This was posted 1 year 5 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Xbox One X 1TB $341.10 + Delivery @ The Good Guys eBay


Seems like it's sold out on ebay, however their main website still has stock for C&C @ $379 if you still want to buy.

Greetings everyone, this seems like the best price in a long time for this! Thanks for toobroketobuythis for seeing the Xbox price drops!

As always, enjoy!

Also available on their main website without the additional 10% off for people who want to price match if required.

Original PIXIES 10% off Sitewide (Max Discount $50) on eBay Deal Post

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  • Wooaah. This seems very cheap.

    • This has gotta be a title product error for a S .. it has gotta be otherwise.. jackpot?

  • Xcellent price

  • Holy jesus, Think that's the cheapest ever by like $100 or so.

  • +17 votes

    “B-But its cheaper to build a pc”

    • Lol

    • Why would anyone ever say that, even if it was full RRP.
      Though I can say games are generally cheaper on PC. In the long run you're better off.

    • literally nobody has ever argued that

      the argument has been that you can build equivalent specs for roughly same price on pc. tons of console price level builds

      the issue is that it only further demostrates that the specs youre getting is crap.

      also if something is cheap, you usually get what you pay for

    • You can't even build a comparable PC to the RRP of this console. Not in Australia. Maybe if you get a deal from techfast or something you would get a PC that would perform better in 1080p. However, the 1440p and 4k performance of this console can not be matched by any PC in it's price range.
      When it was new? sure. Now? no, not unless you get an insane deal. Even then, can't beat $340 no matter what.

      • Except if you look around for used/deals you can build a PC for around double RRP 1.2k or so and it's better in every way.

        Mind you PC prices are getting insane now, so anyone on a super budget would be better off buying this.

        • Used parts? Lol. That's not a fair comparison. I could do the same thing and buy a used console and it'd be back to square one i.e. Xbox is cheaper.

          • @manbearpig: Not saying that it's cheaper, but a PC is superior in almost every way.

            I have an Xbox One S and a 8700k/GTX1080 PC and there's a reason why I get most games on PC.

            I do understand that my PC is worth a lot more, but even if I had a worse PC keyboard and mouse is superior to a controller for FPS and RTS games. You're also not locked to one controller/limited options.

            Plus backwards compatability on PC is superior.

            You can upgrade a PC too, but this just makes it cost more.

            Basically my opinion is: if you have any interest in technology at all and have the money get a PC instead.

            • @Matt86: As I mentioned though, Nvidia are getting greedy so pairing up a GPU is hard if you're on a budget.

            • @Matt86:

              but a PC is superior in almost every way

              That's entirely subjective.. lol why is it that PC gamers are always trying to convince everyone that the way they play games is better?

              PC has poorly optimised ports and far more expensive hardware. The only benefit is you can have better graphics and frame rates if you're willing to pay the significant premium - which most people arent.

              As far as keyboard and mouse goes, not everyone likes that. You might have better control over aiming etc, but the thing is sitting a desk with a mouse and keyboard isn't everyones cup of tea. Some people rather lie back on a couch with a controller - everyones on the same playing field on consoles, so using a controller doesn't really matter.

              if you have any interest in technology at all and have the money get a PC instead.

              Lol what? That has to be one of the more ridiculous things I've read.

            • @Matt86: No Halo tho

            • @Matt86: PC gamers always uses the ol' "but keyboard + mouse" excuse for saying PC is better.

              I have a high end PC that is well equipped for 1440p 60fps gaming, but I still buy almost all my games on console (Xbox X and PS4 Pro), and 90% of the games I do play on PC; I use an Xbox controller.

              Reason being, I'm better at games with a controller (despite growing up playing FPS games on PC with keyboard and mouse), but more importantly; PC games are way better optimised on console. The amount of issues I have with PC is a joke. Crash this, inconsistent framerate that, flickering there and then there's the games that are so poorly ported to PC; they might as well not exist.

              The only thing PC in my eyes has over consoles is fidelity (and that's only if you're buying expensive parts), but the high end consoles are so good these days that that gap is closing rapidly unless you're comparing them next to each other in real time. Framerate doesn't bother me much so long as it's locked 30. I like locked 30 better than 40-60 all over the shop on PC.

              Can't we all just love games and leave wars in the past?

      • your comparing something thats about 5 years old hardware being sold under or near cost with compounded sale prices

        its not even a fair comparison unless your comparing an equivalent budget PC build based on equivalent aged sale parts (still new)

        cherry pick your data more

        also even if you get youre "dirt cheap" console

        congrats thats like saying i got my dirt cheap yaris for under 10k$!!!, checkmate ferrari owners!

        also this whole thing was a pricing error anyways so your entire argument falls flat since it was based on price

    • No one has ever said this EVER!

    • Not cheaper but much better. 30fps gaming is not a good experience.

  • Sometimes I wish I was single 😭

  • woo! best ever. but why I need it. I got a pro

    • Game Pass. ‘nuff said

    • It Actual has Native 4k games!
      I have the pro. and it was such a lazy upgrade.
      X1X is good upgrade…

    • but why I need it. I got a pro

      Because the Pro is weaker than popeye without spinach.

      • Because the Pro is weaker than popeye without spinach.

        I’d take a much larger library of AAA games over a performance increase of third party titles any day of the week.

        • Much larger is a bit of a stretch.

          • @PainToad: 2 is much larger for some

            For most people 0. I don't play any exclusives on either console (maybe the next Halo)

            I choose the controller that is designed for adult hands, not the console with the controller for people with contorted baby hands

            • @Danstar: Nice opinion. Xbox controller feels like sht to me and I have adult sized hands. Difference is, I don't pretend like my opinion is the only valid one.

              PS: I still own two xbox originals, two x360s and an x1s so don't try calling me a fanboy.

          • @PainToad:

            Much larger is a bit of a stretch

            It’s not a stretch at all, Sony has absolutely destroyed the competition this generation in terms of first part software - both in terms of volume and quality. The lists of games are readily available. It’s not even close. I own a Pro, One X, and a Switch. My opinion is based as a fan of the medium who wants all three brands to succeed, I’m not a participant in the imaginary console war, I have no allegiance to any multi-billion dollar corporation.

            • @aja12: ^^^^ Same boat, and throw in a 1080ti PC rig. He is right. I feel sorry for my XBOX/PC/Switch but it didn't get my attention because of TLOU then came Uncharted 4, then came Horizon, then came God of War, then best of all Spider-Man (which is the game of the generation for me - as a Story single player guy).
              Currently on Red Dead, Outlook after that is TLOU 2.
              Save your money, get the PS4Pro, play the above.

          • @PainToad: I think he was referring to first party titles which Sony is killing with.

    • It also has a 4k blu ray player which the pro doesn't

    • Why not both?

  • Wow it's as good as the last Amazon deal

  • Bought one hell yes.

  • got one - fantastic deal .thanks OP

  • This is so damn cheap I kind of want to spent money I dont have to upgrade the kids Xbox One S consoles.

    This is insane. If only it happened before Christmas.

  • Ho Lee Fuk

  • Hooooollllyyy Mooooollllyyyy. 😫

  • Great price

  • That's damn good, gotta be the cheapest ever for the console alone. For comparison, on Black Friday last year I ended up getting a 1X for $325, but that was only after buying an 8 game bundle through the eBay US app with a limited time code and selling all the games that came with it. This is obviously a hell of a lot simpler :P

    Even better if you have some of those discounted Paypal eBay gift cards from a previous deal.

  • Great price.

    Is it worth upgrading my 500GB One S Blue limited edition for this?

    I checked I can sell it to CEX for $160

  • very good price, finally pulled the trigger

  • Awesome price! If you have a 4K TV and don't have a UHD Blu-Ray player yet, this is the one to get!

  • Thanks!! Just bought one!

  • Got one, thanks OP

  • Wow now that is an insane deal. I feel like crying at how good it is.

  • Just bought one last week for $520 thinking it wouldn't get any better than that for awhile. Damn.

  • This is a crazy deal I am actually contemplating buying one right now but I am pretty invested in seeing it through with just my pc.. but damn.. maybe I will tell my housemate.. he would be thrilled.

  • Can't seem to find this in white. Is the deal only for black console?

  • BOOM.. finally time to sell the One S and enjoy 4K glory. Put my 15% off $200 gift card to good use.

  • Pulled trigger on it…. Looks like not going to get a Nvidia Shield anymore… Xbox One S goes to my Hisense 75P8, and then Xbox One X goes to my 120" Projector. lol. All set!

  • sold out! pheewww was so close to buying it!

  • Seems like it's sold out on ebay, however their main website still has stock for C&C @ $379 if you still want to buy.

  • That will teach me to take a dump in the middle of a hot deal again.

  • Jeez! What a deal

  • Sold out :(

  • +3 votes

    They dropped the price on their eBay listing ~3 hours ago. Hopefully they'll update stock sometime tomorrow business hours as the sale is meant to end on 06/02. They were obviously not expecting so many orders! 😂

    • Wow I can't believe it lasted so long without being posted, awesome find!

      • +3 votes

        It was dumb luck, but thanks doweyy! Stoked to be giving back to the OzB community!

  • As a side note, does click and collect give an error for anyone else? It completely stuffs the order and tells me to try again after I put my postcode in and search for a store. Paid the postage, more convenient anyway.

    • Click and collect fail when there is no stock. Even when it says it has

    • +1 vote

      I ordered as a C&C via eBay website. No dramas for me.

      Edit: ordered while they had stock. what snvl said!

  • ah damn it, went to go have dinner and missed it

  • when you finally get around to do the vacuuming….

  • Incredible price. I wonder if we'll see similar deals from other retailers soon, or if this is one of those weird blue moon deals that we all talk about for years to come.

  • My mum had to call me tonight!!

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