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$7.50 off Your McDonald's Order (Delivery Fee ~$5.95 Applies) @ Uber Eats


I noticed that big Mac's are now free while a aussie is still in. Comes up as $8 $7.50 credit in my account

Mod: Title updated. Whilst the promo is advertised as 'Free Big Mac', the Coupon code appears to take $8 $7.50 off your McDonald's order, regardless of what you order. Delivery fee applies. Similar to the previous deal but with a bigger discount.

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  • Should put uber eats in the title. you still need to pay for delivery

  • So 5c for a Hash Brown delivered? Sure, why not.

  • I have it too. Seems to be $8 off like the previous Maccas deals.

  • +16 votes

    A Big Mac is now $8?!?

    • I was going to comment the same too.

    • I remember the prices working there as a kid 15 years back.

      Big Mac $3.65

      Large Meals $5.95

      Large Fries $2.25

      Large Shake 2.75

      Mind you I was earning $6.30 an hour lol

      • Wow. I got paid 6.15 per hour! Seriously.

      • I remember big mac meal deals as $3.95, $4.45 and $4.95 for small, medium and large respectively. I had a gold card that would entitle me to a free sundae too. Ahh, thems were the 90's..Probably the reason i become diabetic in hindsight. Crazy thing is, the bulk of that consumption came from eating at a franchise that was within a hospital…as a regular patient. Messed up

        • I asked them where they make their ice-cream. Sundae School.

        • Crazy thing is, the bulk of that consumption came from eating at a franchise that was within a hospital…as a regular patient. Messed up

          Well, yes, modern medicine is indeed crazy as it spends billions of dollars fixing the physical and psychological effects of diet without mentioning anything about food to anyone as though it was just imaginary science that claimed one caused the other.

          Just kidding, it's not really crazy, it just that if it mentions the food then it stops making billions of dollars as people eat better and no longer require medications to control their mood and body.

          • @Diji1: Its not a conspiracy. People are just too dumb to listen or change their habits. They tell everyone not to smoke, and steadily increase prices. Smokers are still on every street corner. You can’t help some people

            • @bohdud: You missed step one.

              1. Get people addicted.
              2. Tell everyone not to smoke.
              3. Rapidly increase prices.

              I know a number of people, mainly women in their 50s & 60s, who spend over $200 a week on cigarettes. And it's not because they're stupid, it's because they're addicted.

              I don't believe that smokers cost the economy due to health costs either. Not many smokers spend years in a high dependency dementia unit.

              • @Cheapskate Paul: Absolutely. Addiction is terrible. But it’s the habits and routines and inertia that give addiction its power. If it were just the drug, nicotine gum and ptches would have solved smoking by now. “Smoking is addictive” warnings also play into the hands of tobacco companies. It helps people rationalise their cig purchases. Anyway free maccas, woo.

      • $6.10 in the Maccas app.. God damn Uber!

        • Uber charges more for food on top of delivery fee? I was about to comment that they're $6.10

      • How much do the delivery guys make an hour ?

        • Anything from $0 to if really lucky $20something. You can sit there for hours and not get a single 'job'. So sometimes you might be on for 3 hours and get 1 short delivery for $5 for the entire time. The more delivery riders/drivers the less work. Uber take 30% from car drivers and 35% for bike/motorbike drivers.

        • Uber drivers in my area tell me about 1800 per week after fuel if they pick the right hours late night weekends etc. But then car and maintenance is not included in that figure.

    • Prices on Uber Eats get padded by a couple of dollars per item by the restaurants to cover the extra costs.

      Big Mac price $5.85 (as at January 2019)

      • I didn't think Uber Eats allowed you to pad the prices. though Mcdonald's isn't above technically setting up another corporation for the sole purpose of making money. Maybe this isn't McDonald's Corp but McDonald's Delivery Corp, with it's own menu where Big Macs always cost $8.

        • This is just my observation of in-store prices at local restaurants I frequent vs their Uber Eats prices. Happy to pay the delivery fee, but on the few occasions I've thought about using them I balked at the higher menu prices.

        • Everything on uber eats Macas is more expensive than in store.

        • I think that McDonald's is big enough that they likely would have been able to use their bargaining power to get an exception to that rule

    • They’re more expensive on UberEats as are all items as they try and offset their 30% UE fee. Some restaurants charge 40% more over dine in prices. Anyhow Big Macs are still $6.55 in store/drivethru

  • Is the coupon multiple use

    Says one big mac per order

  • can we use Uber Eats to order the FREE Big Mac,
    but do our own pick up ?

  • My local McD via Uber Eats:
    Hash Brown $2.45 vs $1 in store
    20 nuggets $14 vs $10 in store
    Hamburger - not in the menu.

    • Every place is like that, Uber Eats take ~30%.


        Yes but it’s supposed to come out of the restaurants margin which in turn is supposed to be justifiable as it’s supposedly incremental/upside revenue.

        • no restaurant could survive without marking up to cover the uber eats cost. What do you think restaurants make profit wise in a meal? Yes it's supposed to come out of the restaurants margin but never will any restaurant care. I have a friend who has a chain of fast foods (eg Ogalos) and they mark up, why should they suffer the loss to come out of their profit margin.


            @petey: Yes but it’s supposed to come out of the restaurants margin which in turn is supposed to be justifiable as it’s supposedly incremental/upside revenue.

    • Captive market ….lazy people will more rather than get their own food ….

  • cool just got medium fires delivered for 15 cents thx!

  • Is this once per user/account?

  • Underpants food

  • I had a Big Mac after a very long time.

    Disappointed :(

  • Hmm apple pie delivered for $0.75 lol

  • Haha excluding delivery fee. Maccas never appears on my ubereats and I had the promotion from last maccas ubereats Aussie deal. Qhuke sitting at Maccas i ordered a free packet of ketchup to the delivery address of the McDonald's I was sitting at. Cost me 45 cents. Uber guy came, took the bag back to his car then returned to the outside dining area

  • Shame they don't deliver to my house but a couple of hundred metres down…

    Never mind that my house is one of the quickest to get to! 3 minutes vs some I've done for Maccas at 8-9… idiots work off distance instead of travel time

  • Large chai latte delivered for around $2. Thanks.

  • Isn't delivery fee part of the discount?
    See the screenshot attached.
    I mean, I can order Apple Slices completely free with Delivery to my doorstep - all for $0.00!
    Would like to order just to see the face of the driver and his reaction.

  • Thanks for lunch. just got it delivered to me on the side of a road. (I'm traffic controll)

  • not available in SA?

  • Confirmed working for me in WA including delivery fee. Interesting to see the different prices stated by people, mine seems to be the most expensive overall :( Delivery fee is $6.95 and hashbrowns go for $2.55

  • Large double quarter pounder meal at Maccas Albion - $13
    To have it delivered via ubereats - $14.15 + $5.95 - $8 = $12.10

    Interesting that I'm only 1.4km away yet still get $5.95 delivery. It's still cheaper to have it delivered to me than pickup though which is awesome.

  • Ordered a Toastie and large coffee delivered. $7.10 Delivered. I don't drive and a mcdonalds is 5 minutes from here.

  • +11 votes

    Cheapest meal

    Crispy Chicken Snack Wrap Happy Meal
    Yoplait Miam Strawberry Yoghurt
    No Additional Side
    Large Choc Coconut Latté - McCafé
    Soy Milk


    Delivery Fee



    that large choc coconut latte take off 3.10 from normal price lol. or can get frozen coke too.

    • I should have waited.

    • I tried this out and it came to $8.95 before delivery and discount. So that's odd.

      And I noticed delivery was $1 more expensive when ordering on PC compared to using the app. Also odd.

    • How did you get the happy meal to come down to $3.45!