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Japan Airlines: Tokyo Return Flights from $640 - MEL, $657 - SYD (Nonstop Flights)


Airline: Japan Airlines
Destinations: Tokyo
Valid Departure Dates: 21 May to 14 June 2019 and 1 August to 11 September 2019 (plenty of availability)
Deal Expiry: Till Sold Out

Things to Note:

  • Nonstop flights.
  • Checked-in baggage allowance of 2 pieces of 23kg each.

Frequent Flyer:

  • Qantas Frequent Flyer (Oneworld Alliance).

  • With Japan Airlines fare books itself in “Discount Economy” class and for a round-trip from Sydney to Tokyo earns 1755 points and 30 status credits.

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  • +1

    I thought JAL baggage is 2x23kg?

    • Thanks. I have updated it!

  • Good prices. But not great travel dates for Japan.

    • +1

      Yeah but compared with that recent disastrous Cathay Pacific deal that got 8 downvotes - anything seems like a deal now.

    • Why not @Heybargain?

      • +1

        It's very hot and wet during these dates, especially June. Still a great deal though!

      • +1

        hot and rainy season in Japan.

        • the only plus is you'll be able to buy summer clothes at Uniqlo.
          Humidity is different to Australia.
          Summer Holidays are through August so a lot of Japanese people will be travelling nationally.
          As above, June is a rainy season. It wont be fun if you are carrying a lot of luggage around.

  • +1

    I booked this last week (for the Queen Bday week) when someone posted up the deal few weeks ago. I was very surprised when I saw Singapore Airlines deal had more votes than the JAL deal posted earlier on.

    Having done the MEL-SIN-NRT flight via SIA, flight time was 16-17 hours with a 3-4 hours stop over each way. I flew out midnight and my friend flew out in the morning (direct flight), but in the end, we arrived same time.

    This time I paid extra $30 or so for a direct flight and get 46kg luggage instead of 30kg.

    • How do you need 46kg of luggage?!

      • +9

        Have you been to Japan? You haven't really been to Japan unless you have - and use - a full 46kg luggage allowance.

        • I have been to Japan multiple times and am genuinely curious, what are you bringing back with you to fill that weight? I feel like I should be buying more stuff to bring back but am not sure what! I have flown business class on Qantas points where you get 3 x 32kg and only check in a single bag weighing 15kg or so, what a waste of space I know!

          • +9

            @pantsparty: Overnight parts from Japan for my Supra

          • +2

            @pantsparty: I personally haul beauty products and uniqlo.

            • @pancaeks: Is Uniqlo stuff much cheaper in Japan than here/SEA?

              • @Craze: Yes, check out their other line of stores called 'GU' as well

          • +15

            @pantsparty: 46kg of green tea kit kats.

          • @pantsparty: Well I can't speak for @carwashhair but I would be bringing back game consoles/games and LOADS of anime figurines…

        • Heck i didn't bring much back when i went. Nfi what you are doing.

        • +2

          I go to Japan every 6 weeks. I travel with my carry-on only. So much of what you can buy in Japan can now be found in Australia. The rest of it is mostly junk that gets thrown out once the novelty's gone anyway

          • @Cyphar: Do you travel there for work? I guess at that frequency the novelty does run dry really quickly…

      • +6

        Ozbargain way…

        Hit up Don Quijote to buy snacks, souvenirs, cosmetics, etc

        Buy some Supreme, Bape apparel. Resell it back in Aus.

        Money made from reselling gets you a free trip!

        • +1

          Was about to post the same. Don Quijote is a treasure trove of souvenirs and snacks and oddities at a very good price…And you can avoid sales tax by promising to take it all home.

      • +1

        Friend flew back last night from TYO to MEL. 81kg of luggage(!).

        I went with carry-on only. My wife carried a backpack of pottery around Europe for 7 weeks after visiting Asakusa ;)

      • Going to Japan in early April. I have up to 230kg altogether to fill up. Also curious to know what i should bring back.

        • 230kg? thats about 4 adults. Fuel was 132yen a litre near Chitose on the weekend.

          • @DarthAntz: (2 x 23kg) x 5 passengers in family. Unfortunately flammable goods not allowed :(

            • @bryans: Being ozbargain, it was easy to assume you were going to extremes solo. Plus having been to the airports in Japan many times and only just this weekend, seeing people cart what looks like 230kg around made me think this was becoming normal.
              In Tokyu Hands, an awesome department store, i saw many hobby kits that i'd love to purchase for family back home. for about 6000yen, there was a kit to make a wooden treasure box, like something out of the da vinci code. mechanical kits i think they were called.
              Yodabashi Camera, Bic Camera and other department stores will have plenty in the children's section, and some new innovations.
              Check out the shop 'seconds street' (google maps search) as they have a lot of clothes, new and old, and plenty of treasure to find.
              Last, I spend all my travel money in the supermarket. So visit an asian grocery store before you go, and find what things you can buy locally in australia, and buy what you cannot get in Japan. I recommend BBQ sauces, sesame salad dressing, kimchi mayo, and bottled curry condiment sauce. Its difficult for visitors to Japan to understand Omiyage, the boxes of specialty treats. You are suppose to buy a box and share it with your family or workplace. Narita Airport has the kitkat omiyage boxes for about 1500-2000円. Drug stores and Don Quihote will also have a range of snacks you can bring to share at home, and you can easily spend 1万円 ($130) on stock that will fill your suitcases.
              Bring your money.

        • Uniqlo
          Kit kats
          Other weird snacks (chocolate mushrooms, ema balls)
          High quality flask bottles (Zoijurushi? Tiger, Thermos)
          Other toy collectibles
          Kitchenware, lacquerware
          Green tea
          Geisha dolls
          Toilet seats
          Rice cookers
          Eneloops, battery packs

          These are ALL cheaper in Japan than you pay for here.

          I also brought back a tongue scraper…. works well

  • NRT is too far away from Tokyo, why not Hanada?

    • Narita is only an hour or so on the train from Tokyo if you get the fastest train. Haneda is about half an hour - not too much difference in the grand scheme.

    • Narita express my man

    • +1

      Only one direct flight from Aus to HND via sydney flying QF, but on their old 777 product. JL 787 is definitely better!

    • http://en.rocketnews24.com/2015/02/28/narita-airport-shuttle...

      About $12-13 for a bus to Tokyo. About an hour or so but very comfy. I mostly fall asleep on it and my wife has to wake me up. Some of the trains are nice but I prefer the bus for the price.

    • Yes bus is better you dont carry your luggage up stair as some the station doesnt have have a escalator. My experience with JAL was great, SYD-TKY they upgrade me to premium economy due to overbook lol.

  • This is definitely tempting and I just got back from Osaka in December

  • Tempted but too hot!

  • tempted

  • Valid Departure Dates: 21 May to 14 June 2019 and 1 August to 11 September 2019

    Hmmm, June is getting into the rainy season and August is too hot/humid (especially in Tokyo)
    so it's either those last two weeks in May or the first two weeks in September …

    • +2

      No rainy season and not hummid June in Hokkaido.

    • Maybe that's why tickets are on sale. I'm waiting for a sale in October which probably never happens according to history.

  • With all these Japan deals of late and my son and I planning an October holiday (he's a big fan of Pokemon and anime), I think I need to go get a passport asap.

  • +1

    Are there ever premium economy/business deals? I absolutely hate flying economy because I'm a big guy so would like to fly premium if possible, but the price isn't always attractive.

    I'm willing to cop the 1700 for premium, but wouldn't mind a deal.

    • You missed the China Airlines one to Vancouver via Taipei. Was under $2000 return around Christmas/New Year!! Economy was only $200 cheaper! Was really tempted…

    • Check out Jetstar. $1,400 for Business Class. I checked Mel - TYO Dec 2019

  • Is this company legit? and in legit, I mean are the tickets 'confirmed', or are they subject to change? Flight center used to sell tickets that weren't confirmed in the beginning.

  • Has anyone booked this ? I could not select my seat. It says seat selection is not available. Is it because this is sale class ? We are traveling with a little one so worried about we cannot all seat together.

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