I guess the only reason you'd go with the Bose is that some people find them more comfortable which is important if you're going to be using them for long periods

      • +3

        Other features that steer people like myself to get bose is the quality of the mic for taking/making calls.

        The other is being able to switch between Bluetooth devices.

        If the Sony had these. I'm there.

        • Yeah that seems to be a common thing referenced, and while I'm sure the quality is better I used my XM2s and now use my XM3s (which are supposedly better in this area) for voice calls and haven't had anyone complain about not being able to hear me clearly.

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    $319 before Xmas on Amazon.

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      But next Christmas is 11 months away

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      Actually got mine for list price of $299 in the previous deal (midnight blue, Limited edition), and further $45 off using AMEX deal so very close to $250 final price out of pocket. Great headphones, not sure when they will be down to that price again, perhaps when the next version is out?

      • TA still beat you 1.5yrs ago here
        Though it's version 1. Still though… $254 killer deal.

        • I remember that deal, it was awesome even though it was coming from overseas. After my 5% cashrewards clears though I will be sub-$250 on the price for the QC35 II's, cannot complain!

          • @joeiwu: Hi Joe - I am looking to buy a midnight blue carry case if you would consider selling!

  • Can any ozbargainers comment on the sony vs bose for long haul flights - e.g. 14hrs (the only time I use headphones)? I have some wirless headphones but they make my ears sweat and the pressure hurts for long periods, so looking to upgrade.

    Comfort is the 1st, 2nd and 3rd priority for me.

    Appreciate yall!

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      Sorry can't comment on the Sony's for long use but the Bose are pretty comfortable on an 11 hour flight I had. I run hot even on cold planes so did sweat up after hours of wear. Taking them off a few times throughout to go to the bathroom and to eat was enough to ensure a comfortable ride overall.

      • Awesome, thanks for the feedback. That sounds good for the bose, for my current ones, I kind of reach a point where I can't put them back on for the rest of the flight and just use earbuds instead.

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          I've had headphones in the past like that, that hurt after 1 hour of use. I've had the QC15 and QC35 and both have been the most comfortable headphones I've ever tried. Wish I could also have the Sony's to compare.

          Regarding earbuds, the Jabra Elite Active 65t are noise isolating (passive) so they're good on planes as well, to the point where I'd be ok if I forgot to bring my Bose. The battery life on the Jabra's is really good, similar to the QC35's including a charge from the case, which is handier than having to find a cord and power bank.

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      I can’t comment on the Sony’s, but the Bose are incredibly comfortable. I’ve got a whopping head and they sit comfortably and lightly. It’s easy to forget they’re there.

      I’d 110% recommend them for long-haul flying. They’re incredible headphones. I’m very curious as to how the Sony compare as I’ve heard good things about them too.

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      I have the V2 of the Sonys and they aren't as comfortable as the Bose. Not sure if the design on the V3 is different but the V2 gets very very hot on the ear over long periods. The sound however is definitely better on the Sony. If I had the option I would swap and take the Bose since I mainly use them on long hauls..

      • Cheers!

      • Exact same experience for me - sonys (v2) sound better but just too hot on the ears - swapped them for the bose. Sonys also have a much better app with equaliser etc and bose app is pretty lacking

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      Have used the Bose QC 35's on a four hour flight. Faultless and comfortable all the way. The Bose also comes with a hard shell carry case with cables and airline adapter plug. The Bose should last a 14 hour journey on a single charge, and the adapter and cable would come in handy if the batteries ran out. (Noise cancelling does not function when using cables).

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      Was just on an 8 hour flight with my Sony's. After a few hours, your ears begin to sweat a bit, but a quick wipe and they should be good again. Honestly, comfortability wise, both are good but Bose is more comfortable but weigh out all the other aspects like sound quality and noise cancelling, Sony is the winner

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    i have the taotronics noise cancelling headphones from here and recently got these bose qc35's. the taotronics are very good, the bose are amazing.

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    Silver down to $337

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      wow.. thanks mate.. updated.

  • Is this a good price? I'm not all that familiar with headphones and equality etc as I've always used earphones but I'm in the market for something good! I travel 1 hour to uni during weekdays and 1 hour back and tend to watch films every night (as that's my field of study) and listen to music while I study… what would be best? This, Sony, beats etc.

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      Definitely either Sony or Bose. Beats are hyped. I have the Sony's and they are great, would highly recommend. But i know Bose is more comfortable. Depends on your preferences. If you're switching between listening on your phone and laptop, Sony would require you to reconnect with bluetooth each time you switch, but Bose will remember the 2 devices. In your case, i think Bose would be best. Price wise, Bose and Sony are usually $500 retail, but theres alot of deals that have been under 350, so wouldnt pay more than that

      • sweet! Will definitely pull the trigger before next semester! I've just heard that this Bose one is an older model so not sure whether they'll release something new soon but thanks for the reply, much appreciated :)

  • PSA these don't come with the little airline adapter. If anyone is ordering these you should order an airline plug as well.

    As for BOSE vs SONY. It's subjective imo. I'd love to test a pair of Sonys. I think BOSE is superior but I've heard such good things about Sony. Their mobile app looks incredible.

    • Don't most airlines have adapters now for headphones?

  • Whats a decent sale price for the Sony's vs Bose to look out for? Likely I'd buy on 28 deg card a dedicated class if price dropped again later within 12 months.

    • Anything around the $300 to $350 for either of them.

      • Thanks!

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    I got a large head and the Bose is a much better fit/comfort. everytime I'm passing through jb i try to convince myself to the Sony's but the comfort is not on par. still holding the gun given that I want something's under 280!

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    Here's my comments on the difference between the QC35's and the Sony XM3's…

    I just need to say how amazing these headphones are (Sony's). I bought them a few weeks ago for $350 in preparation for a trip to China. I'm back now….and the headphones were the best investment I could've made. It was a sheer joy when I placed them on my ears once the plane engines started and the crying babies continued and there is that 1 second moment of looking forward to the headphones announcing "power on" and then comes the almost absolute silence. I love that 1 second of anticipation. Every time I did it I could hardly believe it was really happening. I was able to endure 12 hour flights in virtual silence thanks to these babies. They instantly connected via bluetooth to my phone every time I turned them on. The Sony headphones app is also very good.

    They are so easy to use. I love the double tap on the ear cup to pause and continue watching/listening. I love the feature where you just cover the right ear cup to listen to the flight attendant asking what drink or meal you would like. The Sony's come with an airline adapter, a short little USB-C charging cable, a good length headphone cable and a decent case. I would recommend using/purchasing a longer USB-C cable for charging these babies.

    My mate had the Bose QC35's and when we did a real time comparison whilst standing next to each other, we both instantly agreed that the Sony's were far superior in noise cancellation ability. In fact, I was quite disappointed with the QC35's performance after comparing them in real time to the Sony's.

    If anyone has a need for noise cancellation headphones, these Sony's have no equal. They work fantastically even when you're not listening to music or videos.

    The battery was at 70% after more than 14 hours of continual use on the Sony's. Then on the way back, I had used them for about 20 hours and the battery was at 60%.

    I made some phone calls and I had no problem whatsoever hearing the person on the other end and they had no problem at all hearing my voice. The calls were made at busy airports, so I'm not sure why some people have had issues with being heard clearly when making calls using the Sony's.

    The comfort was good for about 6 hours. I would then take them off for a few minutes or slightly adjust where the headphones sat on the top of my head and they were good for another few hours. I've heard the QC35's are better in the comfort area, but I was more than happy with the Sony's comfort and with the obvious noise cancelling advantage and great sound quality, slightly better comfort is not enough for me to choose the QC35's.

    If you MUST have the ability to connect to more than one bluetooth device at the same time, then I guess the Sony's aren't for you, but for me, everything else points to the Sony's being superior to the Bose.

    Good luck with your testing and choice. It's all personal preference in the end.

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      I bought the Sony’s about two months back, my wife has the QC35’s. Took both to Sydney recently (5 hour flight). Wore the Bose there and the Sony’s on the way back. I’ve used them both interchangeably for a couple of months.

      To be honest it’s hard to tell the difference with the ANC, the Sony’s perhaps marginally better. The gestures are kinda cool, the USB-C is a good feature but I don’t have anything USB-C so it doesn’t matter.

      Comfort? Bose completely demolishes the Sony’s. The Sony’s have too much tension, the material for their earcups is ‘rubbery’ and I found it uncomfortable after about half an hour; the Bose got uncomfortable about 20 minutes before I landed.

      The Sony’s have longer battery life although even on a long haul flight, it hasn’t overly concerned me, an hour on a power brick gives me about 50% charge with the Bose.

      I mainly watch TV shows and movies and listen to podcasts, the Sony audio quality I think is better, but I’m no audiophile.

      I paid $450 for the Sony’s and wife paid $399 for the Bose. Even at those prices I think the Sony’s are better value, but in all honesty I’m going to sell them and probably get some Bose too, because the comfort levels win out over everything the Sony’s do better.

    • If you use multiple devices, the Bose is monumentally better, no question.. swapping devices on the Sony involves disabling Bluetooth on the device, connecting to the new device and then enabling Bluetooth again on the old device. The Bose connects to two devices simultaneously, and just plays whichever plays sound first. You can also cycle through another 5 devices using the physical switch on the side.

  • do you guys have something that can pair up inflight entertainment with the bose or sony?

    • In-flight entertainment don't have Bluetooth. So that's a no.

      • yes i know. but there are various devices to enable this … just wanted to see what people were using.

    • Good question. Keen to hear what people use for in flight entertainment? Wouldnt want to be watching stuff off ipad or mobile for a really long flight.

      • I used the QANTAS in-flight entertainment for about half of my 12 hour flight. For the other half, I used a USB drive with lots of tv shows on it plugged into my phone via a $1 OTG adapter (on-the-go). My phone was plugged into the USB charger supplied by QANTAS so it never lost charge. My Sony headphones never came close to needing a re-charge, so I didn't need to use my USB double-adapter to charge my phone and the headphones. When using the in-flight entertainment, my Sony headphones were just plugged into the chair directly with the supplied cable and adapter. When using my phone to watch tv shows, I simply connected my Sony headphones via bluetooth. I could not hear any voices or engine noise whilst using the ANC on the Sony's whilst watching movies or tv shows, whether connected via cable or via bluetooth.

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      Both the Bose and Sony come with a cable that you can use to connect the headphones to the in-flight entertainment system. Many aeroplanes have double-mono headphone sockets rather than standard stereo sockets. The Sony comes with an adapter so you don't need to buy anything else. The Bose QC35 Mark I also came with an adapter, but the current Mark II model doesn't. You can get one separately like this or this.

      • its a shame people are cabling a wireless headset. but i guess it is difficult and costly to organise otherwise.

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