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[Refurb] Acer AH101-D6F3 Windows Mixed Reality Headset + Controllers $319.20 Delivered @ GraysOnline eBay


Refurbished, but with 12 months warranty and crucially includes the motion controllers, unlike some of the previous deals.

Even though Windows Mixed Reality has some limitations (controllers need to be in front of the headset for tracking), it's a very serviceable alternative to the Vive and Rift systems, and works with almost the entire complement of games on SteamVR. Unlike those systems, it also doesn't require any base stations for tracking, making it much easier to move around.

Some details for this particular headset:

Resolution is 2880 x 1440
Maximum refresh rate is 90Hz
Controllers each take 2 AA batteries (put your Eneloops to good use)

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    and works with almost the entire complement of games on SteamVR


    I wouldnt use the word works… Is sounds positive


      Not sure why someone negged you, IME it's laughable to say the whole Steam library works with WMR.

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      I didn't know this (nor did I neg you) - which major titles are not supported?



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          Works perfectly on this here headset. I have it.

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            @Tycn: Good to know, I was thinking of getting gorn but wasn't sure

            Beat saber works well except for over the head upwards left hand (red saber) strokes

            And Space Pirate Trainer works flawlessly

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    Seems like something you put on your face would be something you wouldn't want refurbed?

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      The amount of sweat that builds up in VR games on your face, is enough to make me never use anyone else's headset within my own family, let alone from a complete stranger.


    on a slightly more serious point - I have a viulux headset and razer hydra controllers which function but have some incompatibilities due to controller button layout (not easily edited for steam!)…. I placed an order for one of these to try - is it an upgrade? I was sold on the weight and resolution (viulux is higher at 960 x 1080 per eye but lack of good controllers let it down) - I believe the motion tracking means that the controllers on the Acer unit rely on the headset itself…I've not managed to find any wireless controllers independent of headset yet….


      I'm not too familiar with the Viulux, but it looks like these ones should have higher resolution? At 1440 x 1440 per eye

      I have this headset and am quite happy with the motion tracking. I briefly had the Oculus Rift before 'downgrading' to this. Tracking is slightly worse at times on the WMR but more than adequate. I didn't have the third sensor for the Rift either, so it was only a front-facing setup whereas the WMR does 360 degrees with no extras required.

      The controllers are quite similar to the Rift and Vive controllers and I've been able to play a bunch of SteamVR games without any issues (e.g. Superhot, H3VR, Gorn, Beat Saber). But perhaps there are games that it doesn't work for as mentioned above?


        I think the Acer AH101 is 1440x720 per eye so maybe similar to the viulux but probably a bit lighter… I'm not so much a gamer (well maybe back when the zx81/spectrum and possibly atari st was a thing!) but enjoy playing with tech although I don't find enough time for custom configuring everything! The viulux is essentially an oculus clone running on an old driver but with much higher resolution…I picked up the hydra razer controllers used… Steam/game config for controllers appears to be very messy without a simple way to modify the standard for purpose - sad that no 3rd party generic controllers exist and are fully supported! (Surely generic mapping of controller function isn't that difficult!??)
        Thanks for the feedback anyway as a user of the device anyway - I can't imagine it would be as bad as some of the reviews I read - and being higher resolution than the competitors but at a good price point I'm happy to give it a go…


          This one is 1440x1440 per eye.

          Does anyone have/used this or any other WMR headsets? Considering the Vive but if this is just as good…


            @SwarleyAUS: Not as good as the Vive, but probably 80% of the way there.

            Resolution should be a bit better than the Vive, contrast is a bit worse (LCD rather than OLED).

            Vive has perfect tracking when set up properly, WMR loses tracking if you move the controllers out of view of the headset (which is something that you'd very rarely never need to do).

            For the price, I think WMR is fantastic and I don't feel any need to upgrade.

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    TL;DR: I've used all the major headsets: The Acer is cheap and nasty. WMR can be great but get a different headset (I recommend: Lenovo, Dell, Samsung). I bought mine from Gumtree for $250 (Lenovo Explorer), so better bargains than this can definitely be found elsewhere (unless a warranty from Gray's is possible and that's very important to you?).

    Long version:
    As an owner of a Lenovo Explorer headset and a frequent user of Rift/Vive/Playstation VR (Game developer), I wouldn't recommend the Acer. I think the Windows MR platform is an affordable way into VR and I personally love the ease of use, comfort, resolution lightness of my Lenovo Explorer headset (much easier to setup/pack down than the rift or Vive), however there's a lot of disparity between headset manufacturer's. I would stick with Lenovo (for lightness), Dell (for build quality) or Samsung (for features) and avoid the others. The Acer is especially bad in the build quality department. Until we get newer and cheaper headsets from HTC and Oculus, Windows MR is still what I'd recommend to most people for its ease of use, low price and high-resolution displays (compared to the OG Vive or Rift).


      Agreed that it feels pretty cheap. I've had mine for 6 months though, using it a few times a week, and haven't had any issues with durability. I've dropped the headset a number of times and punch furniture with the controllers on a regular basis…

      Definitely heaps of bargains for WMR headsets on Gumtree! I think I paid $200.