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[SA] Free Beer if Temperature is 45C or above, $3 above 40C or $1 above 42C @ Red Lion Hotel, Elizabeth North


Forecasted Temperature for Elizabeth (as stated by bom.gov.au): 46°C

30 minute observations credit to Hillatoppa

A pub in Elizabeth North has one way to ease the discomfort of the hot weather, offering free beer if temperature goes above 45C.

The Red Lion Hotel started their “beer-o-meter” last March, but the heat of the past few weeks has really tested the concept.

Above 40C, the price at the Red Lion drops to $3. Above 42C and the beer is $1. Over 45C and it’s free.

Publican Stephen Firth said weather is not that only thing that is running hot.

“The phones have been going mad with people ringing to verify it’s true,” he said.

”They can’t believe we are doing it.”

On Wednesday afternoon they had run out of glasses and were serving schooners. It’s the customer’s choice of beer on tap, too — only Stella is off the menu.

“If it gets over 42C, it’s $1 a pint. That’s still a good deal. I don’t know of any other pubs that are doing $1 pints,” Mr Firth said.

Temperature is measured by the Bureau of Meteorology reading at Edinburgh — the closest gauge to the pub.

The Red Lion Hotel Location

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