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Arlo Pro (1st Gen): 2 Camera System 720p HD - VMS4230 $349 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Arlo Pro: 2 Camera System, Work with Alexa, Inbuilt alarm siren, Rechargeable, Wire-Free, 720p HD, Audio, Indoor/Outdoor, Night Vision

Quick Post. RRP unknown - Price at JB HiFi currently $689. BingLee - $499
This is 1st gen model Arlo Pro (VMS4230), NOT the Arlo Pro 2(VMS4230P), previous best deal was $499 at JB with coupon.
Previous best price for Arlo Pro 2 (VMS4230P) - $440.10 <-you may be able to find a better deal soon.
Prices for both could get cheaper soon.
Seems like they are clearing out after the Arlo Ultra was just released.

Click the link for info (Local Stock):

Arlo Pro: 2 Camera System, Work with Alexa, Inbuilt alarm siren, Rechargeable, Wire-Free, 720p HD, Audio, Indoor/Outdoor, Night Vision (VMS4230-100AUS)

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  • Great Cameras but be aware they rip through batteries at a reasonably expensive rate.

    do the sums and it may be worth buying the latest model that is rechargeable.

  • These are rechargeable, have one at home for last 18 months. I charge the battery about every 2-3 months

    • Do you use motion detection and all that ? I bought the pro 2 in the boxing day sales and have already had to recharge all cameras, so I'm not even getting 3 weeks so far.

      • Too much distance between camera & base station will cause high battery drain.
        Recording quality & Motion sensitivity can also be adjusted to reduce battery drain.

        • fine line between not recording enough and a dead battery :(

        • The camera's are about 10m away so that shouldn't be an issue. But I do have quality set to max - no point having crap quality if/when you need the footage. I average 20 recordings a day so I guess it's that pulling it down.

          • @Hyena: Tweaking the sensitivity is done by finding the amount which records a only few videos daily, but not none.
            (this is the base line, once you achieve this with all cameras
            you can tune it further with tiny increments over time)

            It shouldn’t be recording lots of false positives.
            Do it with one camera at a time, every camera depending on what it is looking at will need a different amount for the sensitivity.
            Once you have this set up well, one day you will realise that the camera recorded every single thing you wanted it to, and Kobe you did not.

            • @thebadmachine: I should have said but my 20 odd recordings a day are legit - neighbors kids knocking on the door a few times a day, postman, wife and I leaving and coming home, possums at night etc.
              I get very few false positives, if anything I miss some stuff (I sometimes see my car pulling out of the driveway but not me getting in, or vise versa, I get in then recording stops and doesn't capture the motion of me leaving shortly after)

              • @Hyena: *nothing you did not. (correction previous comment)

                "(I sometimes see my car pulling out of the driveway but not me getting in, or vise versa, I get in then recording stops and doesn't capture the motion of me leaving shortly after)"

                The delayed recording is a common thing.
                About the the recording stopping after motion though,
                could be that there just happened to me some slight motion before you came out to your car, so the recording stopped early.
                In this case you could adjust the recording video length, there appears to be a record until activity stops option for newer Arlo models.

                Or just slightly extend the recording time by 5 or 10 seconds.
                Although these 2 options may cause the battery to drain faster, you will just have to try it out & see on 1 camera.

                Another cause for battery drain, high amount of video being recorded, could simply be a lot of motion activity.
                In this case, You could try slightly adjusting the direction(framing) of the cameras as to reduce motion activity.
                (point the camera down more, so as to not include the road in the image, or to avoid a common path of your own movements/movements of wild life etc)

          • @Hyena: If a camera's averaging around 5 mins a day of mainly daytime recordings, even at 1080p, you should be getting 2-3 months out of the battery - otherwise something's wrong.

            Unless your 20 daily recordings are each a minute long. Then I wouldn't be surprised if you only get a few weeks before the battery's flat.

            • @Jabba the Hutt: yeah they range in length from 10 seconds to 2 minutes if the kids are running around. Sounds like it's just heavy use in my case. I'll make a $10 DIY solar charger for the one on the roof!

            • @Jabba the Hutt: Thanks for your input. We own the original Arlo system (with 4 batteries). Which go flat after a few weeks since the capacity of each rechargeable battery is only 650mah (we bought the bundle of Arlo approved Nitecore batteries and charger, but the capacity is less than half of the original non rechargeables that came from Netgear (1500mah). (Although we do charge them once they reach 40% to get the most cycles as possible).

              I initially thought the low capacity came from the chips inside each battery which allow it to protect itself from overcharging. What is going on here? Do the chips take up that much room? Nitecore seems a decent brand but their rechargeables have a much smaller capacity.

              • @thebadmachine: I've only used the original Arlos with disposable batteries. Actually seemed to last a bit longer than the Pro and Pro 2 all else being equal, but I was glad to switch over to the latter and never had any experience using rechargeable CR123s.

                • @Jabba the Hutt: Thanks for the reply. I think the capacity losses from being rechargeable are somewhat compensated by combining 4 batteries into 1 (More room for chemicals).
                  Even if the Arlo Pro doesn’t last as long, it beats having to fumble with 4 batteries and individually putting the them in the charger.

  • I’m getting $599 from the link. Will it adjust when I go to my cart to pay?

  • Price is back. Same link.

  • Can you set recording times on these? Is it easy to do? Can you set each camera to record only at certain times?

    I'm in need of 1 camera recording between 11pm and 6am(Motion detection and notifying) and 1 camera recording 24/7 (based on motion)? Or do all setting go to all cameras.

    Reason being there's been a breakin in a few businesses in my area so I want 1 to focus on my doors after hours and the other one to record in a storeroom area with a safe.

    • On the original Arlo (first released model) you can schedule per base station. Not per camera. You will have to research if newer models (Arlo Pro/ultra) can do this per camera.

  • Price is not available? Saying $599

    • Yes can confirm there is an algorithm at amazon which cycles/adjusts prices. It is known to affect products which are bought in large numbers. I tried to expire this deal but cannot find the ‘expire’ button.

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