expired Jetstar Celebrate Australia Sale - e.g. $49 Sydney to Gold Coast One Way @ Jetstar


Jetstar has flights from $37 one way, including some flights from $49 one way during Queen's birthday weekend.

For example, fly $49 both legs ($98 total) to Gold Coast during Queen's Birthday and combine with Gold Coast Sea World deal for the win!

Credit to kokomo1978 for Sea World deal.

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    great timing, getting this with the sea world stay. Vacation sorted


      ”vacation” - such American terminology


        Hardly American terminology! But a wonderful English word👍

        Different parts of Australia often use different words. So you may not be aware of its long use here.

        eg SwotVac - Study Without Teaching Vacation (used in Commonwealth countries, but especially here) in long use in education. It was the only time I studied at Uni.

        As a child growing up in Oz, breaks in the teaching year were referred to as vacations by schools. We didn't take holidays, but vacations.

        It's an English word that's been in use for a very long time.

        Origins: late Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin vacatio(n- ), from vacare ‘be unoccupied’ - which makes vacation a wonderful word😀

        Better than taking Holy-Days (associated with religious pilgrimage & suffering), in my opinion as an Infidel😉

        More of us need restful vacations😉



          American-English unless referring to a period of time when a school is closed.


            @00: That's a fairly old, traditional, & limited use of the term. Language evolves.

            Usage is different if a noun or verb. People from USA often use vacation as a verb, and a noun. I'm only used to it's use as a noun here.

            I grew up in Australian quite a while ago, with locals using the word vacation - as in their annual vacation. And they weren't at school😉

            Whereas, Holidays referred to Public Holiday dates only. A question of "what did you for the holidays" did not refer to an individual's annual leave, but the designated holiday period like Christmas.

            As I wrote, the use of terms varies by region (& time) in Oz. Holiday has largely replaced vacation here. You go somewhere on a holiday, but not necessarily on a vacation! So as we now travel more, we vacation less😢

            Vacation is not necessarily a holiday, and does not just apply to school breaks…


            @00: A typical Aussie vacation years ago involved doing as little as possible - as in ‘be unoccupied’.

            The active ones might fish, but my family went to our fibro shack by the beach & lay around all day, just meandering between the sand, the shower, & our lumpy beds. Kids were dispatched to find other kids, leaving adults to do what they do. No one wanted to cook, so we'd walk to the fish shop. And repeat for a few weeks.

            Absolutely no stress - a vacation, not a holiday! We returned very relaxed. Holidays were booked by a travel agent & involved large sums of money, but that almost never happened in my family.

            That's a very different meaning of the word vacation to that used in US popular culture!
            Vacation was a word I loved about Oz😀

            Requested to mark as "off-topic".


      Glad it helped :)

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    It's crazy when it's cheaper than taking a bus!

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      But an A320 seats way more than a bus, and can do way more kms and trips in one day than a bus, plus seats are smaller than a bus. Pretty sure a diesel bus burns a lot less fuel per person, but economies-of-scale means air travel should be cheaper than buses?


        Over 1,000 Kilometers, an Airbus A320–200 burns 3,090 kg of Jet fuel or about 3,987 L (liters) of fuel (at least from what I can find online). That's…..a heck of a lot more than a bus, even if it has twice as many passengers.

        Also airport taxes, more staff to pay, more maintenance costs etc.

        Something like 24% of worldwide airline's expenses are fuel-based :/


          Like I said "a diesel bus burns a lot less fuel per person". But I looked at prices of bus tickets and they are cheaper than I realised, still more expensive than this sale. Would also be interesting to know how full the buses are. Domestic airline load factors are around 88% between the big cities.

          Wendover made a good video about airline costs… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Oe8T3AvydU

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    Don’t forget price beat all these fares via the 3rd party sites. Most are only a buck or two cheaper but meets the criteria



      Can you give an example of the third party sites? I usually find the comparisons on google flights to be more expensive for 3rd party (expedia etc). Pricebeat between tiger and Jetstar can be quite reasonable though

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        go to iwantthatflight.com.au and search then it will give you the list of 3rd party sites.

        just remember when on the chat with Jetstar the website isn't iwantthatflight.com.au, they are the search engine, make sure its the 3rd party site (like trip.com)


    How much do all the taxes and luggage cost?

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    can't find deal during school holidays or public holiday :-(

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      Can see a lot of flights from Sydney over Queen's birthday. Good for a short holiday. Much cheaper than expected for public holiday.


    Will Tiger have a copycat (pun intended) sale with cheaper fares?

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    Got some $85 flights Sydney- Gold Coast for June long weekend. Missed the $49 flights but still cheap…

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