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Wireless1: 15% off ASUS ROG Strix Scar II i7 GTX1070 $2209, ASUS Aio i5 $1274, Ubiquiti Unifi AC-LR $131.7, PRO V2 $198.9 & More


Update : This offer has been extended until 28th Jan :-)

15% Off on total 57 selected items. Offer expires in 2 days.
+ Shipping except those which are marked as Free Delivery in photo

Enjoy :)

Few great deals are listed here..

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  • Not a bad price for the Ubiquiti AC

  • Plus shipping?

    • Yeah.. Few of them but Ubiquiti UniFi are having free shipping
      There are many other items which are having free delivery too.

  • Cloud Key Gen 2 Plus on there?

  • Great post complete with comparisons. Thank you.

    That iMac would be a hard purchase, only if you had to. It hasn’t been updated since 2017 and has a seventh gen processor and you must know Apple will release the updated model a week after purchase.

    • You're welcome mate. Thanks :)

    • i would like to add as well never buy sth with a radeon gfx.. i have nothing but shit experience with them.. breaks down really easily and if u have them on ur imac, good luck replacing them after the warranty is gone.

      • It’s the rubbish solder AMD used. To fix it you just get out the GPU, bake it in the oven for fifteen minutes, then put it back together again. Easier in mid 2011 imacs than the current design. It really works though. I have done it myself.

        • yeah works for the next 6 months before it goes haywire again .. honestly not worth the hassle for me. can’t say for everybody else

    • The iMac deal is even worse than I thought. I just had a look at the Apple website. With 8GB RAM the otherwise same config is $3769. Extra RAM aftermarket is pretty much the freight bill from wireless1. Wireless1 must have bought the RAM from Apple at $960 ( yeah I hate Tim Cook too). I would rather direct from the local Apple store for less risk with freight and add RAM myself.

  • How much better is the range in the UAP-AC-LR vs the Pro?

    I’ve got the pro and 5Ghz doesn’t work upstairs

    • Is the floor between upstairs and downstairs reinforced concrete?

      • Nah just wood.

        jasondinh's comment might be right. I have an iPhone 6s, it might not have enough power for 5 GHz upstairs.

    • For wifi to work your devices have to have enough power to transmit back to AP too, so if they couldn't see the UAP-AC-PRO upstairs, it's likely that they would not work with the LR, even if they could see the network.

    • Going upstairs is usually a no no. I've had awful experiences in my townhouse. Only real solution is mesh.

  • UAP-AC-LR has gone back up in price to $179