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Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD $191.20 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay

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  • Great price! Shame I already bought mine about a year ago :/

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    Still waiting for my cashback for the purchase last year. Samsung is really slow in providing the cashback. After two verification steps and fully approved, they still want up to 28 days before they will provide the actual cashback.

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      Yeah same here.

    • how much did you pay for what size drive?
      and how much is the cash back?

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        $199.10 for the SSD - $45 cashback = $154.10* : 1TB 860 EVO SATA3 (basically this drive)
        * Samsung approved the cashback, but claiming they need up to 28 days to deposit it - so I haven't received the cashback yet.

        • That's a sweet deal!!

          • @RocketSwitch: Same boat here; got a 970 Evo 500GB for $135.20 and $120.20 after the Cashback.

            Really good deal, they sell locally for $279 šŸ˜‚

        • good price
          guess i can wait for another promo

          what did you use the ssd for?
          -gaming console
          -portable storage
          -pc ssd boot drive

    • I've got mine a week ago, it exactly took a month since they sent me an email saying claim is approved

      BTW something I've forgot to mentioned, I waited around 30 days after the email, and then I sent a mail saying I still didn't receive the payment, BAM very next day I have money in my account and still didn't get the reply to my last email though, so not sure whether they wait till you contact them :D

    • Still haven't gotten mine either. Seems to be a common thing then

    • I got mine 3 weeks ago (21st), and the claim was approved 12/12.

    • another still waiting here

    • i haven't got mine either. Did get approved.

    • I did get my first cash back in the bank around a week ago.

  • oh dang, 2.5 inch. I was after the m.2 version as a secondary drive.

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      If you are after m.2, you wouldn't be looking at 860 EVO.
      I would imagine the primary m.2 drive would be NVMe, so pair it with a m.2 SATA3 doesn't make sense. The performance benefit of m.2 is pretty much gone. And, if you look past the marketing, technically, by having a larger board and overall space, the 2.5 inch form factor will ensure the 860 EVO runs cooler - which is always a good thing for storage devices.

      • Not if being smaller means that it can do most of its heavy lifting at lower voltages.

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          Not according to this. See the m.2 drivers are at the bottom of the charts in terms of power usage (i.e. higher power usage) - it actually makes sense, draws more power to achieve better performance.

          Really, once you look past the marketing hype, and actually think about it - you cannot have everything - reduced space, reduced power yet improved performance and less heat - that just doesn't make sense. Thermal throttling kicks in for m.2 very often. PCIe is better than m.2 for NVMe - yes, it does take up more space.

          Don't get me wrong, I have m.2 NVMe SSDs too, but mainly because the form factor (i.e. NUC, laptop so a full blown PCIe x4 is not possible) or due to cost reasons I don't want to spend that much on PCIe NVMe SSDs - but I know I am making a compromise. However, if I am buying something for general purpose / light usage where SATA3 will be good enough, I wouldn't bother wasting money to get m.2 SATA3 (more heat - less longevity in the long run, and tends to cost more).

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        I'm also considering 860EVO M.2 most laptops only support M.2 and I can't justify the price of NVMe as I really don't need the speed. Not sure why you're against them when it's what most people need.

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          My point was, if you are getting m.2 as a secondary drive, it implies the primary would be a faster drive right? So, the primary would be either a m.2/NVMe or PCIe/NVMe. If so, that generally would imply a desktop. It is far more sensible to get 860 EVO SATA3 cheap, rather than paying premium for m.2 for a secondary drive.

          If you have a ultrabook type laptop with only m.2, then obviously, there is no choice. Or, if it has both and you want a really large hard disk on SATA3 port, then fair enough. Basically, if you are getting this as a primary drive or your device simply doesn't have space for a SATA SSD, then of course that's fine.

          • @netsurfer: Oh I completely missed the whole point of secondary drive. Sorry yeah that's understandable I see your thought process

  • Will this suit a PS4 Pro?

    • Yes. Furthermore, PS4 now supports external USB3 storage devices.

      • can you replace the internal ps4 hdd?

        • Yes, I did this when the cash back offer was running last year - 1TB drive into my PS4 Pro.

  • Anyone know where to get 970 Evo 1tb for under 300?

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      You sure you want 970 Evo not 970 Evo Plus? If yes, using google:


      Most retailers would avoid overstocking 970 Evo I reckon, now that 970 Evo Plus is out. If your usage is medium to heavy workload, then go for Evo Plus. For light workload, you won't be able to tell the difference.

      • How about the best price for the 970 1tb evo PLUS :)

        Been browsing static ice/ pcpp but seems 330 is the hot spot :P

  • I've got a mate willing to sell me Samsung T5 1TB for about $220. How would this in a USB-C enclosure stack up against the T5?

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      Similar, you are limited by USB 3.1 Gen2 anyway.

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      It depends on the USB-C enclosure. Assuming it is USB 3.1 gen2, then probably similar - BUT that's assume you have a USB 3.1 gen 2 USB-C port. If you don't (some motherboard makers cut cost on lower end motherboards and provide a USB 3.1 gen 1 for USB-C) then there is no big advantage of getting USB-C enclosure over just a USB-A 3.1 gen 1 enclosure (other than it will most likely have TRIM support).

      Ideally, you want a NVMe or equivalent drive in USB 3.1 gen 2, as USB 3.1 gen 2 has more bandwidth than SATA3 (10Gbps vs 6Gbps). Based on the benchmark results, we know T5 doesn't take full advantage of USB 3.1 gen 2.

      If you genuinely have the need for a USB-C external hard drive, you can consider the offer if that T5 is brand new. Most people get T5 because they want to, not they need to. For example: since PS4 Pro and XB1X both only support USB 3.1 gen1, you don't really need a USB 3.1 gen 2 external hard drive (it will just run in USB 3.1 gen 1 mode).

    • +1

      Don't forget the real good quality usb 3.1 gen2 enclosure will cost you another atleast 30 dollars. I say get the T5.

      • Thanks all, the T5 is practically brand new so Iā€™m gonna go for that šŸ‘

  • Much faster https://ssd.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Samsung-Portable-SSD-T...

    Just make sure you get a UASP usb 3 enclosure

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      Actually, no. From that benchmark and if you checked results from other review sites on T5 SSD, you would notice that:

      • The T5 userbenchmark results clearly suffered from some people using the T5 in USB 3.1 gen1 (aka USB 3.0) mode.
      • If you actually use T5 in USB 3.1 gen 2 mode, the sequential read/write can beat the 860 EVO slightly - not by much.
      • However, the 4K write is still no match (860 EVO in native SATA3 mode wins).
      • Now, if you actually put 860 EVO in a USB 3 enclosure, even if the enclosure has UASP support, it will still slow down due to USB 3.0/3.1 gen1 not able to fully saturate SATA3 (5Gbps vs 6Gbps) - not only that, any interface conversion is going to lose some speed. How much 4K random read/write suffer through USB 3 enclosure is unclear.
      • You could get a USB 3.1 gen2 enclosure, but those enclosures cost more.

      However, clearly T5's performance isn't that great, despite supporting USB 3.1 gen2. So 860 EVO on USB 3.0 is fine, but I wouldn't state it being much faster than T5.

  • Hopefully they restock!!

  • Waiting for a bargain on the 2 TB model. My 512GB SSD isn't enougfh for multiple A list games plus heavily modded Bethesda games. mechanical drives have plenty of capacity ( I adore my 10 TB Helium filled Ironwolf), but SSDs have at least 50% faster loading times (brand/model doesn't make much difference from experience, go for whatever is affordable in a particular size).

  • This or 860 QVO?

    • EVO is better warranty etc. but the QVO is cheaper.

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