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Mono 100W 12V Portable Solar Panel $47.20 Delivered @ Outbax Camping eBay


Max Power Voltage:18V
Max Power Current:5.56A
Diode,MC4 Plug,1M Cable
Anodized Aluminium frame
Light Weight
25 years performance

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    Any reviews on the quality of the panels and glass

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    I bought one of these cheap solar panels last week using the POOLTIME code (160w model). It's well constructed with no flaws visible in the cells or glass. Open voltage output is exactly as specified (25v). Haven't tested the panel as I'm waiting for the solar controller.

    I assume the specs are Chinese specs (fake) and the panel is really closer to 120w instead of 160w, but even then it's good value and sufficient for my needs.

    As for this 100w panel, if you look at the surface area it's 0.53m2. At 17% cell efficiency and 1000w insolation that's 90w, so consider this panel to be somewhere between 80 and 90w in the real world.

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    I can guarantee that whatever these are claimed to be rated to, they are not rated to that. Ebay is full of lies on solar panels and AGM batteries capacity/ratings.

    You can look up what size a panel should be for a rated solar output in terms of m2. Same goes for AGM batteries except they should have a certain weight dependant on Ah rating.


    A 100W panel should have around 0.64m2 of surface area,

    This one has 0.53m2 surface area so are likely 80w or below.

    Not saying that is a bad deal, just need to be aware of this that rating is bull. Some of sellers are rated less than half of claimed output, making them more expensive than buying from say Aldi.


      |I can guarantee that whatever these are claimed to be rated to, they are not rated to that.

      I have the 160 watt cheeeepies from this seller.

      With a Victron 75|15, the peak output from these panels last month in Tassie was 163 watts. Yes it isn't the regulator that came with the panels, however the panels themselves overdeliver.

      Of course YMMV :)

      (edited to add - even if they are only 80W, $47.20 is a bargain :) )

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        You've been scammed mate. You don't have a 160w panel if you bought from this seller.

        His 160w panel are listed as
        "Demension:1030*670" (yeah great spelling)

        Surface area = 0.69m2.

        You have somewhere between a 100w or 120w. Check a reputable source for sizing if you don't believe me. These sellers don't have access to a high density solar technology somehow unobtainable to reputable shops.

        I have a 160w folding panel too and mine is 1.35m x 0.78m =1.053m2, which is bang on what a 160w panel surface area should be.

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    I have had bad experience with this seller selling panels that had false certification and specifications. Personally I would keep clear of his products. The claimed German certification is a fabrication. Cheap Chinese panels with inflated specs.

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