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Tokyo/Osaka from Melbourne $448/$466, Sydney $414/$464, Cairns $299, Adelaide $498 Return @ Jetstar


Hi Guys, first time posting and long time lurker! Wife and I decided to go on a getaway and jumped on Jetstar's website and saw this deal (I believed they just released it). There are many FREE return flights as now! (1AM - 31/01/19). Already booked for 2 weeks towards mid December. Enjoy! :)

Here are the details!

  • From Tokyo (Narita) via Cairns - 6 May to 19 May, 21 June to 9 July, 21 August to 19 September and 7 November to 12 December 2019.
  • From Tokyo (Narita) via Gold Coast - 7 May to 4 July, 21 August to 19 September and 8 November to 13 December 2019.
  • From Osaka (Kansai) via Cairns - 6 May to 20 May, 17 July to 6 August, 19 August to 18 September and 8 November to 13 December 2019.

Also the $0 return fares are available for Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide as well (via Cairns) - @emaydedewhy

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    Site says sale is over (?) but $0 return fares still show up when searching.
    Also the $0 return fares are available for Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide as well (via Cairns)

    • No idea why is says that! And thanks, will also update the post!

      • Actually, they just updated the website. I believe I stumbled across when they're about to release the deal!

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    $57 each way for 15kg bags ($114 Total). $64 for 20kg which is more inline with full service carriers (20 or 30kg usually). Meals are $12. Seat selection $26 return. Might be worth comparing with recent Tokyo Deals on full service airlines, e.g. Singapore Air $600 from Melb/Syd.

    • I believe it's still much cheaper. (I'm also a Jetstar club member). I purchased 3x adults and 1x infant from 19th November to 3rd December from MEL to Narita with 20kgs checked baggage for everyone there and back which only costed me close to $1.7k

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        You only paid $80 less per person than I did and I have direct flights with japan airlines which lessens air travel by about 8 hours, all meals included, entertainment and 46kg of baggage per person.

        Overall it’s a decent saving and it’s great if you’re trying to get the best price but imo for a full service airline and shorter travel time it’s a small price to pay.

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      Yeah im with you I paid close to 500 for return melbourne to narita via GC or Cairns 15 kg baggage there and 20kg return once you factor in baggage the saving is minimal, baggage went up due to melbourne no longer being direct, Jetstar club only saves a few bucks on baggage if you fly multiple times a year with jetstar its worth it but i no longer bother with it.

    • I flew Malaysia Airlines to Japan in October for $850 return from Adelaide and had 30kg of luggage included. Coupled with flying on the A380 instead of Jetstar's offerings, the savings with Jetstar look rather slim.

      • Yep I paid $650 for May tickets with Japan airlines, I don’t think I’ll ever bother with Jetstar to japan, especially that it’s no longer direct.

        The best thing about JAL’s 787 is that it has a 2-4-2 seat configuration which I’ve never seen before.

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    Was able to get 344 from sydney to narita 3/9 to 12/9. Great fares

    • Got the same price too, 3rd to the 14th. lol we might be on the same flight in

  • It says GC to Narita is 329 return on the ad, but I can't find any flights at all while searching. Anyone know why?

    • I'm gonna assume all the legs that stop on the GC from Melb have exhausted our allocation. :(

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        seems a bit fast to sell out already….

        I've booked 3 times with these deals and they never sell out that fast..

        • tickets available in Aug.

          the month view doesn't show fares so you have to scroll through the week listings (at least in chrome and IE)

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      I found $329 return flights in Nov / December?

      • Thanks guys for your help. I meant to say the April period. But thank you anyway.

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    boooo nothing for the rugby world cup

    • all tickets to RWC sold out

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    I've flown on this leg 3 times with similar deals in the past. It's really not worth it unless you live in Cairns. Qantas and JAL often have sales and you can fly direct with baggage and meals included. Not to mention a much nicer flight overall.

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      it's $299 return (with Jetstar membership) from the Gold Coast, so worth it from SE QLD/ NE NSW.

      Qantas and JAL have only had fares as low as $550.

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      I have to agree with this. It's a day flight, so you lose an entire day (versus the overnights that Qantas, JAL, ANA etc fly).

      I've done the Sydney trip on this one, and it's awful. The stop-over in the gold coast, or cairns, plus adding in baggage (meaning you're panicking about how much to take, or shop and bring back)… it's just not worth it.

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    Cheaper than a sushi dinner for the family at my usual.

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    Just did a comparison compared with direct flights I have booked through Qantas for 2 adults 3 kids and a baby.

    Jetstar was about $700 cheaper but that only includes 40kg of luggage each way, no food and you have to stop at cairns. I have flown this route many times and it's definitely worth it for the money you save but for me because my family is getting bigger I'm glad I'm on a direct flight.

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    I've always eventually arrived with Jetstar, but I've NEVER been on time. Three times, I've had the plane grounded and delayed for more than 12 hours.

    What I'm saying is, if Jetstar had the only flight off of an island that was about to explode I'd try my chances at swimming.

    • +1

      flown GC to Narita 3 times and have never been late.

      • I had my flight from GC to Narita cancelled back in sep 2014. Was notified at 9pm night before flight. Had to change flight from GC to Cairns and from Cairns to Narita meaning that I had to go to GC from Brisbane same night at 10 pm catching train and buses and spending night outside airport and it was freezing cold. Had a bronchitis for 2 weeks after that.
        Now I prefer to pay extra 100-200 and fly with Qantas.

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    The terminal Jetstar uses in Narita is a glorified shed
    You get what you pay for

    • +6

      hardly a gloried a shed.

      the old terminal 4 at tullamarine was a literally a shed.

    • It's alright shed, but not much to do there and you have to walk 500m to get to proper terminal 2 to connect to trains/buses

    • but at least you can still get your last bowl of udon in while shopping at the convenience store for food to bring on the plane back :-)

  • Brisbane?

    • Shows $411 return BNE to Tokyo via Cairns, travel between 28/5/19-12/6/19 and 16/7/19-6/8/19. I don't have dates for when it's that price since I was looking at going in November.

      • Hmm I tried 16/7/19-6/8/19 but nothing close to $411…

        • try from GC.

          searching via week search (as month pricing is broken) is a pain.

    • Gold coast is better as you fly direct.

  • $647 with 10kg bags during nov

  • Just booked Flights from MEl - Tokyo
    Dept 05 Jun Return 12th June for $378 per person !! woo hoo !!!

  • Any way I can get Return for Free entering Tokyo and exiting Osaka haha…? Or have to buy extra leg?

    • I tried to do the exact same thing; however, Jetstar is only allowing $0 return fares on flights that arrive/depart from the same airport, lol. Taken from their website, "Both your outbound and return flights must be purchased in a single booking and between the same arrival and departure airports."

      • Yes I just found that clause too, "Only available from the same arrival and departure ports."
        Not worth it to buy a domestic flight Tokyo->Osaka+luggage.
        Guess I'll skip out on this deal and wait for a nice sale from Qantas or JAL or something!

  • There is no Osaka on the website?

    • Oh yes there is… Just depends on your departure City.

      Notice your location is Brisbane.
      No BNE-KIA flights listed on sale, so doubles price, or means adding on connecting flights😢

      Flights via Gold Coast only go to Narita (Tokyo).

      Flights via Cairns go to Narita or Kansai (Osaka).

      Brisbane flights go via Cairns, but apparently don't link with Kansai flight for this sale😢 SYD & MEL flights do.

      Pity as a rice farmer friend North of Kyoto just invited me back🏯

      • Wait, so can you book linking flights with this? I'm trying to book melbourne to Narita, but the cheapest I can get in the data range provided is like 599, the return flights are showing up as like $180. Is that just the Cairns -> Melbourne bit, but the Narita to cairns bit is still free?

        • Not what I was discussing.
          Rather, as there were no deals on that route, the need to add on cost of return connecting flights to Australian city that has a deal, or add on cost of return connecting flight in Japan, or pay full price for return flight on route not on sale.

      • I still dont see Osaka when I change the departure to Cairns though. And when I select any of the Cairns-Osaka promotions on the homepage it just takes me back to the homepage while if I press any of the Tokyo ones, it will go through. Is anyone else getting this?

        • Not having any issues.
          Selecting from Cairns in the promotion page (deal link) gives you sale price to Osaka or Tokyo.
          Clicking on Cairns - Osaka $299 return goes to…
          Choose your departure date
          Cairns - Osaka (Kansai)

          then choose flight, etc.

          Just checked again this is working (on mobile).

          Even found flights covering popular Sakura season (Cherry Blossom - late April to early May) for $299 ($0 return)🏯

  • Super bummed, all mostly sold out for June it seems (I called Jetstar) from Melb/sydney/Brisbane. Does anyone know if there are similar or better deals that come up for overseas, June or October? I can only go in those times with uni holidays. Japan seemed ideal for travel alone.

    • Every 1-3 months there's normally a japan deal going. You should be able to find one in the coming months for the end of year. I'm a uni student myself and was surprised that the end of June (end of exams) was within the sale period for Japan. So I snapped up the flights immediately. You'll be fine getting sale flights for end of year/ end of uni as I managed to do that back in November 2017 (after uni finished). I'm travelling alone this time as Japan is probably one of the best places to travel solo :D

      • Thanks for the advice! I doubt there will be any other sales for June to japan before then, with any airline? I don’t think I can wait until end of year for a holiday

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