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Blackridge 2.5hp Belt Drive Air Compressor $377.30 @ Supercheap Auto


Good price on this belt drive model with good reviews.


2.5HP Electric motor.Belt drive construction. Lubricated V-twin reciprocating pump.

50 Litre tank capacity.

155 Litres/min FAD (Free Air Delivery)Twin regulated outlet with taps.

Twin nitto style fittings included.Maximum pressure - 8bar (115 PSI)

Suitable for fastening, painting/prep tools, workshop & cleaning tools

Also worth a look $369.00 thanks to @Megahowler

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  • I'm looking to buy one of the smaller Black Ridge compressors, can someone please tell me the difference between this one and this one?

    They are the same price, but main differences I can see is one is 70lpm (oil-free direct drive design) vs 40lpm (reciprocating pump).

    • They are both direct drive compressors, i.e there is no belt. The compressor is directly connected to the motor.
      AFAIK reciprocating pump means it uses pistons coz generally pistons go up n down, hence reciprocating. Other type is rotory. I don't know what's the advantages/disadvantages between the two tbh, I've had both they seem the same to me. Might matter in a top end compressor?

      The way i see it, 70LPM is crap. I used to have one that was 100LPM and i tried to use it to blow dust/water off my car and it couldn't even keep up. It would run out of puff after like 1 panel so now i have one that's 250LPM. Ofcourse it all depends what you want to use the compressor for, high air volume or high pressure?

      • Thanks for clarifying.

        I want a simple, small compressor to mainly inflate car tyres and use as an cleaning tool for electrical components.

        • as long as that air tool doesn't require high volume, i know some air tools do, like a air grinder for example.
          Just double check the air requirements of the air tool you're planning on using or you'll be doing a OzBargain and buying landfill.

  • Maybe mention that these are also available at Supercheap Auto.

  • @SperCheap Auto

    Associated with SPER?

  • Unless you need the higher Duty Cycle, and slightly quieter running of a Belt Drive, this is MUCH better value.

    At 3HP and 220FAD



    This one is cheaper.. higher air delivery.. but only 40l tank..

    I was on my way to buy it but stopped at Bunnings for other items and picked up a clearance Full Boar with better specs and higher (145psi) limit.

    Belt drive is significantly quieter.. perfect example (actually the model I linked I believe)

  • I picked up the same compressor a couple of years ago when it was on sale for $399 with some bonus tools. It's been awesome, runs nice & quiet (compared to the direct drive) and I get plenty of duty cycle out of it. Highly recommended for home use.

    • Likewise, i upgraded to this unit from one of the smaller BlackRidge compressors and it's been fantastic. It's significantly quieter being a belt drive, and needs to come on less due to the larger tank capacity. I've used it to run rattle gun, air ratchet, nail gun, needle scaler and the normal things like air up 4wd tyres and blow out air filters etc.

      It is a very heavy unit.