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Yamaha HTR-2071 AV Receiver $249 Delivered & More @ Todds Hifi


Hello fine people of OzBargains, you have shown us some love, so we thought we would give some back with some more OZBARGAIN Exclusive discount codes for 10 products off our website.

Yamaha HTR-2071 (RRP - $399) Current price $299 - get it for $249 with code OZB2071 (good stock, 20+)

Xbox One s 1TB w 1 controller (RRP - $399) Current Price - $299 - get it for $199 with code OZBXBOX1 (5 only) Out of Stock

All sonos ! take an extra 10% off our prices use code OZBSON10

Yamaha YHT-1840 - (RRP $549) Current Price $489 - get it for $364 with code OZB1840 (3 Only) Out of Stock

Yamaha YSP-2700 Soundbar (RRP $1499) Current price $1299 - get it for $975 with code OZB2700 (5 only) all codes used

Yamaha NS-SW1000 Subwoofer (RRP $2999) Current price $2249 - get it for $1965 with code OZBSW1000 (5 only)

Yamaha NS-P51 Speaker pack (RRP $399) Current price $199 - get it for $157 with code OZBP51 (7 only) SOLD OUT

Yamaha NS-IC600 In ceiling speakers (RRP $449) Current Price $249 - get it for $194 with code OZBIC600 (good stock, 20+)

Yamaha RX-V685 AV Receiver (RRP $1199) Current price $845 - get it for $793 with code OZBV685 (6 only) SOLD OUT

Yamaha HTR-5072 AV Receiver (RRP $1049) Current price $799 - get it for $645 with code OZB5072 (10 only)

Yamaha RX-D485 AV Receiver (RRP $849) Current price $689 - get it for $583 with code OZBD485 (10 only)

These codes are valid until 7pm this Friday (25th Jan) or until codes/stock runs out - remember, these are exclusive to the ozbargain community.

I will do my best to get back to any and all questions throughout the promo period, we also have our livechat on our website which is manned by our sales staff and we will do our best to answer any questions you have :)


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  • Code don’t work for Xbox

  • Nice price for the Xbox. Pity just 5 available!

    Not quite ready for a home theatre upgrade either though, but what are the good bang for buck atmos receivers and speakers?

  • No discount on Sonos :(

    • +1 vote

      one moment please :)

    • +7 votes

      I'll need to get more in - just noticed we have run out. but can do $110 off with code OZBM4U8

      you should be able to pre-order them at this price (should only take a day or two to get the stock to us)

  • Any love for slim receivers? Been holding out for the one special deal.


      rxs-602 or rxas-710?

      • I was hoping for phono input, so was looking for a Marantz nr-1509 but for the right price, a rxs-602 could easily have an outboard phono preamp attached….

        • Check the Yamaha RX-V685
          Phono inmut, plus multi room, plus wifi.
          Eventually in the market for one of these.
          I have a lot of love for Marantz and Yamaha and hadn't heard of the 1509 until you suggested it.
          The Yamaha has a lot more features but not the slim line.
          If you have any others with phono input, please list em…it;s a hard search :(

          • @birnie: Thanks for the suggestion. I do have a requirement to fit into a particular space, which a traditional size AVR won't fit. The phono input isn't a deal breaker, however it is an extra cost I need to factor in if looking at a model that lacks it. I'm upgrading from an old NAD 3020i and will be over the moon just to have a remote control…..

            The Pioneer VSX-S520 and Onkyo TX-L50 are also slim receivers with phono input just FYI.

        • +2 votes

          For Ozbargains, I can do 2 x RXS602's @ $650, please use code OZBS602

  • New to all this audio stuff. I'd like to buy a good bang for buck setup to listen to music, particularly EDM.

    Is the Yamaha NS-P51 Speaker pack a good deal? Do I need to pair it with some kind of amp/receiver? And I assume I need a subwoofer too, to really enjoy the bass?

    • +7 votes

      P51 pack is good bang for back at sub $200. but yes you would need an AV receiver and a subwoofer to go with it - NS-SW300 if you can stretch the budget to it, or NS-SW100 is a good compromise

      • Hey, so my Logitech Z-5500 control pod died and I'm currently using the Z-5500 speakers with a Yamaha RXV-385 and a Sony SA-W3000 subwoofer. Would that speaker pack would sound better than the Logitech satellies? What I envision is replacing the front channels + centre with the pack, and then moving them to the rear if I ever get better front speakers.

  • Don't need any of these products personally, but upvoting for the responsiveness of the rep (at 11pm, no less!)


    • +22 votes

      10pm in QLD, but yeah, nearly ready to sleep, still need to get to work tomorrow! haha

  • Hi OP

    Thanks for the offers. Any discounts on the SVS PB 2000? Im looking for a 12" sub close to a grand. Are those dimensions right by the way it's a beast.


      Let me see what I can do for you, and yes all the ported svs are a beast - especially the PB-16ultra which we have on show in the store ;)

    • +6 votes

      OK - just checked some prices. I can do 2 only @ $1210 please use code OZBPB2000

      • You sir are a wizard. ;) Thanks very much. Woke and bought. Now time to send out my neighbours pre-apologies.

  • thanks for posting great deals with low margin - we will continue to support this type of business and one that's not owned by a global juggernaut. cheers rep

  • Howdy Rep - do you have anything for cassette :)

  • I would have jumped on the Xbox.

    Man I'm always late to the party :-/

  • Don’t need anything but +1 for OP’s efforts. Top rep!

  • Any discount on Yamaha RX-V385 5.1-Channel AV Receiver?

  • +12 votes

    this deal reminds me of the good old days with the logitechshop

    awesome deals for the 'community' not massive quantities. but yeah trying to look after the crew.

    well done

  • Thanks OP. Do you have any Yamaha RSW-300 Sub’s in stock? It comes in the NSP160PKG package but can’t find them separately.

  • Do you have any deals for good AV receivers that accepts 4 in and 2 out?

    • +2 votes

      Hi there, RXV685 is the entry point for AV receivers with 2 HDMI outputs - hope this helps

  • Hi OP, just sent you a pm.

  • Looking for a good set of computer speakers or one to hook up to a vinyl player I bought. Wondering if there's any under $250?

  • Top work Bradd87, well done.

  • More reps like this!

  • +11 votes

    If only more Aussie businesses were like this - take note Gerry

    Good onya rep

  • good deals, would of snapped up an xbox if i was early!

  • While I don't need anything, I wish I did just to support you mate. Well done!

  • Great work mate.
    Also don't need anything, + voted for the effort.

  • Hey mate, any suggestions for a cheapish 2.1 (with output for powered sub) Amplifier which has optical in?

    Thanks mate :)

    • +1 vote

      The 2071 actually! Just set it up as 2.1 only instead of 5.1 - will mean more power to your 2 speakers :)

  • Does anyone have experience how the Yamaha's 7.2 atmos compare to PIONEER VSX-932. I am looking at purchasing that one as it is within my budget with ebay discount but would like to know whether it is worth to wait to save more funds.


      Hi there, I have heard some of the pioneer avr's before and have to say that the class d amps in them are not so nice. The amplification quality you get from the Yamaha I believe to be much better and responsive to different speakers. The htr5072 7.2 channel receiver at $645 I think would be one of the best budget options for Dolby Atmos.

      • In your experience, any class of amplifiers that are preferable for high power AVRs?


          Class A/B - however there are companies out there (such as Devialet) who are combining class A with Class D an achieving amazing results (not cheap though). A lot of our higher end Yamaha AVR's are sold with a Rotel 2/5 channel class AB power amp - just for that extra headroom in power :)

    • +4 votes

      Edit - apologies, just read that pioneer is using class ab amplification, however I am always weary of companies who don't give a true power rating (ie 2 channels driven 20hz - 20khz less than 0.07 THD - that is the sort of power rating you should be looking for on an amp) - anyways just thought I'd clarify.

    • I originaly purchased the PIONEER VSX-932 and had to send it back three times, the thrid was a PIONEER VSX-933. Pioneer use a transformer that give a hum noise and i cant stand it.

      Then I went for this Yamaha RX-V685 AV Receiver a few months ago and am happy. No transformer hum/buzz noisae

      i Can't compare the ATMOS sound as i didn't compare, but the ATMOS for my Yahama is fantastic.

      To me, it was worth spending the extra few hundred to remove that hum/buzz noise for a silent unit.

      any other questions just asked, ALSO the Yamaha will have the E-ARC feature, the pioneer vsx 932 will not

      • Thank you for the feedback I will wait hopefully 685 will drop further in price everything does as new models come out.

  • Hey OP,

    Any good deals on nice set of fronts and centre speaker please?


  • Hrm, very interested in the Yamaha 300 5.1 Surround Package… No further discount codes for that one for ozb?

  • Howdy

    Was looking at a set of klipsch quintet home theatre speakers and marantz 1609 amp.
    What would you reccomend in the same category.
    Specifically after a fix for dialog in poor audio sources( Netflix,older rips etc)
    Oh and i’ll Prob also be dropping into the store to say hi.



      Hi Zimbyzim, sorry I missed this one, I'd probably be looking to upgrade your centre speaker if you are having issues with dialogue. Jump on our live chat and let me know when you are coming in to the store :)

  • Hi OP, I have just purchased the ysp 2700 soundbar, but am now thinking if I would get better sound from a ns-p51 speaker pack and the htr 2071 amp for a couple hundred more?
    BTW great deals!

    • I also bought one yesterday, amazing sound separation from such a small unit.
      Listened to some dedicated speakers and they were much better, but couldn’t bring myself to run speaker wire again so throught I would try the ysp2700

      • Hi Zimbyzim, thanks for the reply, I'm having buyers remorse atm as I've never spent so much on a sound entertainment unit. I don't mind spending a Lil bit more but just want a great deal with great sound. Hopefully the ysp 2700 delivers!

        • I know how you feel, I currently have a full sonos setup, have spent the last year trying to make myself happy with it.
          Finally decided I needed more.
          If it helps I think the ysp2700 is actually better than the sonos setup( maybe not as much mid range) but the signal processing is much much better.

  • Im looking for a new amp as my old one doesnt support 4k.

    I currently have a onkyo nr579 which is powering dali concept 10s up front and concept surrounds, also have a SVSPB2000.

    I know the 10s take a bit of power to get up and going so just wondering what you would recommend? Someone recommened the VX683, I see the 685 on sale but im not sure what the difference between the 2 is? I noticed the 685 was only doing 90w a channel?

    Also ill probably go atmos in the future, ive read the 685 wont allow you to run rear surrounds and atmos up top at the same time?

    Anyway id like to spend sub 1k if possible :)



      The 685 has the ability to do wireless rear speakers (opposed to the 683). That is true about the rear surround when using Atmos. You basically have the option to reconfigure your speakers
      1. 5.1.2 Atmos
      2. 7.1 surround

      There are 9 sets of speaker terminals, but only 7 amplifiers, so even if you have a 7.1.2 Atmos setup, it will only ever run 7 speakers at one time.

      Hope this helps? Might see what deals we can do on the 1085 ;)

  • Yamaha RX-V685 AV Receiver

    I had to return the Pioneer vx932 three times because of a buzzing sound.

    I purchased this two months ago and I am extremely pleased with this unit. Quiet operation, no transformer buzzing sound. Excellent set of features. Great price!
    A any questions asked. Definitely worth the extra of the pioneer unit

  • Do you have any good in-wall speakers for a decent price?

  • +3 votes

    Any additional discount on the Yamaha YAS-108 soundbar?
    Thanks :)

  • I'm kinda a newb when it comes to A/V, whats the diff between the RX-V685 and the HTR-5072 ?

  • Hi Rep.

    Any further deals on Sonos one speaker. Had been sold for 225 at Harvey Norman in the past but I missed out on that deal.

    Also it says pre-order on your site. Any idea when they gonna be back in stock ?


  • Awesome work OP, would have loved to have jumped on board and purchased something to support you but no need right now.

  • Airplay 2 on any of these AMPS?

  • Does the YHT-1840 5.1 pack come with the HTR-2071 amp? If so its great value at $364!

    • A dude on whirlpool said that's what it is. Also said it supports DTS, so that's good enough for me. We'll see how good it is I guess :)

      (I bought the last one)

  • Hi, any extra discounts on the 'Yamaha YAS-408 MusicCast BAR 400 Soundbar'?

    How does this sound bar compare to the YAS-207? And will I need a receiver for these?


    • I'm also interested in this - you beat me by 29 seconds :)
      Is Bar-400 the same as JAS-207 with MusicCast?

      Hi OP - could we also please have good price on the BAR 400 Soundbar. Cheers.