expired Samsung EVO Plus 128GB MicroSD Card $31.12 Delivered @ Shopping Express Clearance eBay


Looks like the deal on the Futu eBay Store is running low on stock, so quick search came up with this listing. Prices are identical except the 512GB is cheaper.

  • 32GB : $10.40
  • 64GB : $18.32
  • 128GB : $31.12
  • 256GB : $71.20
  • 512GB : $216.00

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    Postage $50???


    IS this compatible with Switch?


    Has anyone received theirs from previous deals?

    the one i got came in chinese packaging. like 100% chinese. I havent tested it yet to see if its fake but given their rep should be real right? and also fakes should come in engrish not chinese? lol


      Everything is made in China, why you look so surprised? Chinese language on the package means they are for the Chinese market, same SD cards


      I recieved mine from apus auction/shopping express/zapals and the micro sd card was in chinese. Still works as intended though, The read and write speeds are up to packaging standards.


    A couple of year Go I have got a issue with one of 3 I bought. I discovery was a specific lot with problems. Unfortunately I couldn't find the invoice to get it replaced. It doesn't alllowd you to read or write from the sd showing the data was like locked. Just in case.


    They all are Chinese stock. Shopping square,Shopping express,apusauction and zapal all are under one umbrella.

    Shocking postage if you are not with eBay Plus. $15.90 postage for a Micro SD card?

    Paid for Australian stock but received Chinese stock.


      I've received my previous 128GB cards from apusauction, they were all completely English and local stock.

      eBay plus has been well worth it for me, I've saved hundreds in postage and returns alone.

      If you're getting Chinese stock, I'd be getting in touch with eBay - only if it annoys you, of course.


    Thanks Goldfire and nice to know you've received local stock.

    Mine was 100% Chinese stock and I will be getting in touch with eBay for sure.

    These sellers are also milking money out from eBay on postages [for eBay Plus members].

    Shocking square families , allphones are just a few good examples of how dishonest they are.$15.90 to $17 postage for a Micro SD card?.They are laughing all the way to the bank.

    Have a wonderful evening

    Kind regards

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