[iOS] $0 - Channels - Live TV (Was US $14.99) (HDHomeRun Device Required) @ iTunes


Channels for iOS is now free.

Live TV, anywhere in your home. Channels lets you watch, pause, and rewind local or cable TV directly on your iPhone or iPad.

Learn more about Channels at http://getchannels.com.

Channels requires an HDHomeRun networked TV tuner to watch live TV on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Learn more about how this works below.

  • Pause, rewind, and fast forward live TV
  • Guide Data
  • Full HD streaming (bandwidth permitting)
  • 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Closed captioning
  • Full support for VoiceOver
  • Channel favoriting
  • Jump back to last channel
  • Auto Discovery
  • Browse what's on other channels while watching TV
  • Manage your HDHomeRun devices from Channels

"If you’re a cord cutter, then Channels coupled with an HDHomeRun and antenna is one of the best purchases you can make." — 9to5mac

"If live television has been a missing or irritating-to-use piece for your viewing pleasure, Channels plus a networked tuner pulls it neatly into your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad." — Macworld

Channels requires modern iOS devices and 802.11AC wireless for HD streaming. But as usual, your milage may vary.

Supported devices: All iOS devices with an A7 chip and up.

Note: Channels does not support Picture in Picture mode on the iPad or AirPlay on any device due to the video format provided by the HDHomeRun tuners. This is an iOS limitation.

— Why Use Channels? —

Channels is the missing piece of your puzzle. If you already watch everything through streaming apps, Channels lets you finally watch sports, award shows, local news, and other live events on your same device.

  • Watch live primetime TV, local news, and sports on your Apple TV.
  • Netflix, Hulu, Movies, Games, AirPlay, and now live TV on the same device.
  • Already using antenna for live TV? Channels lets you use one antenna to watch TV on all the devices in your home.
  • Want sports on your porch? News in the kitchen? Channels lets you watch these anywhere in the home. Let your TV watching follow you around the house.

— How Does It Work? —

An HDHomeRun is a simple TV tuner that can broadcast television over your home network. Channels streams that video directly to your device.

  1. Plug an HD antenna or your cable into your HDHomeRun.
  2. Plug your HDHomeRun into your router.
  3. Watch live TV via the Channels app.

— How Do You Use It? —

Here's some protips on how to get the most out of Channels.

  • Pick your favorite channels by selecting your HDHomeRun device in the Settings tab and tapping on a channel.
  • See quickly what’s currently on your favorite channels with the On Now tab.
  • Tap on a channel to view more info about it (or just 3D Touch it).
  • Live TV buffer works for ~90 mins or less depending on how much storage is available on your device.
  • Skip ahead 30s by swiping right. Skip back 7s by swiping left.
  • Double-tap with 2 fingers to switch to the previous channel.
  • Swipe up/down on the Quick Guide to see what else is on your favorite channels. Tap it to change to that channel.

— HDHomeRun Device Support —

All HDHomeRun devices are supported by Channels.

  • HDHomeRun PRIME
  • HDHomeRun EXTEND
  • HDHomeRun EXPAND
  • HDHomeRun DUAL
  • HDHomeRun ORIGINAL (blue and white tuners)

Learn more about HDHomeRun tuners on silicondust.com. Simply plug a compatible tuner into your home network router and start watching Live TV with Channels today!

  • DRM protected streams are not currently supported.
  • Channels does not work outside of your home. It only works when connected to the same network as your HDHomeRun Device

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    Can this even be used in Australia?

    • +2 votes

      Yes, I've downloaded the app and am watching FTA thru HDHomeRun at the moment.

  • +1 vote

    You mean before you had to pay $200+ for the machine and then US $15 ($21 AUD) for the app to be able to use it?

    • +3 votes

      you didnt have to, the hdhomerun app is free but its garbage. these guys built a better app and are charging money for it

      • +4 votes

        Why would you buy a HDHomeRun box when the Freeview app allows you to watch live TV without having to purchase anything?

        • +2 votes

          not everyone has fast internet with high download limits. This gets the data from regular free to air antenna (no internet).


          I don’t use a HD HomeRun device, but I do have MythTV set up on my home server, and usually use that for live TV streaming to my living room and laptop.

          The quality is top-notch (1080i broadcast quality, no artifacts), which can’t be said for the FreeView apps. That’s the main advantage. The fact it doesn’t use any data is nice too.

          However, I mainly use it for recording (with auto commercial skipping) and for the ability to pause live TV. I don’t think the HomeRun can do that.


    Thanks mate! Although i hoped this covered the appletv version - but it doesn't :( still ~$40

  • -1 vote

    Found it useless to me


    I never got my HDHomeRun to work properly in my house.. So sad


      How come it is so easy plug the antenna and plug in the ethernet cable and type my.hdhomerun.com to set it up.


        Doesn't pick up the channels through the fixed antenna. I try access it from the apps on any device, it says "no video" or "no signal". My regular TV works fine through the same coax port.

        • +1 vote

          The HDHomeRun is woefully insensitive to the antenna signal. What worked fine on my TV was either "No signal" or a pixelated mess on the HD HomeRun.

          I had to get a small Jaycar amplifier for mine (and it appears many on the Whirlpool thread did too)and its worked perfectly ever since.


            @jnewau: Thanks! I'll have to grab one of those too. Miss watching TV on my computer since I got rid of my old TV tuner card. lol


    Good deal, but you should try Plex. I have found Plex to be a lot better and uses less bandwidth.
    My only issue with Plex and live TV is only the admin/master use can record.

    • +4 votes

      Plex DVR is the biggest bag of shit in the world of DVRs. I’ve had both for years and there’s no comparison. Plex is a buggy, slow, bag of hurt. So bad in fact it really shouldn’t ever be used unless it’s your only option. Channels App on Apple TV on other hand is very reliable and fast as it doesn’t rely on transcoding like Plex does.

      I love Plex in general but their DVR feature is a complete utter joke. Even Emby has done a much better job of it.

      The Channels developers also are very responsive on their forums unlike Plex where it seems the company has gone downhill greatly since it’s hayday.


        Yeah i agree. I had such high hopes for Plex DVR but it's awful. I like the look of channels but that monthly fee puts me off :(


          Plex is garbage. Emby is way better it still not perfect but it is constantly improving and the community is great if you have issues just post it and somebody will get you on track once it is working it is rock solid


    App works well for me. Much faster than Plex for live TV.

  • +2 votes

    An alternative - Beyonwiz Refurb T2 barebones (no hard drive) $199 + $15 delivery. Add a 2.5” drive



      Vouch for Beyonwiz, they're the top of the line in PVRs. WizOS app works wonders on iOS and Android.


    Android app costs $33.99


    I use TVIRL on my Android tv. It is a bit of hit and miss sometimes, but works well when it does. Another option I found is Using the simple iptv pvr for kodi and using the matthiisman links - works like a charm every time - worth a try. Details here - https://www.matthuisman.nz/2017/09/kodi-freeview-nz-au-iptv-...


    Anyone got any good deals on the HDHomeRun device?

  • +2 votes

    Took 5 mins of reading and research to realise this app, and a HDHomeRun, is of no use to me. If you're reading this comment you probably came to the same conclusion.

  • +5 votes

    I purchased the Apple TV version a while ago and it's excellent, I resisted buying the iOS version as I couldn't justify the double up cost (took me a while to justify the cost for the ATV app too)… not to mention there was the free HDHomeRun app for iOS available as well (not a great app, but it worked).

    They have a good blog post explain the reasoning:



      Does this deal mean you can now download the iOS version for free and use in conjunction with the Apple TV version somehow? Would you still need the HDHomerun box with antenna? I know nothing about this product but have an Apple TV 4 and iPhone X


        Both apps require a HDHomeRun on the network, there is no direct connection between the iOS version and the tvOS version. It just means that instead of having to buy the Apple TV version and the iOS version if you wanted to use Channels on your mobile device and TV, you no longer have to pay for the iOS version.

  • +1 vote

    The big problem with Channels here in Australia is that it does not support their DVR service, so it can't record, meaning it's only useful for live TV.


    Hey what all channels can you watch ? Is there a link to the list of channels. Need to decide if it’s worth buying the HDHomeRun tuner ?

  • -3 votes

    Useless for Australia. I already have the required HDHomeRun device which gives me FreeToAir/OverTheAir digital TV stations. It has a free app so i can watch on my Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device. This new app does nothing new. By the way, if you want to stream TV the Freeview FV app does the same thing on any device too. The only reason I have a HDHomeRun hardware is so I can time shift shows and series with PVR software and dont have to stream the channels so can free up my Internet bandwith (for you others ;-)

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