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[NSW] Ozito Power X Change Kits Various $30/$45/$50/$60 (was up to $159) @ Bunnings, Artarmon


Bunnings in Artarmon (NSW) have a number of the different Ozito Power X Change Kits marked at Clearance

e.g. I just picked up
Ozito Power X Change 18V Blower And Hedge Trimmer Kit normally $159 for $60
Ozito Power X Change 18V Pole Hedge Trimmer Kit normally $159 but currently on special nationwide for $129 for $60
Ozito Power X Change 18V Pole Pruner Kit normally $159 but currently on special nationwide for $129 for $50

others I saw included
Cordless Blower and Trimmer Kit for $45
Hedge Trimmer Kit for $45
Grass Trimmer & Shear Kit for $45
Grass Trimmer Kit for $30
some Mower Kits
and Blower Vac/Line Trimmer Kit ($30)

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    The website still shows normal price

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      Yes - it's likely only on Clearance at the Artarmon Bunnings store (they said they had too much stock and needed space)

      • Big thanks, just in time - I was going to buy one anyway, big saving

  • Aldi have cheap 4ah batteries but seems bunnings decided to give it a miss this time.

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      I bought the Blower & Trimmer kit because it came with a 3ah battery and the fast charger which likely cost more than the $60 I paid for the whole kit (I didn't have the blower or trimmer anyway so bonus)

      • How much is postage to qld? 😂

    • Question are the Aldi Xfinity 20v battery’s compatible with the Ozito x power gear? My dad seems to think not because the Ozito battery’s are 12v. Just trying to get him a cheaper 4.0Ah battery. Thanks if someone could clear this up.

      • No, not compatible. Ozito X are 18V, some old/lower powered stuff is 12V. Maybe get an adaptor on Ebay etc? Check price though first.

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        Yes, they are compatible, but you need to use an adaptor. The Xfinity’s quoted 20V is the unloaded/fully-charged (max) voltage, whilst the Ozito Power X’s 18V is the loaded/mid-charge (nominal) voltage. They are both actually 18V batteries in the same way NiMH batteries are 1.2V but the measured max voltage is around 1.5V. 20V may not technically be incorrect, but it goes against the usual battery voltage quoting “rules” and thus it is a bit misleading.

        • ^ This

        • Are these available year round or only at certain times? I saw that last October the 4ah 20v battery was $30.

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            @captaincabinets: Only at certain times. At least four times a year, though. Depending on the store, the stock levels are enough to last a month or two. Also depending on the store, there may be a $10 price drop towards the end.

        • You know anyone who sells the adaptors?

          • @Jackson: This Whirlpool thread indicates there was a guy on Gumtree who used to sell the adaptors. I found an ad on there for the Ryobi One adaptors. Not sure if it’s the same person from the Whirlpool thread. You could try checking with him or contacting the poster on Whirlpool. I don’t have anything other than that.

        • It's what the Americans call the 18v packs over there, "20v Max". Very misleading because they are all 18v batteries

        • Yes I agree that you can buy adaptors, but the cost involved ($30 - $40) makes it hardly worthwhile. Cheaper to just buy the correct battery and also not have the battery hanging off at an increased distance. Still, do the arithmetic and decide if you are a real ozbargainer or not!

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            @wetwork: I am inclined to agree with you, but some tools are used once in a blue moon and if you see something on clearance for half price I'm inclined to get it (even if it's AC powered most of the time) e.g. the B&D deal at supercheap, the batteries and charger for those were highway robbery but they were selling circular saws for 20 bucks.

            • @Jackson: That's what I'm talking about - a true ozbargainer.

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    Awesome deal! Lucky you. Never have any clearance sales at my local Bunnings

  • None at my local in Vic, would have loved the blower and trimmer kit

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      Sounds like a great night in.

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  • Hi OP, do they have cordless lawn mower on clearance, I want to see by my own but I’m 1.5 hour away from Artarmon :(

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      I just came back from the artarmon store and there is 2 different combo cordless mower with blower/trimmer kits on clearance also

      One kit was $199 and other kit was $149

      People were calling to trying holding the clearance kits but the Bunnings man said no holds on them

      • I noticed a couple of items on hold.

  • Sweet. Cheers. Sadly Tamworth Bunnings rarely discounts lik this. I'll take a look

    • Nothing ticketed at Tamworth, but all units are stacked in the open. Might be a Monday thing.

  • Would buy my mum that blower hedge trimmer kit for $60 but a little too far to go

  • Cordless Blower and Grass Trimmer Kit for $45 ($99)
    Hedge Trimmer Kit for $45 ($99)
    Shear trimmer Kit for $45 ($99)
    Plastic Grass Trimmer Kit for $30
    Not listed on website

    • I have the no power xchange version of the trimmer/grass shears. Its not plastic, the blades are anodized/plated steel. Its quite good for what it is, without a whipper snipper currently I did all my edges with one and apart from needing to be on all fours it was quite quick and gave a good result.

      Also the whipper snipper is not a line trimmer, in that it uses plastic blades. The actual line trimmer is hideously expensive compared to this one, no udea why apart from that its new stock.

      Not meaning to be critical, thabks for providing all the links

  • A photo of the pruner kit would have been good as my local store may price match

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      I have a photo of the Pruner Kit (and some of the other kits) - not sure how to upload it tho

  • Great deal. I've already bought half the range for gardening and it's reasonably good. I would recommend as I came from petrol and it's fine for my use.

    • was just looking at these kits again, doesn't appear to be much benefit to them beyond the basic kit, but the others aren't a terrible deal.

      The 2 x 18v seems to really just be a convenience feature, but rather than a 3ah battery with fast charger you get 2 x 2ah battery with eco/slow charger. I think I'd rather have the 3+FC as in my experience the 3ah only lasts 20 minutes, so a 2 is giving you about 13? and changing the battery really only takes about 10 seconds.

      • "Mower delivers 36V of Power"
        The 2x 18v mower is actually a 36V unit, so both batteries are required to run it. It's a clever way of having a more powerful motor but keeping battery compatibility.

        However, it sounds like they went really cheap on the battery capacity >.<

        • Specs say:

          Voltage (volts)

          If a 3ah runs out in 20min, 2 2.0ah can be expected to last 13min. Theres no way that can be the case. I reckon someone just added 18 and 18 and wrote 36V. If not bank of buying at least 2 x 4.0ah batteries which if not on sale will cost over 100 bucks

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    Still plenty of hedge trimmers available for $45:

    And a few cordless pole hedge trimmer kits for $60:

  • At $60, its all they are worth… i have the hedge trimmer and its good for light jobs, but glad i paid $19 for it, i also have a corded Ryobi and the difference is night n day, ps i have approx 200cm tall and 130cm wide hedges plus numerous smaller areas, approx 60cm high x 40cm wide.

    • hard to compare corded to cordless, it would be a fairer comparison if the Ryobi was cordless

      • Yes, completely agree, Just if you have fairly decent hedges, then corded or petrol is needed, don't know how good the dearer cordless ones are though.. plus we have cut through the extension cord a few times

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      I find it's great. My hedges are several at 1 to 2 cubic metres, one about 5 cubic metres and one maybe 30 cubic metres. Two massive boganvilleas

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    Word is that they’re discontinuing the battery line, so any current skins won’t be compatible with future batteries. Best to buy a couple of spares to go with these.

    Personally, I wouldn’t use their drills (which are down to $30), but the blowers might do an ok enough job.

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      Are you willing to share where you got this information?

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        Probably Ryobi or Aldi

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      I highly doubt this, the whole line is sold on the fact that they are battery compatible

      • My local bunnings has a number of XU1 kits on runout and there was a note on the tools saying it wasn't compatible with a number of other XU1 tools (I assume because they had returns around this). The person who write the note helpfully listed a bunch of part numbers it didn't work with..

        (edit, meant XU1, not ozito)

        • Yeah this might be the mistake people are making. Xu1 is marketed as a budget brand, so if the battery changes it doesnt change the marketing line. Ozito PowerXchange is marketed as a brand that you can share batteries among all your tools. They arent going to change the name to PowerNonXchange

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      EINHELL got no other battery system at the moment so I doubt they would discontinue this system until then. Where did you get this information from?

  • Didn't seem to be any discounts at Fountain Gate (VIC). Anything anywhere in Vic?

  • Pole trimmer in SA?

    • I bought the trimmer from prospect today, none anywhere else

      • Did they price match or were they already on clearance? Going to try at my store, but I'm south of Adelaide

        • Clearance, the guy said that they were stopping kits but will still sell skins.

      • I'm in prospect store now. They are $129 with 2Ah battery. Did you get the $50 price?

        • Sadly Noarlunga and Seaford didn't have them on clearance :( didn't get the chance to ask them to match it.

  • OP. Could you post a pic of the receipt? I just saw this same combo at my local Bunnings on clearance (plenty of stock) but it was $119. Thankfully didn’t pull the trigger but a receipt would help to get price match! Still showing as $159 on Bunnings site

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    Buntings is refusing in store price match. They simply say they can’t match price with the products in clearance in other store.
    This happened in fountain gate, Cranbourne, Oakleigh, Keysborough, Morrabbin Vic so far.

    • Bunnings*

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      Yeah sadly this is normal for Bunnings in Victoria from my experience too

    • ..yes its totally up to the discretion of each individual store as to what the 'clearance' price is. they dont have to price match other bunnings stores

  • Good deal but only single store. No point going there likely will be out of stock.

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  • Is there any 18 x 2 blowers available?

  • Normal $159 price in belconnen ACT. Although they're in a big grouping, so maybe only a matter of time til they're discounted.

  • I was hoping to get a cheap drill but I dont see these being mentioned in the posts?

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      If you want to get a cheap drill you should look into the XU1 hammer drill for 39 bucks or the twin kit (standard drill and impart driver) for 49. Honestly the cheapest decent drill you can buy at the moment and comes with 2 18v 1.5ah lithium batteries.

      …and before anyone mentions battery compatibility, I have my pre powerxchange lithium ozito drill+IDriver kit and it's taken me through 6 years and 2 renovations and still going strong, the 2 batteries that come with it are same spec as the xu1 ones.

  • Just went in store. Looks like most kits are sold out and some back to original pricing.

    Still a few jet blowers and mower+line trimmer kits though

  • Just went to Bunnings at Ashmore QLD and spoke to a young guy there, showed him OP's picture, he checked his scanner and said because he only had 2 left he'd do one for me at $60.
    He was extremely helpful, even carrying it to the counter for me and explaining to the shift manager at the counter why the heavy discount.
    Thanks OP.

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    Took a photo from 30 mins ago.

  • All sold!

  • I went to my local and ended up picking up some discounted kits with missing parts quite cheap (a pole hedger and a combo hedger and pruner kit). As such I've ended up with 2 hedger attachments and no pruner attachment. If anyone wanted to swap a pruner head for a hedger head feel free to PM me, I might even be up for selling it on its own. Both the pruner and hedge trimmer are interchangeable on the same pole.

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    Went down to Port Stephens (aka Taylors Beach) Bunnings

    Nothing on clearance from what I could see.

    Guy in power tools said they had a sellout of stuff a few weeks ago. People were taking 10 and 12 pieces each apparently. Broden and friends I guess.

  • did not see any discount in Penrith area… 3 bunnings stores….:(
    but thanks for sharing

  • No discounts Cockburn/Myaree WA.

    Anyone have any success in a WA store?

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      I hope it's pronounced how it's spelt.

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