expired 20% off FAST800 12 Week Weight Loss Programme ($140) @ The Fast 800


20% off the FAST800 12 week weight loss programme for listeners of 3AW.

The 12 week plan provides support, flexibilty and guidance to help you lose weight and achieve true lifestyle change.

  • PERSONALISE THE PROGRAMME TO YOU - Take our assessment to personalise the programme to you – identifying the best approach, exercise and habits to focus on based on your individual situation and motivations.

  • LOSE WEIGHT & REPROGRAMME YOUR BODY - Follow the step-by-step programme – supported by your peers and our professional team on our lively forums – to take the stress away and make changing your lifestyle easy. Helping you lose weight, stomach fat and regain your health and fitness

  • LEARN FOR LIFE - This is not just a diet – it’s an easy and sustainable way of life. Learn how to incorporate the Fast800 into your daily routine and sustain your results! Join the thousands of others following the Fast800 way of life

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    Price with discount $140 (originally $175)

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    Or you could just eat appropriately sized healthy wholesome meals while developing a good routine and manageable change that will have a greater chance at lasting longer and keeping the weight off longer and not pay for a service ;-)

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      Dr Rudi still has the simplest diet, and it’s FREE.



      Learning basic calorie counting will work for a lot more people.


        It's the far more complicated method that can create negative food relationships, but yes it can work with others who don't care what they eat or what the body needs.

        FYI I don't know much about diet, I'm not a dietitian. What I do know is from being on previous diets and calorie counting I often became deficient in vitamins/minerals. I have a general idea of how much fruit and vegetables I should eat and how big my portions should be, a good idea of where the nutrients in food come from and how to get the most out of them. I can eat snacks/treats etc but common sense and portion control applies. It's far easier and more long term than counting calories.


        Calorie counting doesn't work. Much better to eat in a manner that reduces insulin levels. Check out The Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung.


    So 800 Calorie a day - there saved you anothern80%

    just like Michael Mosley Blood Sugar Diet?

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      Or the chocolate diet, just eat a chocolate bar a day, that's it. Don't eat anything else. You will lose weight while eating chocolate!!! You will develop many different health issues directly related to a stupid diet, but hey you get to eat chocolate and lose weight!!!

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      Although 800cal/day might be a good blanket number for most people trying to lose a lot of fat, it's going to be way too low for a good chunk.

      Just teach people to count calories in school so they can avoid all the magazine fad diet mumbo jumbo.


    Helping you lose weight, stomach fat and regain your health and fitness

    Stomach Fat? Sorry already got that covered. Not the diet I was looking for.