Ugly Xmas Rashie $49.95; Cycle Jersey $89.95 + Postage @ Cancer Council


Get in early for 2019 xmas with the discounts on last years stock.
Cycle Jersey reduced from $109.95 to $89.95
Cockatoo Rashie reduced from $69.96 to $49.95
Postage shows as $12 for me.

If you've got AHM extras health insurance, don't forget to make a claim for Cancer Council products.
All proceeds go to cancer council, rather than a multinational alcohol distributor.

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  • +6 votes

    Isn't this the one they gave away for free with Canadian club purchase? Not sure who in their right mind would buy it for $50, especially in January…


    In my day my parents and grandparents had no idea the clothes patterns they were giving me were so horrible. Nowadays parents are savvy to this and think it's cool?


    This were literally a free promo item. Selling them at $50+ is a terrible joke of a deal.

    If you want to support the cancer council that's great, make a donation.

    • +1 vote

      Did you look further than the title? They are absolutely not the same item unless you consider any rashie equivalent


        Huh, you're right. Revoked.

        I didn't know there was such a market for ugly rashies that there are multiples.

  • +1 vote

    Different product. This one looks to be cancer council approved (possibly better quality). Both ugly.

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