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[Pre-Order, PC] The Division 2 Gold Edition $69 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Possible Item/Pricing Error
Not sure if this is an error but Amazon AU have listed Division 2 Gold Edition as insanely cheaper than RRP of $149.95 AUD.
Also listed as $99.99 USD on Amazon.com.
I talked to an Amazon support rep who assured me it is but I'm not sure if he can really confirm it is gold for this price.
Don't forget cashback!
Please be advised amazon has silently changed the listing to standard at the same price. Cancel your order if you want gold, otherwise it's probably the cheapest price for standard after cashback

Mod 7pm: Price dropped from $82.76 to $69.

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  • Good deal for gold

  • Just ordered it. Normally I would have done the 20% off UBISOFT points thing but I figured that it was cheaper this way.

    FYI, the next version up from the Gold edition is Ultimate and that only has an additional:
    * Battleworn Secret Service Pack
    * The 1st Responder Pack
    * Elite Agent Pack

  • Can you cancel if it's not Gold?

    • Amazon doesn't charge you until the release date, so if the listing changes up until then just cancel and order elsewhere. Was just going to get 20% off with Ubi points on the standard but I saw this…

    • If you got the standard version and you ordere gold, Amazon will do the full refund and let you keep the game

      • This happen to you before mate?

        • Yep, happened to me with the resident evil 7 deal

          • @Zealouz: When you got RE7, did it have the special edition in the title? This deal doesn't have it in the title like what happyjoyjoy007 was saying in the comments below.

            Noticed that when selecting Xbox Gold it specifies 'Gold' in item title, but with the PC 'Gold' selection it doesn't reference 'Gold' in the title at all, nor in the Cart unfortunately.

            • @jitauti: I went back to the page and check the little 'order history' bit at the top. It specified that I ordered the gold edition for PC, and that means its in their system as gold, i think.

  • PS4 version please!!!!!

  • I presume these days the box will include a key which can just be used in Uplay?

  • Thanks op, used McDonald's $20 credit toward this, $62 plus cash back, winning! ;D

  • Noticed that when selecting Xbox Gold it specifies 'Gold' in item title, but with the PC 'Gold' selection it doesn't reference 'Gold' in the title at all, nor in the Cart unfortunately.

  • it's gone up to $89.95

  • For those worrying about not being the gold edition. Just take a screenshot as evidence.

  • Never preorder…

    • I usually agree with you but Gold Edition retails for $150 so the discount is an incentive. And I can always cancel the order later on if I change my mind.

    • Agree with Lolno234.
      After the disappointment with The Division 1, there are still people stupid enough to preorder 2?

      • I thoroughly enjoyed Division 1. What was disappointing about it for you?

        • Reiterating on this I got Division 1 late into its lifecycle and it felt so good once all the launch issues got ironed out. Maybe most surprising of all was how the developers really listened to the community, something which sadly doesn't seem too common.

  • Any know if we get the bata key? and with this Edition u get to play 3 days earlier so that release data for this Edition is 12/3/2019

  • After placing the order it doesn't mention gold edition anywhere. Not sure this will actually hold up.

    Items Ordered
    1 of: The Division 2 (PC)
    Sold by: Amazon Commercial Services Pty Ltd

    • Amazon support rep assures me it will be Gold edition. Hopefully they're right.

      Nagendra Varma: Not to worry but I have checked on the site and your order as well, You will be receiving the Gold edition itself.

      • Yeah I also asked on the live chat.

        Manish: Thanks for staying connected.
        BrinK, I've checked this for you and I can confirm this item Edition is Gold you can check the same on the website by using the below link:


        Manish: Please do not worry, once the beta version is available you will receive an automated email with the beta code and can use it.

    • Did you check the order after you purchased it? Looking at my amazon order on the app I see it mention that this is the gold edition. Have taken screen shots etc.

  • They have changed the page and removed all reference to gold!

    Update: weird, now it's displaying as gold again, after spend 20 min with the rep, its changed back, he saw it changing too

  • Hey all, the product says gold edition again and the price has gone down to $69. I called a customer rep and confirmed it's the gold edition. I think with the pre-order guarantee - those who bought it for the previous price might get it for $69.

  • are people getting the free shipping or paid?

  • A amazon rep said there is no beta code?

  • Don't preorder you suckers

  • Never preorder games

  • If it releases on the 15th of March which is a Friday, does that mean we obviously won't get it until after the weekend? Say Monday or Tuesday?
    Or do they ship it a day or two early so we actually receive it on release day?

    I usually buy my games in store, so I'm not too sure if I want to wait until after the weekend to play this one!

    • Gold edition gets to play 3 days early, so they should be sending it out for that.

    • Generally if you order it to an Aus Post parcel locker, it will be ready for you to pick up when done with work on Friday.

      No guarentees but it's worked thrice for me on release days. RDR2 being the most recent one.

  • Yolo ordered it, ill just cancel it if the beta is crap

  • I'm worried about australian population sizes for this game. Will it be high enough?

    Has anyone played The division 1 and had a large aussie population? Tried it on beta with US players and the latency/lag was awful/unplayable

    • I played…quite a lot of The Division and I never had an issue finding servers which weren't too bad. And this was ADSL 2+, not the cable I have now. As long as you play when the Aussie's are on, it's not an issue. Especially around launch. So find yourself a group and make some friends!

  • I just purchased it on PC, and it shows that I purchased the Gold edition.
    See screenshot

  • Yeah this is definitely a pricing error. If you switch between standard edition then back to gold it'll show the correct price of $125. Either way, I pulled the trigger and got them to confirm via email that I'd purchased the gold edition.

    • Actually, since there only seems to be the console version for standard, once you swap back it goes automatically to the PS4 version, which is $125. If you click on PC again, it goes back down to $69.

  • The first division was a great game but ruined by bugs.. By the time they got it right, all the players left.. Dunno if this is better game..

  • My best memory of Division 1 was using that glitch to get 30+ players into the same raid or whatever theyre called. Laggy, but worth it.

  • Amazon selling this as a digital key? because I don't think a physical gold edition of the game on PC exist. Places mainly have the gold PC version as digital ( even Amazon US)
    Hope it's not a mistake, since it's a nice price for the gold version.

    • That's a good question, I looked it up and I haven't seen a physical version of the Gold Edition for PC anywhere.

      Clicking on "Division 2 Gold Edition" for PC on the main search page brings you to this one automatically, so I've gotta assume you just get the regular case and the bonus stuff inside as codes, since that's all it is anyway.

  • I got a confirmation from Chat also that it is the GOLD version. I had $15 promo on my account for some reason, so for me its an incredible price for GOLD.

  • They changed my order to Standard Edition for $69 and it is also a stealth change without email notification.

    Thank goodness for this thread that prompted me to check, otherwise I will be buying the edition that I do not want.

    Order cancelled

    • I followed up with Amazon Support - they're looking into it and will apparently get back to me. https://i.imgur.com/zS04R3S.png

      • I called, and got the same response, he'll call me back by end of week, I called them out on it, bait and switch, I all but called it criminal, ACCC would investigate something like this, advertising one thing then substitute something of less value at same price without notification. I said its like advertising a Porsche and sending a Toyota lol

        • Did anyone from Amazon Support get back to you?

          • @super_sayam: no! just realised that where I saw there was an update to this post, may yell at them Monday! Even have it in writing that he's get back to by 31st (yesterday), thought i's see what happened today, nothing.

  • On chat with Amazon now, they have said there is no gold edition for PC, which I have found from research as well - I think this is digital only for PC and console only get the physical gold edition.

  • I cancelled my order earlier. Don't know why I bothered actually since Gold PC is digital only and Amazon AU don't even sell digital codes hah.

  • mine changed to standard as well.

  • This might be a headache for Amazon.

    Can imagine a few people opening the game package. Playing it and complaining to Amazon saying "This isn't Gold. You've sent me the wrong item".

  • Me: will it be changed to the Gold version once the issue is fixed?
    I did order the Gold version: https://i.imgur.com/zYVLsO1.png

    Uma Maheshwari: We are working on it. We will make sure the gold version is available.

  • Spoke to them on the phone, bit of back in forth. In the end they are going to refund me the amount once the standard version is shipped.

    • I hope they keep their word and do that, as I said earlier they never got back to me when they said they would, I wrote to them yesterday morning with how upset I was about the whole thing, no reply yet

      • Ive got an email confirmation from them saying that they are going to refund me. I'd be calling them again and complaining.

        • I am planning on it! Probably Tuesday.

        • What did the email say exactly ? I called today and the customer rep said he put in a refund request to Amazon's billing team as they can't refund now as the game isn't out yet (something like that)

          • @super_sayam: They have to charge you first, when they post it then they issue you a refund. They cant refund something they havent charged you for yet

            • @Pulseless: They said they forwarded my details to the relevant team. I also got a reply saying "I'm sure you'll get a full refund after the game is shipped" (not sure whether that's a confirmed yes or speculation).

  • Just finished a conversation with Amazon via Live Chat. They confirmed that if you wish to keep the order they will issue a refund after the game is shipped. Can't complain with a free copy of Standard The Division 2 due to an advertising error.

    I also asked about Beta codes but they said they don't have any information regarding them. Anyone know if the Amazon pre-orders will get a Beta code or it doesn't seem likely at this stage considering the Beta is starting in 3 days time.

    • Did they send in a refund request to amazons billing team or something ? That's what happened when I called them.

      • I'm not sure if they did that but on release date if nothing happens I'll be following it up with them again. I saved a copy of the chat transcript.

        • In a chat with someone at the moment and the best they want to do is $20 refund :(

          • @Oulixeus: I'd try the chat again and hope you get someone else. Might help to mention you know others in the same situation who were offered a full refund after the game ships?

            • @syx: I tried but to no avail they just told me they have no information regarding this and just left it at that. Might try later in the week because I seem to get the same person every time.

              • @Oulixeus: You'll get a better outcome on the phone, guaranteed

                • @Pulseless: wish me luck! i'm going to call them soon!

                  Update: nothing! he wanted to cancel it, and reorder std with expedited shipping, which it is already, basically nothing! Even mentioned what others were offered, grrr, I said I'll be talking to the ACCC and hung up.

                  Update to the Update: An email just arrived with a $30 credit lol

  • just go sent a beta code :)

    • Was just about to post that I got one as well haha

      • The thing is I got an email last night to pre-install the beta and not sure if I need this code, I did apply for the beta as well, so not sure either way atm, but will find a worthy person to give it to if I don't need the code!