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Harry Potter Complete 8 Movie Collection $14.99 @ iTunes Australia


$15 for the complete 4k Dolby Vision collection on iTunes is a steal IMO.

Has all the extras and special features included too.

If you were well prepared with the earlier 20% giftcards, it's essentially $12.

Better hop on it soon before it expires!
Lowest ever!

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  • Seems like a pricing error … as one of the movies is also $14.99 … good find! Thanks!

  • Apology if this is a dumb question - can the purchased movies be downloaded and then played on non-Apple devices?

    • You can download to a PC in HD but can only view in 4K on an Apple TV 4K, or with increased resolution and HDR on a recent iPhone or iPad Pro.

      • Another potentially dumb question here:
        If I download the 720 versions, can I play them on any device? Or can I only watch them through iTunes player on the device I downloaded them to?

        Can I copy them to an external HDD and paly them on my Android device, for example?

        • I was curious, lots of info on this with a quick Google search, looks like a headache with rights and licensing etc, consider piracy lol (safely with vpn etc ofc)

          As we all know, Apple makes its content so proprietary. It won't allow consumers to transfer their paid content to Android devices or Google play service. And it won't provide service for Android users as Google did for iOS users…
          Apple's Fairplay DRM protection is the only block for us to transfer iTunes purchased movies to Google play. So we have to find a Fairplay DRM Removal application at first…

        • Those movies are iTunes DRM protected.

        • My understanding is you can only view them from Apple devices. iTunes on PCs and Macs.

          You can't "donwload" the movies in the general sense - you can't really download the movie files.

          You can "download" it to your Apple devices, iPhone/iPad/Apple TV etc.

          You can only "download" them to computers using the iTunes software and play them from using iTunes.

          (I could be wrong)

  • damm this the best deal!

  • Not sure about the movies being 4K - the download in Itunes Store states 720P.

    The bundle size is 44.9GB (720p HD), 21.3GB SD.

    • Literally installed iTunes to try and get this deal but it looks like '4K Content is only available to stream via Apple TV 4K', immediately uninstalled iTunes again ahaha

    • Depends on the device you’re watching them on. They will be max 1080p on a PC, 4K on Apple TV 4K. Apple doesn’t have seperate pricing tiers for movies 720P HD and above; you buy one and get them all for the same price, just depends which device you’re downloading/streaming on.

    • There is a setting in iTunes preferences to choose your HD resolution for download - go to Preferences, then the Downloads tab, and tick "Download full-size HD videos". You'll then be able to download 1080p versions.

      Note that you can't download 4K versions, only stream them - that was something the studios demanded, it's not Apple's decision.

      On Apple TV 4K, though, all 8 of these films come up as 4K with Dolby Vision.

  • where does it say 4K? the listing says HD

  • Are u sure this is 4k?

  • ONLY 4K on the new Apple TV. Absolute horseshit and ruins this deal. Let me download them in 4K Apple ffs

  • If Harry is that smart why doesn't he magic his eyesight better?

  • Comes up as pending…

  • Apple Tv shows it as 4K Dolby vision.

    4k or not it a value for money deal.

    Thanks OP.

  • Still a great deal for the HD set! Thanks OP

  • Fug it, I'll buy it. One day I'll be at someone's house and will want to watch one of them, but no one will have a copy and we'll all be broke. Would prefer a remux of the blu ray but who keeps a disk or hard drive on them.

  • Hermione

  • Bought :D

    This will include 4k as it says if you buy any movie in HD you will also get the 4k hdr free

    proof screenshot here https://i.postimg.cc/bJBBGNd0/apple.jpg

  • One for the ages, this deal is.

  • Great deal OP. I remember the US iTunes Store having the same set for US$10 due to a pricing error many years ago. That deal was my very first introduction to OzBargain. Last year all those films magically upgraded to 4K on my Apple TV too; it was the bargain that just kept giving.

  • Great deal, got this on my US account last year for $10.

  • Bought. Will download permanently to iPad, which will be good for travelling as I never get sick of these movies.

    • Can you download to a PC as well not just IOS devices? Sorry never used itunes.

      • Yes you can download the movies on a PC but you will have to watch them through iTunes.

    • 44.9GB (720p HD) according to another comment. Shame Apple devices don't support SD cards because that probably won't fit unless you have a 128GB iPad.

    • There are 1 billion iOS devices in the world, all of them sold in the last 10 years. So yes, yes they do.

      • How many of those device owners use iTunes compared to just using the App Store on their device?

        Only thing you need iTunes for is if you want to backup your device to the PC or sync music library to it although most people just use a combination of Apple Music, Spotify & YouTube to stream music these days.

        • iTunes is used for movies and TV shows. So I’d say lots and lots of device owners.

        • You can’t purchase films, TV and music through the ‘App Store’; you purchase them through iTunes on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV; so I would say, well, all of them.

  • Confirmed that this is 4K on my Apple TV.

    Now this is weird, this unlocks 7 out of 8 movies. Deathly hallow part 1 still asks me to purchase. Maybe it’s a glitch

    • I'm seeing the same? Thanks though OP, absolute steal.I assume that once this is fixed the additional movie may show as purchased?

    • It was showing 7 for me, I clicked the SD link and then back to HD link shows all 8. Definitely a glitch.

    • +2 votes

      Mine shows all 8 available in my purchases. No extra payment required.

    • Yep, same here too.

    • Same here

      My iTunes shows 4, but on the ATV 4k it shows all 8.

      I'm guessing iTunes bug

    • I too am missing hallows part 1. Might contact support.

      • So I contacted Apple Support. They advised that the bundle was removed from the store (I'm guessing a price error) so they were unable to do anything regarding the missing movie. All they offered was a refund and to remove the rest of the bundle from my purchase history.

        Their commend from the live chat I had: "As per verifying it seems like the item has been removed form the Australian Apple store at this time, What we can do is we may refund you the transaction, I sincerely apologize for this change."

        • Thanks for the update, I also have the same issue, will have to wait till part 1 goes on sale and buy it

          • @Terryible: I'm gonna wait and hope that the bundle comes back one day. If I don't automatically get the movie, I'll contact support again. Make sure you hang onto the email receipt!

        • Interesting. Hallows Pt 1 is not showing in the "TV" app on my iPhone, but it IS showing in my purchased history within iTunes on said iPhone and it will let me play from there!

        • I think the bundle is now back up on iTunes - there’s a ‘Harry Potter complete Collection’ available for $79.99

          Edit… whoops, just realised someone else pointed this out hours ago further down the post…

  • Absolute Legendary Price!

  • My cheapest 4k movies purchased ever.

    Thanks OP.

    Ok…now need to wait for an apple 4k tv on special to use my paypal discounted funds.

    FYIConfirmed 4k/hdr/dolby vision at ipad download section….abit worried how much space its going to take lol.

  • Should probably say Movies (as opposed to books) in the title.

  • Thanks OP. Exceptional find.

  • Thank you!!!

  • Great deal - purchased - thanks!

  • Bought but got an android. Any way to watch or download on mobile?

    • Not without a device that runs iOS here is an example -


      Anyone of those will play the video :D

      • I read download on PC then strip out DRM works

        • I don't think there's any modern DRM stripping tools. You have to download an old tool for it and use iTunes 8 on a Windows XP/7 machine. The other programs are pretty crap and just record your screen as the video plays so you lose a lot of the quality.

          • @Agret: You thought wrong but I cannot share the info with you here. Not an old tool and not a screen cap.

            • @alvian: Ah I had a look and there's 2 tools to strip the DRM from videos but you still need the old one in a virtual machine to get the audio as the 2 commercial tools re-encode the audio and reduce the quality so you must mux the good video from modern tool with the good audio from old tool.

              DRM is such a headache :(

  • Thanks champ !!!!!

  • does this work buying it on the iphone ?
    No details just showing HD.

  • Ok so whats the deal with the 4k versions of these movies?

    I have PC hooked up toy tv as a media player, so can I download 4k versions or does that only work woth apple tv?

    • No, i think only apple tv can stream 4k from itunes store

      • Correct. And you need at least a 25Mbps connection in order to stream 4K. Apple won't let you download 4K either, so you can't pre-load beforehand — it's streaming only at this time.

  • Got it
    When I view info in iTunes library it doesn’t say anything about being 4K

    Is it meant to?

  • Thanks OP. My daughter will love it.
    Also can confirm it’s 4k when you open movies individually but not for downloading only streaming

  • Is there a way to monitor for iTunes special deals like this? (other than ozbargain)

  • I just purchased this and i can confirm 100% you can get a 4K Dolby Vision version on Apple TV 4K,

  • Anybody knows if the 4.9% Cashrewards cashback is payable?

  • Can't seem to buy it - "Item no longer available"

  • says item not available in australian store from the link ….

  • Cheers OP. Also fairly recent 0.99c rentals there as well atm - I Tonya, Where's the Money, Notorious, Maze Runner: The Death Cure, 2:22 etc.

  • “Item is no longer available” both HD and SD

  • The collection is gone

    The Philosophers Stone is also gone - what's up with that?

    Edit: Nevermind can still download it in your purchase history

  • I purchased it and I have downloaded 7 of the 8 movies but Movie 7 Part 1 won't download. Just keeps going to download and not downloading then coming up with a "!" error

  • Just a reminder to everyone that unless you download the movies you've purchased from iTunes, you don't necessarily "own" it.
    Please read Apple Responds To Disappearing iTunes Movie Purchases Issue.

    Apple's customer service department was sending out documents stating that if you buy a film on iTunes, you may not be able to own it forever in the same way that you would always own a physical purchase