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Melbourne to Tokyo (via Gold Coast) from $350 Return on Jetstar


The sale site says from $448 but have managed to find return flights for $366 (no add-ons). I was looking at late May/early June flights (e.g. depart May 28, return June 5) and saw a few date combos at $366 or just a tad higher. Total flight time per leg is 13 to 14 hours/2-3 hour layovers so not absolutely terrible. Note: I haven't had time to look at other travel periods or departure cities so there may be cheaper deals.

Upon further searching after tarulov3's comment, there are some $350 outgoing flights.
- Jun 24
- Nov 20

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  • $350 if you fly on 20 November. Would have booked myself but the joys of having a 11 month old at that time prevents me…

    • Our son was 11 months the first time we went. It's surprisingly easy

      • Our son was about the same age also. Although it wasn't our first time to Japan and we had family with us too.

        Still, Japan is pretty easy to travel around.

      • Was it really? I've always thought it'd be easy with a little one. I've been to Japan twice, looking at going again next year, and planning, if all goes well, on having a little one by then. Aiming for them to be 7-8 months old. Hoping it's easy!

      • Yeah, I would have been alright with taking the little one, but wife has categorically ruled it out. I'm still yet to tell her about the tickets I got for us to go Byron Bay in August that I got from the Jetstar jingle sale, she will be eight months then :)

    • Tickets are so tempting too but will have a 4 month old in November…

  • These sales are only good if you don't want to add on luggage or meals. A $354 fare with a bundle brought it to $600 (plus connecting flight if you don't live in a city serviced by Jetstar). Qantas have had fares for only $50 more.

    • Yep which is exactly why I paid $50 more for japan airlines direct. Much better value because I can’t go to Japan without checked luggage personally!

      Good for light travellers though.

      • I would definitely prefer JAL if it is $600-$650 as you get a lot more check in luggage but if you're not fussed about transit, Jetstar along with gift cards can be sub $500 return with plenty of check in

  • It looks tempting but if you add luggage and meal, it will be easily 600 plus

    • Definitely not, you can cut out the meal portion because airport food is > plane food and cheaper too. If you plan it properly like only 15kg check in going to Japan and say 30kg back (depending on how much you're thinking of spending) definitely be under $600.

  • Is stopover at Gold coast allowed without additional fare?

  • I got $950 return for 2 adults and an infant. Baggage included, no meals.

    Similar travel times double the cost with Qantas, JAL.

  • 334 Syd Narita return couldn't resist

  • Japan's now flooded with tourists, only a matter of time before it becomes Bali.

    • Agreed but travelling outside of peak season is still good. Hokkaido in summer is worth a visit.

      • Yeah but I mostly feel sorry for locals affected by it. Their favourite places overrun by tourists or people not understanding their culture like talking on the train and stuff.

    • We just got back from a 3 week trip. Aside from Tokyo we hardly saw any tourists. Perfect for sight seeing. Kyoto was the best, being able to go to to all the major sights without the crush.

      • Wow really? I've always wanted to go but didn't would feel hypocritical. I'm surprised since you went January as well

    • I thought the appeal of Bali were the lower prices all-year round and its close proximity from Australia, unlike Japan.

      • It is, Japan doesn't appeal to those who want to sit on the beach and get rowdy every night while having cheap sex

        • Until people figure out that it's cheaper to drink in Tokyo and get wasted for 10 bucks for two hours unlimited drinks at nomihodai

  • So it's an ABC flight, can I just do gold coast (B to C) and ignore the Melbourne part? Or does this get into where you have to use all or nothing?

    • I've been on the phone to Qantas about that. For Qantas, if I miss the first flight and want to board the second, it will cost me $500. Go figure.

  • Am I missing something? Trying to find flights from Melbourne within the dates mentioned (08 Nov 19 - 11 Dec 19) but the return flight is showing up as free?

    • That's the deal. Return for free

      • Haha, oops, missed the 'isn't' in 'isn't showing up as free'

        Didn't realise it was only from a couple of cities not melbourne. Wondering if its much of a saving if ive gotta find return flights to and from cairns as well…

        • Qantas return $722. 30kg luggage, meals and entertainment. Worth the extra $200 going direct in the end. Cairns is crap, and you have to wait there 6am - 9am

          • @smpantsonfire: Yeah, I'm leaning towards something like that. The title of this post seems to misleading, since its clearly not melbourne to tokyo for 350.

            • @curistofa: The main reason for opting to Jetstar Japan deals is because you don't want to spend a lot, if you want comfort and direct, yes Qantas/JAL is the way to go, especially when it gets to the $600-$650 mark (based on past deals).

              But Ozbargain is about bargains and this is definitely a bargain, especially if you coupled it with previous Jetstar gift card deals. I can attest that I managed to get a no-frills Japan return (byo food and entertainment) via Cairns with Jetstar with 40kg checked luggage for $400

              • @4tran: $400 with 40kg?? Lies!

                Tbh though, time is money. If I were in a job where I got paid by the hour, I'd rather go to work for 6 hours extra and pay for the upgrade. Honestly it beats sitting in Cairns airport for 6 hours.

                • @smpantsonfire: It was true, albeit it was a combination of free return, 15% off Jetstar giftcard previously purchased, 15kg there, 40kg back and 3hrs transit. Jetstar is not known for its comfort, just inexpensive travel