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5x 10 Movie Collection Bundles - Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Action, or Sci-Fi for $19.99ea @ iTunes AU


Currently Apple iTunes has 5 x 10 movie collection bundles for $19.99ea, less 4.9% back from Cashrewards brings that down to $19.01ea

Using iTunes cards from Costco at 20% off brings that down to $15.21ea or 15% off from Officeworks or Woolworths brings it down to $16.16ea

It's no 8 x Harry Potter for $14.99 but still a bargain I reckon

10 Sci-Fi Movie Collection https://itunes.apple.com/au/movie-collection/10-sci-fi-movie...
• Alien, I, Robot, Independence Day*, Minority Report, Planet of the Apes (1968), Predator*, Sunshine, The Martian*, The Maze Runner*, X-Men*

10 Thriller Movie Collection https://itunes.apple.com/au/movie-collection/10-thriller-mov...
• Black Swan, Exodus: Gods and Kings*, Gone Girl, Heat (1995)*, Hitman: Agent 47*, The Beach, The Drop, The Revenant*, True Story, Wall Street*

10 Comedy Movie Collection https://itunes.apple.com/au/movie-collection/10-comedy-movie...
• Borat, Let's Be Cops*, Spy*, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Internship, The Other Woman, The Watch, There's Something About Mary, This Means War, Why Him?*

10 Action Movie Collection https://itunes.apple.com/au/movie-collection/10-action-movie...
• Chronicle, Commando (1985), Die Hard*, Fight Club, Man On Fire, Minority Report, Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005), Taken, Unstoppable (2010), X-Men*

10 Drama Movie Collection https://itunes.apple.com/au/movie-collection/10-drama-movie-...
• (500) Days of Summer, Birdman, Life of Pi*, Love & Other Drugs, Marley & Me, Moulin Rouge!, The Fault In Our Stars*, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, We Bought a Zoo, Wild*

4K movies are noted with a *

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  • +7
    Bundle Number of 4k movies
    Sci-fi 5
    Thriller 5
    Comedy 3
    Action 2
    Drama 3

    Interesting that the action bundle has the least.

  • Great just for Predator in 4K which came out not that long ago, exclusive to iTunes for a while.

  • +1

    Stupid question, do you end up "owning" these or are they rentals ?

    • +8

      You own a license to them, which is fine until they lose the rights to let you watch it in 4K, and it downgrades to HD only, or worse, simply up and disappears.

      • In that scenario If you have downloaded them to your computer you keep them.

        • +1

          Can’t download 4K movies though.

    • +3

      You own them - (as much as you can in this digital world)

      • Uh no there are definitely still ways to own them for real rather than just owning a license to stream it.

    • It's not a stupid question, in fact it is a very pertinent one, and one that doesn't have a very clear answer.

      For standard definition films, if you download it the file, then you should have it in perpetuity, as long as you have a backup of course. But if Apple loses the rights to it later, and you lose your copy, you won't be able to download it again.

      At present you can't download 4K films, so if Apple loses the rights to those films, then you're SOOL.

      With the fragmenting of online platforms likely to continue for a good few years, safer to just buy physical media IMO.

      See here for further details: https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2018/09/17/apple-res...

  • To watch in 4k then you need to buy current Apple tv?

    I have Apple TV version 2 I think.

    Current is 4 right?

    Can a ver3 do 4k (should be cheaper 2nd hand)

  • +6

    In regards to the license, if they loose the rights you can request a refund, it took some research to get clarification on this and even though it doesn’t clearly state it in the terms and conditions you are entitled to a refund if they no longer have the license to that title.

    • So they don't just give you a refund you have to request it? Geez

  • What pack is everyone getting?

    • +3

      The six pack.

    • +1

      I went with the thriller pack purely because it had most of the movies that I would want to watch and has the most 4K movies as well though none of them support Atmos sadly :( Would've loved to have Predator and the X-Men but will wait till they go on sale individually

    • Sci fi

    • Sci fi.

    • Sci fi,

  • Stupid thing is if you buy the sci-fi and action pack you double up

    • True, I already had a half dozen or so but still worth it I reckon,,,