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6 Months Free NBN with New Mobile Plan, 3 Months without Mobile Plan (24 Month Contract) - For Users Migrating from Optus Cable


Admins: Sorry if this should be in the forum.

Edit: Judging by the link posted by shole, I think this only applies to customers migrating from Optus cable.

I went onto the Optus web chat to switch from cable internet to NBN, and they offered me a couple of good deals:
- "If you sign up for new SIM plan or phone and plan with new number, I can offer 6 months free access on NBN from my end."
When I declined (work pays for my phone), they then said:

Optus Rep: But since I am offering 3 months free access from my end.
You: what?
Optus Rep: Yes, 3 months free access on NBN.
You: Even without the SIM plan?
Optus Rep: Yes, correct

I'm not sure if this is only for people switching across from cable. I doubt it, I assume it's for all new NBN connections.

Also worth mentioning that if you're coming across to NBN they will waive the installation fee, even if you choose month-to-month.

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  • AFAIK the 3 months free is only for switching from Optus cable to nbn.

    Additionally they still offer the $10/month bundle discount with mobile SIM + nbn. So I signed up for a $25/month SIM anyway since it saves me an additional $30 for the first year and I get the SIM.

    This only works with phone plans. I was told tablets/data sims were not eligible.

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      I asked for this when I got their 1 yr $41.25 plan that was awesome and they said, 'no, sorry, no more $10 discounts". This was on the chat.

      • Same here, said no more bundle $10 discounts.

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    I was just on Optus chat, the 6 month free offer only applies if you sign 24 month contract.

  • And … if your address isn't in the NBN database, Optus won't get it added for you, so don't bother trying.

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    But my cable is faster than the NBN and downloads are unlimited sooooo why? Does anyone know the final cut off date that cable will shut down?

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      from my understanding its 12 or 18 months after NBN is up and running in each area. they are meant to switch on NBN here in march :( I'm happy with my cable and been getting 110+ since it first came out, dreading switching over to NBN and the mess it is

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        110mbps? crazy.

        • Not crazy I can reach that too with Telstra speedboost. No reason to get NBN

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      It's only faster in one direction. :)

      I understand that you only have 3 months to book a migration off Optus cable, 18 months for DSL. Not sure if that's an Optus policy, or an agreement with NBN.

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      Had quite an argument with Optus over exactly that. I'm paying less for faster speed on Optus Cable and now have to pay more for the downgrade! 3 Month deal offered to anyone that complains, as in, doesn't change over to NBN online. I believe Telstra is honoring the old plan if it's better!!

      Anyway, had so many dates thrown around about disconnection. Optus letter says service will be disconnected 7th feb. NBNco confirmed with me in writing that my service won't be disconnected until Feb 2020. In the same NBNco letter though it says this -
      * Optus cable internet services may also be switched off on a different date and existing customers will be advised separately.
      * The current disconnection date for your property is 17/02/2020.
      * The service provider cannot disconnect your service before this date.

      So confused!

        • That's what I thought, but the NBNco letter now lets them do it?!

          Interesting the letter I got from Optus on Sep 2018 says "You may have received information from nbn co that you have 18 months to make the move to nbn before service disconnection. This is not the case for Optus Cable services." !!!!!!! Seems like the fine wasn't enough.

        • I believe this applies only to those within contract, where Optus was terminating the contracts early and illegally. It doesn't apply for those out of contract.

      • Same here, due to their numerous mistakes during cable installation and the 1st year of service, I'm getting the 100mbps cable (which is realistically 60 to 80) for the price of the 30 with unlim data and then bundle discount for a mobile. Why would I ever want to switch?

        • I am with Optus and just 8mbps, it’s cable you’re talking about same as Adsl+?

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            @Laziofogna: Not the same as ADSL. By cable we mean HFC cable which was originally the Optus Vision network.

    • Unsure if it applies to Optus customer as well, but here you can check for NBN rfs date commencements and cable disconnection dates


    • It's not faster get a grip

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    Not sure if this applies to new connections.
    I signed up with this as an existing Optus Cable customer

    • I'm on with Optus sales chat now and this is correct they are offering 6 months free if you switch over from cable to nbn on 24 months plan.
      No sim or phone plan required

      • Dorikin - Did you get the 6 months without sim/phone plan?

        • yes I did.. signed sealed and delivered
          have an NBN tech booked in now

          • @dorikin: Dont suppose you saved the transcript and able to extract section on them giving you 6 months? I'd like to try getting it, considering I'm worse off on this change and only with 3 months free.

            • @Chapp0: The 6 month promotion is advertised here https://offer.optus.com.au/nbn-migrations-offer/
              so anybody that is currently with Optus cable at an NBN ready address should be eligible for this offer.

              I'm not sure how you'll go if you already signed up for the previous promo, but no harm in showing them that page and seeing if they can honour it…

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      Looks like they ripped me off. I should have got 6 months but they only gave me 3.

      • -1


      • Same here!

      • I held off that 3 month promotion because I had to call so was good timing for me

    • I wonder if it's applicable to Optus DSL customer? I just switched to NBN less than a month ago.

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      I got the free 3 month letter in the mail a couple of weeks ago if I signed up by 25/1/19. I purposely left it to the last date to see if anything better came up and true enough when I went to the link in the letter, it ended up being 6 months free. This is signing up for new 24 month nbn plan when migrating from cable. Works out to be $52.50/month for 24 months for NBN50. Currently paying $59.99/month for cable so it works out better. I confirmed this with Optus chat on 25/1/19

  • Makes good sense to offer sweeteners to existing Optus Cable customers once the NBN becomes available. The Optus Cable infrastructure is orphaned, and they would like to shut it down as quickly as they can. No use spending $$ on a network that is soon to be shut down.

    • Interesting point about the orphaned infrastructure! Considering with the 6 months free on a 24 month contract, this would bring my average cost down to $90 per month for the same 100MBPS service as my current $89.99 per month on non contracted cable, I'd say this 6 months free deal is…..less than adequate. Hopefully the sweeteners will get better if I leave it longer as there's currently no incentive for me to switch just so I can lock myself in to a 2 year contract…

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    I would take anything Optus chat tells you with a grain of salt. When I need to know something from them, I usually do at least two chat sessions. And if both advice is contrary to each other, I have to do a third. Lol I think they just take a wild guess when you ask them something.

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      I would chat until I get the answer I want, then save the transcript and hold them to it.

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        Exactly! Don't ask, tell! And throw in some threats for good measure.

        • Make sure you screenshot it too, the emailed chat transcripts puts X's instead of numbers. i once got them to agree to a price for something, when i later went to hold them to the agreed deal, they told me no, when I checked the chat transcript the price said $XX.XX so I had no proof.

          Moral of the story: Stay away from Optus, I was stuck with them for 2 years and was the worst service ever, full of lies, eventually the TIO got me off for free because they were so pathetic.

          Happy Aussie Broadband / Telstra Mobile Customer now. F**k Optus.

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      If I need to know something my first point of contact will be OzBargain support.

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    Optus didn't offer me anything like this when i spoke to them about cancelling my cable net service. Only $10 off per month for 10 months.
    I guess that's what they think of customer loyalty.
    Glad I left them.

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    I attempted to get the $200 setup fee waived and they declined stating they would only give me a $10 a month discount because of my active phone service. Honestly as it stands there is no reason to choose optus for nbn, might give another chat a go.

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    optus NBN is a complete scam, my house is getting HFC NBN and as far as i can tell its the same as cable?

    I currently have 100mbps cable with Optus which for the most part has been good for the price ($80/month), but they want me to sign up to an NBN Plan that is HFC for the same price but only 40mbps and the 100mbps is nealry $120/month.

    the chat rep just kept telling me its much better technology, but i dont understand how they can say its better when its the same thing?

    seriously confused, i just want Aussie Broadband to do a better deal and i will sign up straight away

    • I agree with you total scam. I recently switched from Optus to Aussie Broadband and I did a side by side comparison when my Aussie Broadband 50mbps sub was overlapping with Optus 100mbps sub. They were both the same speed.

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      Interesting. I pay $80/m for unlimited Optus cable but I don't believe I'm on 100mbps - maybe I should give them a call and see what they can offer.

      Also, just because cable can offer the same speed as NBN does not make them the same. The equipment you're connecting back to at the exchange is vastly different. You're right though - for you specifically there is no incentive to move to a dearer plan and anyone advising you go switch should be made aware of your current plan.

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      It's not the same cable. NBN are only keeping Foxtel cable and decommissioning the Optus cable network.

      They'll also be using a different version of DOCSIS to allow faster speeds, which will require different equipment at the exchange. So it is a completely different network.

      • Is this correct? I heard all Foxtel connections will move to satellite?

        • From what i read, it's correct. NBN found out they got scammed by Optus. Optus cable is completely shit, not usable for long term NBN purpose. Around $400 mil of Optus HFC is probably written off

        • YUp, all new Foxtel connections are now satellite.

        • Foxtel have to move to satellite (which I've heard they will install for you for free if you're already a customer) or internet streaming (Kayo, Foxtel Go) because the NBN have purchased their cable network and are slowly taking it over.

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        That's good info. But the end result to him/her is that it's more $ for the same product.

      • i am aware of the tech upgrades but they are saying that a 40mbps NBN HFC will be better than a 100mbps HFC connection. it makes zero sense

      • Ok, so no more Optus HFC. NBN HFC via old Telstra Cable. All makes sense now. Shame they didn't just leave the Optus HFC alone and us on it. Less people on it would have been faster in peak times as its shared.

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          From what I understand, NBN "bought" the Optus cable network to shut it down and go FTTP (essentially just buying out a competitor). Optus agreed, acknowledging it needed work to keep it going. Then the government changed, Multimix NBN came in and the government said they wanted to use it. Then they remembered that it would cost a packet to get it up to scratch, and announced it wasn't good enough and scrapped it again.

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            @Orionn: Round and round, the government goes, where it stops, nobody knows.

    • Same plan/scenario I'm on. I never wanted to leave. Losing all Fetch channels also, only get 1 pack thing.

    • Why wait for Aussie when Superloop are already $10 cheaper.

  • I had optus cable. I got offered 3 months free (unlimited) and discounted from $70 to $60 p/m if i bring a mobile over. Speeds have been fine.

  • What if I already have Optus NBN but contract an attached phone contract? Also i'm skeptical whether this qualifies as a deal because i'm unsure how it can be replicated, "I got a deal from the Optus live chat" doesn't qualify as a deal.

    • I've added the link to the official optus page, but it seems like they're not even offering that consistently on the chat.

  • This would be nice if NBN was available to me… I hope this offer stands in the next 6 months.

  • Optus NBN? Don't. Constantly connection drops few times everyday.

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    I had optus cable and got offered 6 months free (unlimited) on a 24 month contract.

    The catch is the insane exit fees:

    "If you sign up to a 24-month contract, the cancellation fee for this bundle is $451 ($200 for the phone service and $251
    for the Broadband service)." Sourced from the Critical Information Summary

    Given it is a $70 plan, the exit fees ($451) are greater then the six months free (6 x $70 = $420).

    I'm still considering contacting the ACCC as this is anti-competitive behavior.

    • +1

      keep ring them and complain internet speed, i believed they will offer you to go.

    • That's the maximum cancellation fee. It decreases as you progress through each month of your contract

  • This deal was only until the 25th Jan. Unless they have extended it. I just signed my parents up before the 25th as they were currently on optus cable and just did straight switch to nbn plan.
    They got 6 months free but had to be signed up before the 25th. After that if you switched you got nothing free.

  • +1

    Please read the terms and conditions.

    See, "…Offer available to existing Optus HFC (Cable) customers only, when ordering Optus nbn™ before 28/02/19…"

  • This is targeted it appears from the FAQ:
    Is this offer available to all Optus customers?

    No, this is a personalised offer. It is only available to customers who received the offer from Optus.

  • I am little confused over the terminology. Can someone please explain ?

    I have Optus Cable NBN. I am on the $80 plan. So do I have "Optus Cable" or Optus NBN".

    I have not received any letter from Optus so far.

    When I go to their website (just to double check the plan I have) and enter my address, it says… "GREAT! YOU CAN GET CONNECTED TO OPTUS NBN CABLE" …. So confusing!!!

    • +1

      You have Optus cable, to be precise you have HFC cable.
      There are 3 ways of connecting to the NBN, wired/cable, wireless and satellite.
      The NBN is now available in your area, you'll be getting the wired/cable NBN.
      When it comes time to change from your old plan to the NBN you'll just have to switch to an NBN plan, there's nothing that'll need to be installed in your house, Optus will let you know when it comes time to make the switch and all you'll have to do is just switch plans simples!

      • +1

        Thanks @Wystri Warrick. So, am I eligible for the Free 6 months offer or not ?

        • Don't see any reason why not :).

          I just checked that PDF that you linked and you may already be on the NBN.
          Check you most recent bill, if there's only cable listed and no NBN mentioned you have HFC cable and you're currently not on an NBN plan, in this case you'd be eligible for the free 6 months offer.

    • ask optus online chat is easier than asking us, looks like you got nbn already.

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    Got a bone to pick with optus. Parents have been with them for well over a decade. Something got lost in translation with what should have been a cut over from their cable service to nbn that I daresay my folks never acknowledged (they treat every letter/phone call as telemarketers). Working in the telco/electrical industry I'd imagine there was a letter that would have informed them of this.

    Anyhow,long story short - no notice, no follow up call, nothing! They just switched off their service altogether (paying customers, never a late bill) and quarantined the number so their phone number of 35+ years can't be retrieved now.

    We have a medical requirement for the number to be known also and my father doesn't have a mobile so it's created a massive headache for us. Very unprofessional.

    Optus are like car salesmen, once they've got your money(or not), their after sales service is horrendous.


    • go to the TIO

      • That's the plan, I'm in the middle of a lot of stuff myself. Newborn, fifo work, full reno and then juggling what I can to help my folks so I need to set aside the time. That and my old man is the only one on the account so it needs to be arranged around him or I just call up and pretend to be him right from the start (as I've done in the past).

        Just super frustrating, completely unnecessary and unprofessional on their behalf.

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    The 6 months free is available for customer who migrate from Optus Cable to NBN. You can get it without signing a mobile phone plan with them.

  • +1

    Just got off the phone with Optus to confirm my cable to NBN migration. When I asked what will happen to the old cable and junction box outside my house, the guy didn't know and didn't care. Will Optus remove it or what?

  • mine got removed..and they didn't offer free nbn 12months ago

  • I went to optus.com.au/switch-to-nbn and entered my address and phone number.

    The deal I got was 6 months off with no installation fee - $1,680 min total cost.

    Might be worth going to the webpage and seeing what offer you get. I tried chat and the best they could do was 3 months off….

    • $1680?

      min cost on the $70/month plan is $1260
      $70 x 18 months

      • It states that the min cost is before the 6 months free. I've taken screen shots in case they try to dispute it…

        Also I have to do the installation myself…"professional" installation is $140

        Optus blurb below

        In most cases, you'll be sent two kits so you can install your nbn™ Connection Box and Optus Wi-Fi gateway yourself. If you need an nbn™ installation appointment, we'll contact you to arrange one.


        Our self-install kit is super simple, so most people won't need installation assistance (plus we have 24/7 tech support). However, in some situations, like if you have back-to-base alarm, you will need one. Find out what's involved.
        $140 upfront cost

  • Hehe what a dilemma ;) I'm on optus cable and NBN just became available on my property. I've decided to go with Aussie Broadband to take up their 1 month free offer. If I go with Aussie broadband for a few weeks, can I then join this offer before it expires to get the 6 months free offer?

    • I believe it only applies to current Optus Cable customers switching over to NBN

      See here: https://offer.optus.com.au/nbn-migrations-offer/
      "Offer available to existing Optus HFC (Cable) customers only, when ordering Optus nbn™ before 28/02/19"

      • I thought that my Cable connection won't be disconnected even if I went with Aussie broadband until the connection was stable which would give me some time.

        I'm assuming that if going with aussie broadband will void this deal, it might be better to cancel with aussie broadband.. Since 6 months of free internet is $600!

  • I have registered optus nbn 10 months ago on 24 month contract. I get 12mbps basic and pay 60 dollar per month! Any suggestions how to upgrade without paying extra?

    • Any suggestions how to upgrade without paying extra?

      How old are you?

  • Targetted.

    . This is a personalised offer available to current Optus Cable customers where end-dates differ from customer to customer.

  • $51 billion tax payers dollars spent on NBN and its ongoing still.

    Just to get the same/slower speed but with higher prices.

    So we are paying more just for the tech for the government to spy/monitor us instead of getting way faster speeds.

    I wonder how is the sydney CBD project going and how much money it has balloon.

    The major government projects should be double audit and approved by the citizens via vote before it gets implemented therefore we do not feel like its a rip off project.

  • +1

    I was told by optus the NBN50 plan plus speed boost 100mbs free 6 months doesnt include the boost pack so its $70 x6 =$420 savings and $30 x6 =$180 out of pocket.

    Did argue its nonsense to pay $30 more to get the same 100mbps but it seems like its the best NBN 100mbps in the market with that offer right now.

    *I am an exisiting optus cable customer

    • Have you checked about Superloop 100M plan?

  • 2-3 weeks ago I got a card in the mail offering first 3 months free instead of 6 months.

    I would like to jump on this 6 month free deal but they no longer have the $60 per month 30Mbps cable deal that I'm currently on. I don't need or want the $70 40Mbps plan. Why did Optus have to remove the $60 plan?

    I hope my cable doesn't get cut off anytime soon….

    • I was in the same boat as you (Optus Cable 30mbps $60/month) and received the 3 months offer last month. But this deal works out better, once you factor in the 6 months free you're basically paying $52.50 per month for NBN50..

      • My concern is it is 24 months contract…

  • +1

    Received the dreaded 3 month notice letter last week. I love how after billions of dollars of tax money spent I am now FORCED to spend more to get effectively the same deal I'm already on.

    This has got to be among the worst policy plans and executions ever.

  • Just get a card from Optus: migrate from Cable to NBN: 6 months free, 24 months contract, no need for mobile plan, and modem included.
    I assume the setup fee is waived.

    • I got the card about 1 week ago and 1st 6 months free and no mobile phone needed for the deal.

      There's no mention of any connection fees so I assume none.

      If we sign up, I wonder what happens to those still finishing their 24 month contract?

  • Ppl on whirlpool are indicating that it’s better to goto Aussie broadband then get stuck with Optus with their speed and bandwidth problems for 24 months. Has anyone actually had problems with bandwidth problems with Optus nbn hfc ?

  • I got a card in the mail for the 6 months free too -> optus.com.au/6monthsnbn

    I got 6 months free, plus waived installation fee, plus month to month plan (not the 24 moth contract). They wouldn't budge on the mobile bundle as it's an existing phone plan.

    My angle was, when I signed up to cable as a new customer this time 2 years ago, they had the $500 credit promo which they said at the time was for migration to NBN. They had no record of it of course. I reckon the manager knows about that promo back then or other people have complained.

    • +1

      @casval Thanks mate. Got similar deal on $70 mth to mth only so no contract, free install & modem, no termination fee. +$5 for fetchTv. Also got good deal with ipad 6th gen 128gb 4g with 3gb data per mth at $25 per mth on 24 mth contract (so $600 in total for ipad part)