[WA] Free Range Eggs 2 Boxes $4, 1 Box $2.49, 500g/Pack, Long Expiry @ Spudshed Baldivis


Sure they are smaller than some others at 500g/dozen, but they are Free Range. 1500 birds/hectare according to the back of the pack, which is a very good ratio.

They had heaps of them, easily a few hundred boxes on display. Likely in other Spudsheds too, but I don't know.

Quite long expiry date too, 20th of February 2019 on the ones I got.

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    I'm eggcited for the comments on this one.


    Are the chickens of these free range eggs fed antibiotics & other prescribed drugs to prevent disease?

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      Why don't you call the farm and report back? Their number: 08 9274 2502

      Do you think antibiotic use is higher in free range farming than cages? Sounds a bit counter-intuitive to me.


        Pre-emptive antibiotics & disease management is heavily used in free range but is not permitted in organic free range.

        I never mentioned caged, but I believe they also do not require disease management as they are in a very controlled environment.

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          They would be otherwise classified as organic, which these are not. This antibiotics would prob be used here

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    Smallish eggs. Not so much a bargain


    I don't know of cheaper free range eggs so voted positive . The way the site should work .

    Note I did not try to impose my will like others at cage eggs with trying to encourage saving 50c on cage eggs that I normally buy .

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    For me , I'm more productive having less headaches . Easy solution is logged out :) Which gets me thinking how many others have gone down that path creating less content . My bad for thinking it was a site for sourcing bargains .

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    Thank you op for posting this to raise awareness.
    I will not go down and fight with others here regarding free range vs cage eggs and I’m not a vegetarian or vegan.

    But I applaud you for raising the fact that free range (especially like these adv as 1500 hens per hectare) at NOT that much more expensive then caged eggs some times. Just need to look and search a bit more.


      I think we have the same attitude. I didn't vote or comment in the cage egg deals, simply because they are not a product I am interested in buying. Everyone can make up their own mind which product they want.

      In my view this site is here to help us find the best deal for the products we like, not to convert us from one thing to another. The whole cage vs free range discussion reminds me a lot of the Apple vs Android arguments, everyone has heard all the reasons for one or the other before, repeating them over and over doesn't make them any more compelling.


        I understand what you are saying but i am not sure it is the same as comparing Apple vs Android, as they are just preferences.

        I think a better example will be comparing brands / companies on how they have treated their employees like 7-eleven or some of the other companies that have been mentioned here in the past on their treatment of staff compared to other companies that have treated their staff justly.

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          It goes quite deep into philosophy, but unless there is a universal moral code everything ultimately boils down to personal preferences.
          The fact that we have (and have to have) so many laws and regulations and that they are different in every country seems to indicate that if it exists, the universal moral code has not yet been discovered.


            @team teri: Definitely true, I just meant that in Ozbargain i have noticed it is definitely ok to bash , negatively vote or even ban companies that are deemed immoral by their actions for their staff or their bad customer service or even at times long delays in shipping.


              @lonewolf: Not sure if negative votes for all the things you list are ok based on the voting guidelines, but I agree, they certainly are tolerated.

              Perhaps we as a community are speciesist. I certainly am - that is my justification for not being a vegan or even just vegetarian.

              What strikes me as even more relevant though is that those negative comments about bad companies are usually phrased as "I will not buy from them because…", while arguments about eggs, meat, guns, etc are often phrased as "You should not buy from them because…".
              For me the first would be a lot more effective because I would see it as an opportunity to form my own opinion with perhaps some new facts I didn't know. The second would instantly be dismissed as another missionary to be ignored.


                @team teri: Thats true for companies with delayed shipping or orders not arriving or bad customer service. But for companies that have done immoral acts like tax evasion or staff being treated badly or (i cant think of some of the other examples i have seen on ozbargain) the arguments were never that i will not buy from them, but rather noone should buy from them or they should not be allowed on ozbargain etc. Pretty sure in the 7-eleven sagas, thats how it went down and everyone was ok with that.


                  @lonewolf: Thanks for that pleasant conversation we had here. A pity that has become so rare in forums, all the more refreshing to see it can still exist :-)



                  noone should buy from them or they should not be allowed on ozbargain etc.

                  I think this is the failure of idealism and token gestures. If they're not allowed on ozbargain, then the whole of ozbargain would have missed out on a whole month of freebies.

                  And for those proud virtue signallers, are they still taking freebies from 7-11? That would be most hypocritical, condemning a company then benefiting from said company's generosity.

                  For all those people who said they'd never buy anything from 7-11 again, they'd just be depriving themselves, and the winners are those with no such contrived burden.


    Free range deal = no preachers, no fights

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