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Xbox One X 1TB Console $343.97 @ Costco (Membership Required)


After TGG ebay fiasco walking through costco (docklands) today was pleasantly surprised to see this.

There seemed to be an issue with the bundle and code. Was a bit of a drama but I think it was caused by the NBA part so ive excluded that from the deal title even though its in the pic.

Going by comments, this is unlikely to be in stock at Auburn (NSW) and is out of stock in Docklands (VIC)

This deal is not obtainable at North Lakes [QLD] and not in stock in Adelaide.

2/2 130pm: Deal spotted at Auburn NSW, stock levels unknown.

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  • Wow what's happening?

    • +2

      Nobody paying $500 for that..

    • New consoles being announced at E3. So I sure as hell wouldn’t be paying full price for one atm.

      • +1

        Pay full price….. with a 28 Degrees Card… can't go wrong with 12 months price protection.

        • the product codes and versions will be toyed with

        • its 12 months now??

  • Which costco or all costco?

    • Docklands, have added it into the description.

      Thought costco stuff was nationwide, might need to edit the title too

      • Have you purchased this from Docklands ?

  • +5

    damn it, i wasnt going to by one, but i would like a 4K bluray player so its damn tempting…

    • +4

      I use a One X for my 4k blu rays. I run an optical audio cable from the Xbox to my audio setup. I love it.

    • +2

      I use it as well for 4K Blurays and standard to get the proper Dolby Atmos track. Xbox One X is so good as a media centre as well, with Kodi support.

    • +6

      The s works perfectly fine for 4k uhd playback. No need for the x.

  • +22

    Yep, there you go. GG could have easily sold them at that price, but instead they chose to piss people off and tarnish their reputation. Fools.

    • +1

      What did i miss with the GG stuff?

        • Tl/dr, the post is out of stock, that suggests some people got it? Shoukd it be listed as price error?

        • Lol i remember this one

          The one guy going checkmate PCmasterrace with a strawman argument over hardware prices that nobody debates, which turned out to be a pricing error anyway

    • +3

      actually it was in keeping with their current reputation - which is hsit.

  • Damn, that's a good price. Good timing with KH3. Wish I didn't spend $500 for mine a year ago (such is life).

    • +16

      Yes, hello…

    • +6

      … but you’ve had yours for a year

    • +1

      I paid $584 in March 2018 haha.

      • Lol , feel ur pain

        • That was the cheapest price when I purchased it though. RRP was $649

          • @Griffindinho: Feel the pain. Bought mine for $600 in January 2018. That said, I've gotten a great 1 year's worth of use out of it.

    • +2

      Such is tech. You can get some unbelievable bargains for even 5 year old tech gear.

      • +2

        The One X isn't 5 years old though

          • +12

            @tightm8: I also have the Xbox one X and previously had the One and One S. It's quite a significant improvement. If you don't notice the difference you're either playing on a 1080p screen, not playing the right games or don't notice frame rates.

            Playing Fortnite in 4k makes a noticeable difference

            Shadow of the Tomb Raider at 60fps is amazing

            Rocket League in 4k HDR is a big difference too.

            Not to mention the old 360 titles that are One X enhanced. Try playing Half Life 2 and/or RDR1 and tell me you see no difference

  • How much were the Nintendo switches?

    • $439

      • More than a One X, and a quarter the horsepower if that. Nintendo is laughing all the way to the bank

  • Lol, and here I was feeling good about getting one for $499 at JB Hi Fi a few months ago.

    • But you have had it for a few months…

      • I reckon anyone who upgraded froma One or One S would easily have waitedthe few months for the 150 saving if they knew it was coming

  • +81

    I just emailed TGG, with this photo of the Costco price attached & a few choice words around how pathetic they are. Made me feel great :)

    • -36

      Do you seriously think they give an F???? Lol mate, they see us as dirt under their nails, nothing.

    • Everyone please upvote this fine, young OzBargainer.

      • -2

        Yeah, sometimes with Ozbargain comes a false sence of entitlement… It might catch us unaware and hijack our best intentions, giving us a little rush of power or control… Notice that, interrupt that, let go of that. Life is to short to act entitled. o.O

    • +4

      I assume people know this, but for those who don't:-
      The Good Guys is owned by JB HiFi

      • +1

        I didn't. Doesn't Kogan own Dick Smith. What the monopoly is going on.

      • Both stores suck

        • The Dodgy Brothers lol

  • +5

    Called Adelaide store, none in stock :(

  • +3

    Any receipt? Will other retailers price match costco?

  • Heading to Costco soon…seems like new one coming…either Xbox or PS5…TGG, Target now Costco

  • Don't think any other retailers will price match 'bundles'

  • Awesome price OP, is the game digital or physical copy?

    • Just code by the looks

  • +3

    Dang, I paid $500 not even 6 months ago, feel pretty ripped off right now.

    • -2

      it was $300 at EB Games with trade-in first week of December

      • +9

        I think you had to trade in Xbox One or even One S so that doesn't really count

        • that's correct

  • Are prices the same at all Costco's in Australia? My closest is North Lakes in QLD.

  • +1

    I paid $500 for mine. No regrets. I've been gaming since 1985 and the Xbone X is by FAR the best console I've owned. Amazing system.

    • +7

      Just needs better exclusives

    • +2

      Honestly curious as to why you'd rate it the 'best by far'. They're very powerful and don't get me wrong, they're great. But just wondered why do you think it's the best by far over others?

      • It has a bone, it tastes better on the bone.

    • +3

      Same. I had an OG X1 and a PS4. Sold them both and bought this. It's what I wanted those consoles to be.

      • -6

        Should have bought a PS4 Pro ;)

        • +2

          Lol no.

      • I had a Scorpio one X and sold it to buy a ps4 pro. The ps4 pro is weaker hardware and sounds like a jet engine but at least the interface is not a steaming pile of shit. The xb1 interface is so slow and cumbersome to navigate, with important quick settings hidden down layers of submenus, with each layer taking noticible time to load.

        Obviously this is subjective, but no amount of fps & pixels could make me overlook the massive shortcomings of the xb1 user interface.

  • +15

    Upvoting for actually honoring their printed price.

    (profanity) you, TGG.

  • Anyone confirm same price and stock at Ringwood VIC?

    • +1

      no called they have a different bundle forza & some other games priced at $529

      • +1

        That sucks. Cheers.

  • +1

    Wow this is cheap

  • +1

    what happened with TGG fiasco?

    Any sale for PS4 pro?

    • +7

      Gist of it is within 12 hours they reduced their prices on the eBay store, sold out… then restocked… sold out… then restocked… then sold out… then later that day they told everyone who ordered it was a "pricing error" and started cancelling orders.

      eBay deal

      • looks like some people had their delivered, some didnt

        • I think only a small percentage of people received it though, I think there were even more people who would have ordered directly from the website who would have had orders cancelled.

          • +1

            @Shads: well, glad i didn't jump on that. I'm waiting for a cheap PS4 so I can play KH3 & other ps4 exclusives.

            I can't even be bothered to buy this for cheap and resell on gumtree. not worth my time.

            • +1

              @Blitzfx: Yeh I know what you mean, I did buy the GG one and kind of still in "hope" that my order will magically be dispatched and not refunded.

              From the sound of other comments, I think I have a better chance of finding a unicorn then this bundle in Costco! So I'm surprised there are so many up votes without anyone confirming they got one (besides the Op).

            • @Blitzfx: You do know that KH3 is multiplatform and performs technically better on the X then the PS4 Pro right?

  • Just called NSW Auburn branch. Lady said none in NSW. Sold out. If I got her correct none left in whole AU.

  • MSRP in the US is $449 = $615AUD

    How the heck is it so cheap down under?

    Don't hesitate. Buy one!

    • +9

      dont buy if you dont need it.

      • +3

        where is your ozb spirit?

      • +4

        No one actually "needs" these.

  • I wonder how much stock there? Might send the husband down since he’s in the city anyway. He won’t be impressed if he turns up and none there.

    • +1

      none left. you can call them up to check

  • best price but the worst exclusive gameline console

  • +6

    When Costco end prices in 7 that means discontinued line. Lower price means clearing stock and won't restock fyi.

  • Just called Docklands and the bloke said that it would have been a display or last one. He said the bundle they are carrying is with Forza….Ringwood also said they didn’t have the X with 2K but with the Forza bundle. Might be worthwhile calling first to check.

    • Couldn't get through to Ringwood. Was the Forza bundle was more expensive or was it the same price?

      • The person I spoke to said she couldn’t disclose the exact price but was in excess of $500.

        • Thanks mate, was going to pop in and sign up for a membership if they had it.
          Sounds like this deal might be a unicorn…

    • I have been told that there was only one. So it matches with what you said.

      • Disappointing, sorry guys.

        Was plenty of XB1X cards still on the shelf when I was there, price up as you can see till 06/02

  • +1

    LOL this is gold after TGG. Wow.

  • +1

    Seems there will be more low price deals in future.

    • I bought my Xbox One S from EB Games around March or April in 2017. It was a good deal. $130 after trade-in. I am waiting for such thing.

  • If sold out at your local store, Costco usually do rain checks, you need to go up to the service counter to organise one.